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What You Don’t Know And Your Doctor Can’t Tell You: I Am A Gardasil Survivor; Gardasil Scandal Brewing in Colombia?; Deadly Vaccines And Teenage Girls,; Yeast in Vaccines Tied to Autoimmune Diseases.GARDASIL CONTAMINATION CONFIRMED

What You Don’t Know And Your Doctor Can’t Tell You: I Am A Gardasil Survivor; Gardasil Scandal Brewing in Colombia?; Deadly Vaccines And Teenage Girls.;  Yeast in Vaccines Tied to Autoimmune Diseases. ; GARDASIL CONTAMINATION CONFIRMED

I Am A Gardasil Survivor

I struggled for years to finally reach the point where I thought my life was as close to perfect as it was going to get. That was before Gardasil. Now, everything is different.

I was just beginning to really live my life to the fullest. I started taking the courses I would need to attend college to become a Veterinary Technician. I only have two mathematics courses left to take. I loved hiking, animals, canoeing and outdoor activities. I have a dog who just turned five who I loved to take on long hikes in the conservation areas and woods. I would spend time with my best friends and, my older sister. I loved going shopping, cooking, gardening, and going out to the mall or library–anywhere to get out and about. I started dating my best male friend of nearly twelve years in May of 2013.

I was supposed to start college this year, September 2014. I was supposed to do so much this year. Gardasil took all of that away from me.

The first time I was offered Gardasil, my family physician of 29 years had just done a physical and tests to make sure I had no STIs or STDs.

Everything came back clean. Then, she recommended the Gardasil vaccine. I didn’t think it was important. I was not seeing anyone, had no intention of seeing anyone until after college. I declined.

When I started dating my current boyfriend, she recommended it again. This time I decided maybe it would be a good idea. Most people have some form of HPV or another, after all. She made cervical cancer sound like the kind of risk no one would want to take. She said it was for my protection. I try to do things that will ensure I will be safe and protected.

I agreed.

So, I got my first Gardasil injection in June of 2013. But before receiving it, I asked my doctor if there were any side effects to this vaccine.
She said,

“No. There are no side effects besides perhaps soreness at the site of the injection.”

I trusted the information my doctor of 29 years gave me. Little did I know Gardasil has not been proven to prevent cervical cancer. Regular pap smears would have done more for me with less damage to my health and life. I had never seen a site like SaneVax, or any warnings whatsoever about serious health risks associated with HPV vaccines.

I would give anything to have known then what I know now. I wish I could go back and never have received that first shot. But I can’t UN-vaccinate. I can’t undo what I did.

Two weeks after the first vaccination, I was in Toronto visiting my boyfriend. I developed a severe migraine and nausea that didn’t go away. I thought I had a flu or bug, since there were bugs going around. I was there a few days and had to go home because I felt so sick. I was ill for about three to four weeks in total.

Then it seemed to be getting better. There was still a mild migraine and the feeling of my stomach being off. I didn’t connect it to the vaccine, even though I rarely caught the flu, colds or bugs.

I went to see my doctor and she assured me that it was just a bug.  Since it seemed to be getting better, I believed her. I had migraines on and off the whole next month, and the bothersome, though very slight, nausea.

When I was supposed to go in for my second Gardasil vaccination in August of 2013, I was feeling wary. 

I wasn’t sure why, but I didn’t really want to go get it. Something inside me, my instincts, were telling me not to get it.

I went to talk to my doctor, and asked again if there were any side effects to the vaccine. I explained that I thought it was a bit weird I hadn’t felt good for a couple of months since getting it.

She again assured me it was simply a bug, and that the vaccination didn’t cause migraines or nausea.

I was still really reluctant to get it. I remember sitting in the doctor’s office, and asking the nurse if she’d ever heard of anyone getting side effects like mine from the vaccine. But she said the same thing my doctor did: that it was not the vaccine, and not to worry about it.

I trusted my doctor of twenty-nine years. She had never lied to me, or steered me wrong, before. So I got the second dose of Gardasil.

