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Gardasil Vaccine, Katie Couric and Cyber-Lynching

The public flogging of veteran broadcast journalist Katie Couric began on Dec. 4, 2013, immediately after a 17-minute report on HPV and Gardasil vaccine was broadcast on her TV talk show “Katie.”1  It was kick-started by a west coast business writer, who administered the first lash with a bizarre take-down of freedom of the press:

“The real punch of the show was its portrayal of HPV vaccination as “controversial,” he charged.” Merely to ask questions is to validate them.” He ended with a sucker punch: “Katie Couric established her credibility as a spokeswoman for preventive medicine more than a decade she’ll be known for promoting junk medicine instead.”2   

“Is Katie Couric The Next Jenny McCarthy?”

Then, like piranhas in a fish tank full of fresh chum, an online clique of mean girls and bully boys let Katie have it right between the eyes.
“Is Katie Couric the next Jenny McCarthy?” sneered a headline for an article in which a cub reporter sharpened her claws on Couric’s credibility by hissing “The damage a former Playboy Bunny has been able to do is bad enough. But Couric’s misdeeds are all the worse given that she’s taken much more seriously than Jenny McCarthy.”3  

Continuing with that lame theme, an entertainment writer stuck it to Katie when she suggested that “To some, Couric's behavior is even more problematic than McCarthy's, given her stature as a respected journalist and former network news anchor, as well as her previous efforts to educate the public about the fight against cancer.”4 

One headline screamed “Katie Couric Hands Over Her Show to Anti-Vaccine Alarmists”5  and another one gasped “Why is Katie Couric Promoting Vaccine Skeptics?” followed by an article written by a photojournalist sniping that “Couric needs to review her priorities.”6 

Katie Couric: Presenting HPV Information & Perspective

Katie’s unforgiveable transgression? On her afternoon talk show, she gave two mothers, who had witnessed their daughters’ health suddenly deteriorate after Gardasil shots, an opportunity to speak about what happened.7 8  She gave an international HPV infection expert,9  who participated in Gardasil vaccine clinical trial research, an opportunity to comment about the effectiveness of Gardasil vaccine and the need for all girls – whether they get vaccinated or not – to get regular pap screening.10 She gave a pediatrician an opportunity to encourage parents to vaccinate their 11-year old boys and girls because “HPV vaccine does not seem to be any risker than any of the other vaccines we routinely use;” 11 12 and Katie gave a mother and her daughter an opportunity to enthusiastically endorse the vaccine. 13

Katie Couric presented information and a range of perspectives about a current topic being discussed by millions of parents and young women in homes and doctors’ offices across the country. She did it because she is an intellectually honest journalist, a compassionate mother and cancer prevention pioneer. Fourteen years ago, Katie Couric almost single handedly put a human face on the importance of colonoscopy screening, especially for those at high risk when she publicly witnessed about the tragedy of losing her husband and the father of her children to colon cancer. 14 After a long and successful career in broadcast journalism, in 2006 she became the first woman to anchor the evening news on a major U.S. TV network. 15

An Orchestrated Campaign of Intimidation

The shaming of Katie Couric for caring and daring to ask questions about Gardasil vaccine, was a well-orchestrated campaign of intimidation. It was a warning delivered to all journalists that – no matter who you are – your character will be assassinated if you step out of line and question the safety or effectiveness of a government recommended vaccine.   

The cyber lynch mob 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 presenting opinion as unassailable fact delighted in quoting each other and did not reserve their vitriol for Katie. Two mothers on the show were ridiculed for describing their daughters’ Gardasil vaccine reaction symptoms, which are similar to those reported by many, many others in the U.S. and around the world.23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 The credentialed Gardasil vaccine researcher 44 on the show was attacked for stating that regular pap tests are the most reliable way of detecting and preventing cervical cancer regardless of vaccination, a position held by cancer prevention experts. 45 46 47

Katie Couric Encourages Informed Vaccine Decision Making

Two days after the public flogging began, Katie interviewed the Assistant Surgeon General 48 before authoring an article for The Huffington Post responding to the firestorm with unapologetic professionalism. 49 She acknowledged her report could have spent more time putting the statistical risk of suffering a vaccine reaction into greater perspective but she defended the inclusion of mothers reporting Gardasil reactions:

 “Some people say their children have suffered from a variety of medical problems after the HPV vaccination, and there have even been a few reports of death,” she said. “As a journalist, I felt that we couldn't simply ignore these reports. “

Katie reinforced a call for regular pap screening:

“There's been troubling research out of Australia that indicates some women are skipping their Pap tests because they have been vaccinated. That's a terrible idea. While the vaccine protects against some of the HPV strains that cause cervical cancers, it doesn't protect against all of them and regular Pap smears are essential for life-saving diagnoses,” she said.

Katie concluded her statement by encouraging critical thinking and informed vaccine decision-making:

“I had my own two daughters vaccinated against HPV. I hope that other parents will look at the research and the facts, and make a reasoned decision on the HPV vaccine and what is best for their children,” she said.

“Not Enough” He Says

However, Katie’s clarification prompted one bully to bring out the whip one more time. Under a headline complaining that “Katie Couric Backs Off from Her Anti-Vaccine Show but Not Enough,” he snarled,

“The video depictions of mothers and daughters in tears will stay with thousands of Couric's loyal viewers. Her written mea culpa, not so much.” 50

Perhaps he wanted her to walk across cut glass on her knees and wimper a little on camera so he could be convinced that she would be a good girl from now on and never, ever step out of line again.
Mothers Will Not Stop Witnessing
One thing is as clear today as it was 32 years ago when mothers publicly witnessed how they watched their children suffer brain inflammation or die after being injected with the old, crude and toxic DPT vaccine.  51 52 53 5455 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 

Clearly, when mothers stand up in the public square today and describe how Gardasil vaccine risks for their daughters turned out to be 100 percent, deniers of vaccine risks get really, really emotional. They get angry and defensive. They gather together in a pack, take out the rope and start cyber-lynching.
Mothers around the world, who give birth to babies they are responsible for nurturing through infancy and childhood, are not going to stop talking about what happened to their children after vaccination. Mothers are not going to shut up and sit down like good little girls after they witness the bodies and brains of the children they love be destroyed when Gardasil shots go wrong.
Mothers Will Not Stop Thinking Critically

They are not going to stop reading the medical literature and thinking critically about the science65 66 67 68 69 7071 used to justify giving every child the most expensive federally recommended pediatric vaccine on the U.S. market 72 to prevent an infection that is cleared by more than 90 percent of people without a problem; 73 74

  • a vaccine developed by NIH researchers 75 using GMO technology that was sold by NIH to Merck 76 and fast-tracked to licensure using questionable surrogate markers for efficacy;77 78

  • a vaccine for a sexually transmitted disease that was tested in fewer than 1,200 children under the age of 16 79 using a bioactive aluminum “placebo” as a bogus control in clinical trials; 80 81 82 83 84

  • a vaccine that was only tested in 1,000 adolescent girls and boys in combination with the federally recommended Tdap and meningococcal vaccines; 85

  • a vaccine given by pediatricians shielded from legal accountability for vaccine injuries and deaths just like vaccine manufacturers are shielded from civil liability in U.S. courts; 86

  • a vaccine that by Dec. 13, 2013, had generated nearly 30,000 adverse reaction reports to the U.S. government, including 140 deaths 87 - which is only a fraction of the numbers of Gardasil reactions, injuries and deaths that have actually occurred because most doctors either do not report to the government or make reports directly to Merck. 88 89 90

Federal Awards, Lawsuits, Gardasil Recommendation Withdrawal

Yes, it is illogical to assume that every single one of the reported Gardasil reaction reports and deaths are caused by the vaccine but it is just as illogical to assume that none of them are caused by the vaccine. But logic has nothing to do with one-size-fits-all vaccine policies that sacrifice individuals, who are biologically or environmentally at high risk for suffering vaccine harm, 91 while no research is being done to identify who they are to spare their lives.

Informed mothers know that among the $3 billion dollars in federal compensation that has been awarded to vaccine victims in the U.S. are awards for Gardasil vaccine injuries. 92 They know Gardasil vaccine injured girls are suing vaccine manufacturers in France, where citizens can still file product liability lawsuits. 93  They know that public health officials in Japan no longer recommend Gardasil vaccine because Japan’s government is not writing off every death and case of brain inflammation and autoimmunity following Gardasil shots as just a “coincidence.” 94

HPV Vaccination Made a Top Public Health Priority in U.S.

In what may or may not be a coincidence, at the end of December the Centers for Disease Control made HPV vaccination one of the top five "public health priorities" for 2014. In one media article,95 the HPV vaccination rate of 30% in the U.S. was compared to the 85 percent vaccination rate in Rwanda, an impoverished, war-torn country where women have been dying in great numbers from cervical cancer because there has been no routine pap screening available to them. In 2011, Merck created a school-based vaccination program for all sixth graders in Rwanda to be injected with three doses of Gardasil vaccine. 96

But the United States is not Rwanda.