Again: how I wish I could go back in time, and undo that decision. I wish I would have listened to my instincts. Never again will I trust a doctor more than my body, more than my instincts.

I was on antibiotics for a supposed sinus infection at the time of the second vaccination. I know now it was just the migraines. My doctor didn’t say anything about this, either, even though she knew because she prescribed them for me. Yet you aren’t supposed to vaccinate if you are on them, if your immune system is weakened already.

Ironically, I went to visit my boyfriend again nearly two weeks after the second vaccine. The first day there, I got really sick again. The migraine was so bad I couldn’t look at any lights, and the nausea was bad and I vomited a couple of times. He took me out and I spent most of the outing in a public washroom, dry heaving and vomiting.

Then he took me to the hospital emergency room. They took blood and did a CT scan, but could find nothing. They said it was a migraine, and gave me migraine medication through IV, and anti-nausea medication through the IV. Then they sent me home.

I was sick for an entire month again, a little over. My doctor prescribed migraine medications but they did nothing.

I feared it was the vaccine, but my doctor said it hadn’t been. I wanted to trust her.

After that time it seemed to recede a bit. I still had nausea and migraines every day, but there was a three week period where it was less. Then it came back again in full force. I was also having trouble sleeping. Waking up nearly every hour at night, and going pee a lot, and feeling fatigued no matter if I slept or not. It felt like I had the flu 24/7.

I was also noticing problems with anxiety, something I had not dealt with before no matter how difficult my situation seemed at the time.

I had been saving for a year for a trip to Mexico. We left mid-September, it was my first flight and my first vacation ever. It was ruined.

I was super nauseated every morning when I woke, and had to take Gravol and ginger pills to make it manageable enough to get through each day. I ate a bit here and there, but generally felt too sick to eat much at all.
I did everything my sister and her husband did, because I didn’t want to ruin the trip for them. Yet I was drained, and sick to my stomach, and the anxiety I was developing over being unwell was rising.

When I got back, I spent the next few months in and out of emergency at the hospital and the doctor’s office. My doctor told me I had acid reflux, so I was put on antacid medications. They seemed to help a little, but they didn’t stop it.

I had a CT scan, EKG, X-rays, Sleep Study, MRI, an Ultrasound, so much blood work I felt like a guinea pig…nothing came back with any results whatsoever. Everything looked normal. I had an endoscopy of my stomach, which showed nothing, but the GI doctor told me that it was likely anxiety, since they could find nothing, and recommended I go on Iberogast and see a counselor or therapist and get cognitive behavioral therapy.

I didn’t think it was anxiety. Why now? Why when everything was finally going right in my life? I am with a man I love, in a great relationship, going to go to college, and now I’ve suddenly developed unexplainable anxiety and acid reflux due to it? I didn’t believe it was that.

My doctor began to say it was all anxiety. Every time I went in, she tried to prescribe me anxiety medication. Frustrated, I tried taking the Prozac she prescribed, because I was hoping it really was, even if in my heart I knew it was not. I took it for seven days. On the third day I started vomiting and lost 9 pounds in that week. On the fourth day I started having anxiety attacks every morning that would last 3-4 hours long. I stopped taking it, but the morning anxiety attacks persisted for three weeks after, and started lessening as time went on until it’s back to my regular daily anxiety–very bad but manageable.

I was booked for another ultrasound, this time to check for pancreatitis, and to look at my organs. I was feeling sick again that day, really sick. So I went to the emergency room again, even though I didn’t believe it would do anything for me. I just needed to talk to a doctor. This was when I started really believing it was Gardasil that had done this to me. It was mid-February.

I saw the doctor who immediately gave me the results of the ultrasound: normal, again. I broke down crying, because I didn’t know what to do. All tests were coming back normal, yet I was clearly sick. I hadn’t been sick before the vaccines, and I refused to get the third.

The ER doctor leaned over and said quietly,

“Doctors are not supposed to really say this, but I believe it was the vaccine. You have had every test under the sun with no results, yet are clearly unwell. Have you tried alternatives to Western medicine? I believe you should look at another alternative, and see a naturopathic doctor.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My own family doctor of now 30 years had dismissed the vaccination, even though I told her that I had been fine before, and was not a mere couple of weeks after…

But doctors aren’t really supposed to say that, are they? If she admitted that it could be Gardasil, and she prescribed it to me, she would likely be in trouble.

For lying to me about the fact there were side effects. For not telling me, which she legally has to do, that there are side effects at all. For ignoring me when I expressed concerns after the first injection.

I found someone from SaneVax on Facebook, and was added to a bunch of groups composed of girls, women and their families suffering after receiving HPV vaccines. I had felt so alone in this, it was like a godsend to me. Now I know I am not alone. Hundreds of other girls and women and their families are going through this, all thanks to Merck, Gardasil, GlaxoSmithKline and Cervarix.

I even told my doctor about this. She could not even look at me. Instead she prescribed three anxiety medications and told me she could not help me if I didn’t do what she said to do and take what she said to take.

Maybe she honestly didn’t know at the time, but I believe now she suspects, if not believes, that Gardasil did this to me. How, knowing me 30 years, knowing my life story and what I’d been through, could she blame this on anxiety? How, when I should be the happiest I ever have been, and am only not due to my health issues? The answer is that she can’t. Not unless she’s lying to herself.

My life now feels like every day is a struggle. Every small task I complete is a victory. My boyfriend has been wonderfully supportive. We are moving in together in three weeks. Yet I am not who I was. I struggle to get to the grocery store and back. I am nauseated and have migraines every single day, and am constantly exhausted. I force myself to get out of bed or eat. I can’t walk my dog like I used to, or do the physical activities I used to. I feel grateful if I can even eat well during a day. I lost about fifteen pounds since this started.

I have gone on disability and had to put college on a back burner. I am focused mostly on my health and getting better, yet I hate this. Why should I and everyone around me suffer because I trusted my doctor?

I have just begun seeing a naturopath in Toronto, Ananda More, who is working with Dr. Isaac Gordon of Australia, a well-known and renowned specialist in vaccine damages. I will be doing CEASE therapy with her, and right now am taking the supplements she recommended and detox baths to prepare myself for it.

I can only hope it helps me get well again, since nothing else I have done has worked. I have to keep believing I will get well. Well enough to help others going through this. Well enough to live the life I had before.
Gardasil has taken so much from me. My health, my happiness, my life and my goals…but I will fight it. I will beat this, and come out stronger for having fought the battle.

HPV vaccines have made so many people feel like ‘One Less’, including myself. Yet together, we can find a way to overcome it.

It is this belief and knowing others going through what I am and remaining strong and fighting, and some even recovering, that get me through each day.

We will not give up, or give in – we are HPV vaccine survivors!

Her name is María Paula Mejía, college student. Since receiving three doses of Gardasil her health has deteriorated considerably. She now suffers from constant pain throughout her body, muscle weakness, and bleeding from the nose and gums. She has so much pain in her left knee and ankle that she must walk with a cane, and cannot continue her college education.

Paula is one of the first in Colombia to report serious new medical conditions occurring after the use of Gardasil.

Lloyd Phillips, an American researcher of infectious diseases and genetics, has studied the adverse effects of Gardasil for five years. His work has revealed how Gardasil works differently in different people. He has documented related and biologically plausible mechanisms of action which could cause the many serious and life-threatening side effects which are being reported by girls and young women around the world after receiving the HPV vaccine.

In Colombia we have a potential crisis of major proportions resulting from the use of Gardasil because it is “free and compulsory” by “Law of the Republic”. It is assumed that this HPV vaccine is effective when used to combat cervical cancer, which can be caused by human papilloma virus.

 However, this vaccine has been hotly debated internationally for allegedly being dangerous and ineffective. It is currently being administered in Colombia without obtaining informed consent from young girls and their parents as to the potential and unknown risks of use.

The director of vaccination at MOH (Ministry of Health), Alejandro Garcia, says the government is “confident in the report of the World Health Organization,” which gives the go-ahead to the vaccine and assures that there is no association between the developments of illness and application of the vaccine.