In America, cervical cancer has declined more than 70% after pap screening became a routine part of women’s health care in the 1960’s and, by 2006, pap tests had driven down the numbers of new cases of cervical cancer to 9,700 per year with about 3,700 deaths97 in a U.S. population of more than 300 million people.  In the U.S. the 14,000 annual deaths from six cancers associated with HPV98 99 100 101 102 103 104 represents less than 3 percent of the more than 550,000 cancer deaths that occur every year. 

Many Other Public Health Emergencies in U.S. Deserve Priority Status

There are many public health emergencies in our country that cause far more deaths and disabilities but do not receive a fair share of the hundreds of billions of dollars appropriated by Congress to health agencies every year.105  For example:

  • Between 210,000 and 440,000 hospitalized patients each year suffer some type of preventable harm that contributes to their death;106

  • The U.S. has the worst infant mortality 107 and maternal mortality 108 109 rates of all developed nations, with 28,000 babies dying before their first birthday; 110

  • Millions of children are becoming disabled or dying in the unexplained chronic illness epidemic 111 that costs trillions of dollars to treat: 1 child in 6 in America is learning disabled; 112 1 in 9 suffers with asthma; 113 1 in 10 has ADHD; 114 1 in 50 develops autism115 and 1 in 450 becomes diabetic.116

  • Millions more are suffering with mental health problems. One adolescent in five in the U.S. experiences significant symptoms of emotional distress and one in ten is emotionally impaired. 117

Bigger Market for Merck & HPV Vaccine Mandates?

Perhaps the CDC is simply boosting the congressionally approved, lucrative public-private partnership with Pharma 118 119 120 121 122 123 124  by securing a bigger market for Merck's new 9-strain version of Gardasil scheduled to be licensed in the fall of 2014.125 Or perhaps the Merck-Government-Medical Trade lobby is planning another multi-state roll-out of HPV vaccine mandates for all sixth grade children in the U.S. just like they did in 2007.126 127 128

Roll Up Your Sleeve - No Questions Asked

Whatever the reasons that government officials made HPV vaccination a top public health priority in the U.S., the cyper-lynching of Katie Couric and mothers reporting Gardasil vaccine reactions is a warning to parents everywhere. Do not forget that the cruel, dogmatic position of vaccine risk denialism is: Roll up your sleeve - no questions asked - and “may the odds be ever in your favor.” 129 130

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By Theresa Wrangham
Guest Commentary

The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) supports voluntary informed consent to medical risk-taking and opposes recommendations to restrict personal-belief vaccine exemptions in Colorado.

Vaccines are pharmaceutical products that carry a risk for injury and death. The Institute of Medicine has stated that many vaccine injury risk factors for individuals have yet to be defined. The vaccine-injured are as real as those harmed by disease.

Under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, which shields drug companies and pediatricians from civil liability for vaccine injuries and deaths, the federal government has awarded nearly $3 billion to the vaccine-injured. The law also already requires all vaccine providers to give parents vaccine benefit and risk information and to report hospitalizations, injuries and deaths following vaccination to the federal government. Sadly, only between 1 percent and 10 percent of all vaccine reactions are reported.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) report referenced in The Post's editorial and the stakeholder report show that Colorado is the fourth most improved state for vaccination rates — vaccine exemptions have declined. Colorado's disease surveillance data shows that 66 percent of children (7 months to 17 years) who got whooping cough (pertussis) in 2011 were vaccinated. The CDC has acknowledged that pertussis vaccine effectiveness is not optimal and that recent outbreaks cannot be blamed on the unvaccinated.

There is no infectious disease crisis in Colorado that justifies changing the personal-belief vaccine exemption law.

Targeting certain parents for "additional education" infers that those taking the exemption are ignorant or irresponsible and reduces education to a coercion tactic with associated costs for Colorado's taxpayers. The informed consent ethic is affirmed in public health laws when there are no barriers to voluntarily accepting, delaying or declining one or more vaccines.

Theresa Wrangham of Louisville is executive director of the National Vaccine Information Center.

Vaccination and Free Choice

This column is a rebuttal to an earlier column by Reason science correspondent Ron Bailey that argued that "people who refuse vaccination are asserting that they have a right to 'swing' their microbes at other people." That column excited significant reaction. Bailey will respond to Dr. Singer's piece, in turn.