Lina Trujillo of the Colombian Cancer Institute says that the vaccine protects exclusively against HPV and “does not remove the possibility of having other diseases, and adolescence is the time at which diseases such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis start to appear,” and that “the only contraindication is ‘pregnancy’ and specialists have no hesitation in recommending the vaccine.”

However, neither the director of the Ministry of Health nor Lina Trujillo, from the Colombian Cancer Institute seem to be informed about how the vaccine is produced, and much less about the potential side effects of Gardasil.

The World Health Organization, whose reports are practically the Bible of the Gardasil vaccination policy in Colombia, has been suggested to be complicit with the pharmaceutical industry in general and the Gardasil manufacturer in particular in urging promotion of HPV vaccination campaigns. Relying on the pharmaceutical industry to self-regulate has historically been a losing proposition for the public when companies are left to weigh profits against transparency.

The María Paula Mejía case is illustrative in this regard. She had a third dose of the vaccine, even though she had experienced adverse symptoms after the first two injections. The third injection is when her serious symptoms began.

Interviewed via Skype, with visible signs of pain and discomfort from the effort of sitting upright in a chair, she told us the symptoms she experienced after the third dose of vaccine.

During the first 15 days after her third injection she experienced fever, vomiting, diarrhea, bone pain, joint pain, migraines, tingling, electrical “zaps” on her hip and back, and neck pain. One day she was unable to move for 2 hours, and continues to suffer from insomnia and dizziness. María Paula had every expectation that the symptoms would abate or at least become less intense, but instead they progressed in severity.

At her medical appointments, during which she was subjected to more than 40 laboratory tests, the medical diagnosis was unanimous: All tests were perfectly “normal”, she had nothing … while her symptoms worsened.

The symptoms she was already experiencing were followed by more severe ones, which included progressively spreading joint and bone pain, worsened neck pain, scalp pain, continuing severe hip, back, and knee pain. She began to suffer loss of strength in the left leg, wrist pain, dizziness, neuralgia throughout the body, painful spinal “zaps” as well as continuation of the “zaps” in her hips and limbs. She began to suffer difficulty breathing at certain times of day, chest pain, bleeding in the nose and gums, deviation of the left knee and left ankle, and new complications from older problems.

Through all these symptoms, medical observations and tests were useless in arriving at a diagnosis until a doctor thought to ask: “Has she been recently vaccinated?”

It was then that María Paula first made the association between the vaccine and her new medical condition. And she was not mistaken.

She is currently overwhelmed by pain, has difficulty walking and feels her health is deteriorating more and more. Her symptoms are consistent with those being reported after Gardasil around the world. Although not all are affected equally, of all girls who are vaccinated, a percentage of them will suffer severe effects from Gardasil, which can lead to paralysis and even death.

Neither Merck, the manufacturer, nor the Colombian government agrees that the vaccine is causing these severe symptoms. Both simply raise an accusatory finger at those who denounce this situation, as if the victims did not exist.

The reproductive health of girls and Colombian youth’s rights are being denied to those injected with Gardasil. This is not acceptable, particularly since government support for HPV vaccines has been withdrawn in other countries, such as Japan, for example, because of concerns about serious adverse reactions including infertility.

What’s more, says researcher Lloyd Phillips, if a girl who already has HPV is vaccinated, her risk of getting cancer could substantially increase.
Colombian doctors do NOT know, or refuse to accept, the risks of this vaccine. Treatment for victims is nonexistent.

This is what the U.S. researcher Lloyd Phillips explained to me about Gardasil:

The vaccine uses an aluminum adjuvant because in 1920 a man named Glinny discovered that aluminum stimulated the immune system.

A Frenchman named Ramón then discovered that if the aluminum-containing vaccine was given to a horse that had an infection, the immune system produced an even greater amount of antibodies.

Phillips found that aluminum remaining in the system after Gardasil injections can cause an enhanced and extended immune response against infections and illnesses that occurred long ago.

This enhanced response can cause inflammation in the body, especially in the digestive system, and can cause the immune system to wrongfully identify food proteins as foreign. The body then begins to produce histamine to combat what it perceives as a food allergy, causing stomach pain and dilating blood vessels, which can cause dizziness and excessive heart pounding upon standing up.

The result, according to Phillips, is that the more inflamed a digestive tract becomes, the more its ability to absorb nutrients needed to maintain the chemical cycles in the body can become impaired, which can lead to fatal consequences.

Phillips also notes that the body cannot distinguish between inflammation and fear, either of which can trigger the “fight or flight response” which forces the person to excrete magnesium, causing a deficiency. This deficiency has many symptoms, such as muscle spasms, pain, irritability, cardiac arrhythmias, headaches, brittle bones, and more.

In short, says the researcher, this type of vaccine was made ​​for people with “a genetically perfect immune system,” which does not exist in reality.
Gardasil can produce all of these symptoms to varying degrees according to the genetic make-up and medical condition of the person who receives the vaccine, which can vary from hour to hour. This is something neither Merck, nor the Colombian government is telling the public.

In the case of María Paula, as she will recount, when she received the first dose, she was never warned that any of the symptoms she is now suffering were possible. She says:

“They told me that I could have pain in my arm for a week and that I had to wait 15 minutes before leaving the Cancer League, because some girls fainted and the next week was going to be uncomfortable, but that it was normal because of the vaccine… I received the second dose and the second dose hurt a little more … the next few months I began to experience fatigue and back pain, but I thought it was because of my daily activities … I had pain in the lower back and neck … I received the third dose on 20 January of this year and the pain was much greater than in the previous two doses … I began to experience several things … immediately after being vaccinated I began to experience dizziness, I wanted to throw up, obviously my arm really hurt … they warned me about the dizziness, and the urge to vomit and the arm pain and that the next day my arm was also going to hurt, but the following week I had fever, vomiting, diarrhea, extremely strong migraines that lasted 15 days with vomiting, and diarrhea…, I went to the doctor and was told that that there was a virus going around… one night I sat on the couch in my house and then I lay down; I started feeling really bad, very feverish, until I realized that I could not get up from the couch “…

 María Paula’s symptoms seem to get worse with each passing day. For the moment, the only hope she has of improving is going to the U.S. to receive treatment.

In Colombia there is no protocol to treat these cases. The government says they do not exist.

And what is the role of Merck, the manufacturer of the vaccine?

According to Lloyd Phillips, company profits are what motivates the existence of this vaccine and its advertising campaigns, due to lawsuits against Merck as a result of VIOXX, a drug that caused 27,000 heart attacks. A single dose of Gardasil may cost about 68 cents to produce (about $ 1360 pesos), and in Colombia obtaining it privately costs the equivalent of $60 (roughly $120 thousand pesos) and in the USA up to $ 200 (about 400 thousand pesos).

The Colombian government has spent $300 million on a questionable vaccine that is already starting to claim apparent victims in Colombia. 

Following Lloyd Phillips’ statistics, of the $300 million paid by Colombia, $ 298.98 million (nearly $299 million) was profit for Merck.

Colombia is purchasing the HPV vaccine at a hugely inflated price. This vaccine can not only ruin lives, but can cost thousands of dollars to bring a single victim back to health. Families may have to spend thousands of dollars trying to restore their daughters’ health, without having prevented any cancer as promised, and instead causing a number of illnesses that did not exist before using this ‘miracle’ vaccine.

We are then faced with a health emergency induced by a vaccine that has never been proven to prevent any cancer and that is ravaging the children and youth around the world, against which there have been million-dollar awards for HPV vaccine injury in the U.S. (The U.S. government has already paid more than six million dollars to victims) and the vaccine has been rejected in several countries, for example in India and Japan.

But in Colombia, Gardasil will continue to claim more casualties unless an immediate halt to its “free and compulsory” status is granted.

The Colombian government is exposing itself to millions of dollars in lawsuits for its actions in making this vaccine mandatory to Colombian girls and women without informing them of the grave risks already known worldwide.

Does the government of Colombia intend to ignore medical consumers’ right to informed consent, despite knowing the consequences?