In the 2002 sci-fi noir film Minority Report, PreCrime, a specialized police agency, apprehends people who are forecast to commit crimes. No trial is necessary because the not-yet-committed crime is considered a vision of the future and thus a matter of fact. The film’s plot challenges viewers to consider the issue of free will vs. determinism, and consequently, the morality of punishing someone for a crime not yet committed. It serves as a useful metaphor for the argument against coercive vaccination.

Some argue that mandatory mass vaccination is an act of self-defense, and thus completely compatible with the principles underpinning a free society. Unless people are forcibly immunized, it’s argued, they will endanger the life and health of innocent bystanders. But such a position requires infallible precognition.
Not everyone who is vaccinated against a microbe develops immunity to that microbe. Conversely, some unvaccinated people never become infected. Some people have inborn “natural” immunity against certain viruses and other microorganisms. (Central Africans born with sickle cell trait provide a classic example of such inborn immunity: their sickle-shaped red blood cells are inhospitable to the mosquito-borne parasite that causes malaria. But there are innumerable less obvious examples.) Finally, some people are just lucky and never get exposed to a contagious microbe.
Just like not every pregnant woman who drinks alcohol or smokes tobacco passes on a malady or disability to her newborn baby, not every pregnant woman infected with a virus or other microbe passes on the infection to her fetus—nor are all such babies born with birth defects.
A free society demands adherence to the “non-aggression principle.” No person can initiate force against another, and can only use force in retaliation or in self-defense. Forcibly injecting substances—attenuated microbes or otherwise—into someone else’s body can not be justified as an act of self-defense, because there is no way to determine with certainty that the person will ever be responsible for disease transmission.

Aside from the obviously pernicious societal precedent set by the initiation of force against those who have not yet committed an act of aggression, there are also practical issues to consider.
How would coercive vaccination be enforced? What degree of invasion of personal information and privacy would be needed in order to make sure that everyone is vaccinated? How much liberty and autonomy would members of society have to surrender in order to make a system of coercive vaccination work? And what kind of liberty-infringing precedents would be established by enacting a mandatory vaccination program?
Then there is the matter of “herd immunity.”

The phenomenon of herd immunity allows many unvaccinated people to avoid disease because they free ride off the significant portion of the population that is immunized and doesn’t, therefore, spread a given disease. Economists point out that free riding is an unavoidable fact of life: people free ride when they purchase a new, improved, and cheaper product that was “pre-tested” on more affluent people who wanted to be the first to own it; people free ride when they use word-of-mouth reviews to buy goods or services, or to see a film; those who choose not to carry concealed weapons free ride a degree of personal safety off the small percentage of the public that carries concealed weapons. So long as a person being free-ridden is getting a desired value for an acceptable price, and is not being harmed by the free riding, it really shouldn’t matter to that person. Achieving a society without free riders is not only unnecessary, it is impossible.

So perhaps allowing a certain amount of free riders could mitigate the disruption to liberty caused by a mandatory vaccination program. But then, how many free riders should be allowed? And what criteria would be used to decide who gets to ride free?
As a medical doctor I am a strong advocate of vaccination against communicable and infectious diseases. I am irritated by the hysteria and pseudo-science behind much of the anti-vaccination literature and rhetoric. In my perfect world, everyone would agree with me and voluntarily get vaccinated against the gamut of nasty diseases for which we have vaccines. (In my perfect world, pregnant women wouldn’t smoke tobacco or drink alcohol until after delivery.)
But free societies are sometimes messy. To live in a free society, one must be willing to tolerate people who make bad decisions and bad choices, as long as they don’t directly infringe on the rights of others.
A strong argument can be made that it is self-defense to quarantine people who are infected with a disease-producing organism and are objectively threatening the contamination of others. But in such a case, the use of force against the disease carrier is based upon evidence that the carrier is contagious and may infect others.
Any mass immunization program that uses compulsion rather than persuasion will, on balance, do more harm to the well being of a free people than any good it was intended to convey.
Federal agency efforts to target adults and persuade them to toe the government vaccine policy line are underway. Learn more about campaigns for HPV vaccine and other vaccines... 

Bombshell Interview About HPV Vaccines Reveals Cruel Nature of Vaccine Pushers

Refreshingly, there was a brave attempt recently in a popular show seen by over two million viewers on ABC TV to present balanced information regarding the controversial HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccines. [1]
It was expected that to touch on the subject of vaccine injuries and death would bring down the wrath of the vaccine industry. And it certainly appeared to do so.
In addition to opinions from vaccine promoters, there were interviews with a grieving mother who shared the tragic story of her daughter’s death and a brave young girl who described her suffering after the vaccine. Two doctors gave their opinions. While one was in favor of the vaccine, the other questioned its necessity, given the overall success of Pap testing to screen for cervical cancer.

Show’s Journalist Compelled to Publish Follow-Up

As feared, the show’s journalist, Katie Couric, who was probably under pressure from the influential vaccine industry, added a new video [2] and a post script. It appeared on the show’s web site the next day and ended with:
“We do not want to leave our viewers with an irrational fear of the vaccine and for that reason we’re going to continue the conversation and invite a number of medical experts, journalists and scientists to weigh in here, on our site.”
The aftermath in several discussion threads, with thousands of comments on the show’s website, revealed the true nature of many pro-vaxers. [3,4,5]

Kicking of Sufferers Who Were Lying Down

Countless parents described in detail adverse reactions to the HPV vaccines, which disabled or killed their formerly athletic, active and happy daughters.
Those who were in sorrow and pain were ruthlessly attacked by pro-vaccine people who insulted and accused them of telling lies. There were emotional elements when some who were in grief were provoked by hurtful responses from pro-vaxers, the words spoken by the latter being by far the nastiest and, no doubt, shocking thousands of readers.

Shameful Comments From Pro-Vaxers

Some of these comments were posted by people who have been known to boast about their academic and intellectual backgrounds:
·         “The only thing malignant here is the cancerous spread of anti-vax lies.”
·         “Vaccine injury is one of the biggest lies that anti-vaxers tell.”
·         “Really, you anti-vaxers just pull it out of your rear orifice sometimes.”
·         “ I don’t for a minute believe your daughter had an adverse reaction to the vaccination. I think you’re just here for the attention.”
·         “These parents are falsely blaming Gardasil to get rid of some the pain and guilt resulting from their children’s condition.”
·         “These aren’t victims of these vaccines. They are people that desperately want to blame vaccines because they are too lazy or too dishonest to report the truth.”
·         Grieving mother: “I wish my daughter had made it to 32; she died at 17 as a result of a reaction to this vaccine.” Callous comment by a pro-vaccine person who surely had no access to the daughter’s medical records: “I think we have established that your daughter did not die of a reaction to this vaccine.”
·         “Your story is on Sane Vax. I don’t need to know anything more to know you’re not telling the truth. You hoping for a payout?”
·         “There are people here purposefully misleading others with their lies about the efficiency and safety of the HPV vaccine, assumingly because they like to see people die from cancer.”
·         “Stop reading the holocaust deniers of whale-to and stop siding with cancer.”
·         “There is the troubling statistic that the vast majority of alleged vaccine injuries come from people who believe strongly in a magical Jew who did tricks 2000 years ago.”
·         “You have all the credibility of some loon in the public square screeching that the earth is flat, the moon launch was a hoax and 9-11 an inside job.”
·         “Since the goal is to generate fear, accuracy is not important to you. This is why you omit the evidence that shows that you are lying.”
·         “The Gardasil victims memorial is a tribute to one thing only: the willingness of the anti-vaccination crowd to keep passing on false information long after it has been debunked, because somehow the belief is more important than whether or not it is factual.”
·         “There aren’t two sides to the story. There is science, and there is quackery. And a bunch of Munchausen moms looking for attention.”

Comments from sympathizers of the vaccine-injured, backed by serious research, were attacked by vaccine promoters who responded by posting insults and cherry-picked studies.

No Evidence of Safety For These HPV Vaccines

Evidence of safety is not shown by biased, manipulated research papers posted by arrogant, aggressive vaccine promoters, some of whom have no background regarding vaccines, whose prime concern is often to protect their clients’ interests; nor is evidence of safety shown by presentation of biased studies and statistics from Big Pharma’s databases, an industry known to be steeped in deception and corruption.

The two controversial HPV vaccines are Gardasil, which is produced by Merck and Cervarix, manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). When there is widespread knowledge that these companies are certainly not trustworthy, there is surely no reason to trust their products. [6,7]

Proof that these two vaccines are dangerous is shown by the intense suffering which gigantic numbers of previously healthy, active young girls have experienced after the vaccines. However, evidence does not depend on numbers. Thousands, hundreds, ten or even one who is suffering may be proof.