Deadly Vaccines And Teenage Girls

Athi Shankar  | April 30, 2014

CAP calls for the scrapping of a costly and 'irrelevant' program aimed at protecting youngsters from a sexually transmitted infection.
GEORGE TOWN: The Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP) has urged the Health Ministry to scrap the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccinationprogramme for 13-year-old girls, saying the funds would be better used for cervical cancer screening.

CAP president SM Mohamed Idris said today that medical studies had shown HPV vaccines to have deadly side effects.

According to the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, HPV is the most common sexually transmitted infection and goes away on its own in most cases.

Speaking at a press conference today, Idris called on the government to re-channel HPV vaccination funds towards improving its cervical cancer screening (CCS) programme.

He said the CCS programme should include pap smear tests for all women, particularly those who were pregnant, getting married or above the age of 17.

Pap smears have been proven effective in early detection of cervical cancer.

“The ministry should conduct more public awareness programmes on cervical cancer and its prevention,” Idris said.

He described the current HPV vaccination programme as irrelevant, saying girls in the targeted group were rarely promiscuous. Moreover, he noted, the programme protected against only a handful of about 200 HPV types.

Of the 200-odd types, 40 are known to cause tumours.


The ministry’s RM150 million programme, which targets 300,000 schoolgirls, uses the Gardasil and Cervarix vaccines. Gardasil protects against four HPV types and Cervarix against two.

“The vaccines do not protect against 36 other cancer-related HPV types,” said Idris.

He added that the side effects of HPV vaccinations were serious and could be fatal.

As of July last year, 27,908 Gardasil adverse events were filed with the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) in the US, with more than 120 deaths, more than 10,000 emergency room visits and more than 2,500 hospitalisations.

Another 12 death reports in VAERS have been associated with Cervarix.

In a study published in the Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention, the cancer-related HPV types addressed by the ministry’s programme occurred only in 13 of the 38 Malaysian women tested.

The other 25 had cancer-causing HPV types not protected by the vaccines.

Idris said scientists were still uncertain about how and when HPVs could cause cancer, meaning thattumour-causing HPV types might not necessarily be cancer-producing.

He also noted that the vaccines in the ministry’s programme gave protection for only four years, meaning that they would work only when the girls were between 13 and 17 years old.

“Are there any studies to show that Malaysian girls are most sexually active at that age group?” he asked.

He cautioned that the programme might have the reverse effect of giving the vaccinated girls courage to engage in sexual activity.

“The root cause of contracting HPV, that is sexual relations with multiple partners, should be tackled by education and instilling religious and moral values,” he said.


In September 2011, SaneVax Inc. informed the FDA that despite all Merck’s statements claiming Gardasil contained ‘no viral DNA,’ Dr. Sin Hang Lee had discovered there were indeed fragments of HPV-11, HPV-16 and HPV-18 L1 DNA firmly attached to Merck’s proprietary aluminum adjuvant in 100% of the samples his laboratory tested.

The FDA was quick to confirm that Gardasil did indeed contain residual HPV L1 DNA fragments, but that these fragments ‘posed no health risk.’
By 2012, Dr. Lee had discovered that these HPV DNA fragments were not only bound to Merck’s proprietary aluminum adjuvant, but they had also adopted a non-B conformation, thereby creating a novel (new) chemical compound of unknown toxicity.

Non-B DNA conformations are known to be associated with genetic mutations connected to over 70 serious diseases in human beings including polycystic kidney disease, adrenoleukodystrophy, follicular lymphomas, and spermatogenic failure, just to name a few.

Instead of investigating any potential problems which could be caused by injections of this new chemical compound, HPV vaccine proponents and government health officials chose to try and minimize the impact Dr. Lee’s discovery might make on HPV vaccination programs around the globe. Rather than conducting legitimate studies to determine the extent of potential risks, they chose to attack the messenger.

Helen Petousis-Harris PhD, the Director of Immunisation Research and Vaccinology Immunisation Advisory Centre at The University of Auckland, provided a prime example of these tactics in a presentation she gave at a public hearing on HPV vaccine safety in February 2014.