Tragically, young boys have started to experience similar fates. [8]

The Nasty Comments Will Not Go Away

Many sufferers were forced to leave the discussions, having been reduced to tears because of ridicule and harassment.

Several of those who had posted cruel comments also disappeared, some perhaps wisely deleting their obnoxious words.

Original images of their comments have been spread across countless countries of the world. The ugly pictures are archived by many as a permanent reminder of the blatant cruelty of those who support an industry which is based on greed and corruption.

More Obnoxious Comments From Pro-Vaxers

How can people who show such shameful behavior expect to be respected? Many of the worst comments are omitted from this article because they are so utterly hurtful that they should not be repeated.

·         “You are an immensely tedious, deluded twat. And stop drooling.”
·         “You are a frigging loon. Go back on medication please.”
·         “Screw it. I’ll say it. ARE YOU PEOPLE ALL COMPLETELY CRAZY?
·         Do you know why people like myself and xxxx and xxxx engage in debate with crazy people like yourselves? And you lunatics have the nerve to stand up and argue otherwise?”
·         “Sure, but does anyone validate your research? Or are you now a surgeon because you read on how to remove ingrown toenails?”
·         “I see the usual anti-vaccine loons couldn’t quit their yammering and stammering.”
·         “I think they enjoy the endless ridicule. They get to paint themselves as martyrs twice. If they didn’t enjoy it, they would stop doing it.”
·         “There has not been a single death that has been conclusively linked to the vaccine, just emotional, unsubstantiated anecdotes.”
·         “The best you people can do is the money grubbing, lying dishonest ‘age of autism’ website.”
·         “I always find it distressing that anti-vaccine activists like yourself care so little for victims of disease.”
·         “I’m afraid that the judgement of the future on you is likely to be that you are in the same class of folk who worried that the smallpox vaccination would turn them into cows.”
·         “A corpse doesn’t make big pharma any money, but fear mongering is wonderful for big herbal, big farmer, and big alterna, which is really the core issue.” 
·         Sorrowful mother: “My daughter has been sick now for two years following her second Gardasil vaccine. She tries so hard to be strong but the sickness wears her down daily. I cry daily.” Hurtful response: “Somebody needs to call the waaambulance.”
·         “Good anti vaxers read anti vax websites as they’re easy to understand. They’re written in basic English so those who lack the education and intellectual capacity to understand the medicine and the science can still feel intellectual.”
·         Parent: “I spend most of my life helping vaccine injured.” The parent cried because of this response, “And yet you’re so bad at it.”
·         “I think it is sad that you think she is damaged because she can’t have children. My daughters mean more to me than their ability to provide me with grandchildren.”
It may well be questioned whether the person who posted the following quote should be reported for supplying false information to the authorities:

“Once again an anti vaxer tells us part of a story without any evidence at all. Some of those VAERS reports were put up by me, they’re false. I proved that VAERS is not a source of information on this subject. So how many of these reports are factual and not anti vaxers pushing an agenda?”


More and more are people reaching each other from all corners of the world and sharing their sorrow because of the HPV vaccines. They receive comfort and information from knowledgeable and sympathetic people who genuinely care. [9]

Many of those who are helping have expert and unbiased knowledge of the vaccines. The numbers of voices of those who are suffering in anguish and despair because of the HPV vaccines are growing rapidly day by day. The world is hearing them now.


Roxie Fiste, mother of Britt woke up on the morning after Mother’s Day to see her daughter having yet another seizure, unable to see, walk or speak.  Eventually, Britt’s vision, and speech returned in time to appear on Monday’ night’s radio show. Roxie and  Britt – shared their life changing experiences after getting the Gardasil vaccination for HPV. Marian Greene, founder of Truth About Gardasil also joined in the conversation.  Marian and others have been working on raising public awareness and protest to legislation moving through the states on limiting parental rights over vaccination of their children.  Vaccination without informed consent is a parental violation. The heart wrenching and disturbing interview is now posted.  Please share with others in your networks.

Marian Greene, founder of Truth About Gardasil and Britt Fiste will joinLeslie Carol Botha  on Holy Hormones Honey! on Monday night, May 13. We will be discussing the HPV vaccine, Gardasil – the harm and injury it has brought to thousands of girls nationwide, and the insult to their parents AND all medical consumers as Pharma lobbyists push legislation to take away parental rights to vaccination choice and consent. Holy Hormones Honey! The broadcast will be audio streamed only on KRFC FM Fort Collins from 6 to 7 pm MST.