Following are two of the ‘concerns’ regarding Dr. Lee’s research she mentioned during this presentation:

§  The tests used were over sensitive, increasing the risk of amplifying irrelevant (junk) DNA

§  No one else has replicated his findings

Both of these ‘concerns’ were put to rest via data presented by Laurent Bélec at the 9th International Congress on Autoimmunity on March 26-30, 2014 in Nice, France.


Confirmatory detection of human papillomavirus (HPV) L1 gene DNA sequences in the quadrivalent HPV vaccine Gardasil® based on virus-like particles production by recombinant expression of major capsid antigen L1 in yeast

Hélène Péré, Claire Fayard, Laurent BélecAssistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris, Laboratoire de Virologie, Hôpital Européen Georges Pompidou, Paris, and Faculté de Médecine Paris Descartes, Université Paris Descartes (Paris V), Sorbonne Paris Cité, Paris, France

Human papillomavirus (HPV) infection causes cervical cancer, a significant portion of anal, genital and oropharyngeal cancers, genital warts and recurrent respiratory papillomatosis. In June 2006, a prophylactic HPV vaccine (Gardasil®; Merck, NJ, USA) was licensed in the USA, with subsequent approval granted in the European Union.

Gardasil® is a quadrivalent HPV protein-based vaccine containing genotype-specific L1 capsid proteins of HPV-16, HPV-18, HPV-6 and HPV-11 in the form of virus-like particles as the active ingredient, which are produced by a DNA recombinant technology in yeast. Recently Lee SH showed that Gardasil® contained fragments of HPV-11 or HPV-18 DNA, evidenced by nested PCR, of unknown significance [J Inorg Biochem. 2012 Dec;117:85-92].

We herein looked by optimized single PCR in different batches of Gardasil® from France for HPV L1 DNA using MY09/MY11 degenerate and nondegenerate primers, for HPV E2 and E6 DNA genes, and for contaminating Saccharomyces cerevisiae DNA. All amplified amplicons were sequenced and resulting FASTA sequences were analyzed by Genotyping software from NCBI. In-house quantitative single PCR using as external calibrator serial dilutions of HPV-16 DNA extracted from CaSki cell line allowed estimating the load of residual HPV DNA fragments in vaccine ampoules. Preliminary data showed the presence of contaminating HPV L1 DNA in all tested different batches of Gardasil® vaccine from France.

Our observations confirm independently and extend the previous observations by Lee SH, without using conflicting nested PCR detection possibly subjected to contamination. Persistence in muscle tissue of residual HPV DNA fragments is uncertain after intramuscular injection, and requires further investigation for vaccination safety.


L. Belec1, H. Péré1, C. Fayard1.
1Microbiologie, Université Paris Descartes, Paris, France.

Not only has another independent laboratory confirmed the findings of Dr. Lee in every Gardasil sample tested from France, this lab used a different and less ‘sensitive’ methodology to arrive at the same conclusion regarding Gardasil recombinant (genetically engineered) HPV DNA fragment  contamination.

It is interesting to note – both Dr. Lee and Prof. Bélec simply indicated the need for further investigation for vaccine safety.

The SaneVax team completely agrees – further investigation is necessary for vaccination safety.

Helen Petousis-Harris couldn’t have said it better when she quoted Carl Sagan at the end of her presentation.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.
Marketing HPV vaccines as cancer preventatives is one of these extraordinary claims requiring extraordinary evidence.

Medical consumers deserved that evidence prior to the institution of mass HPV vaccination programs.

Yeast in Vaccines Tied to Autoimmune Diseases

Yeast is associated with the staff of life, bread—not to mention being the basis pleasure-inducing beer. So why should we be concerned about its presence in a large number of vaccines? A new study reveals that injecting yeast may be the cause of the autoimmune disease epidemic, which is devastating the lives of millions.

It’s well-recognized that the incidence of autoimmune diseases has been rising at an enormous rate.  A new study indicates that a significant factor in causing them may be the common bakers or brewers yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae[1] used in many vaccinations, including HepB, which is given to nearly all newborn babies in the United States before they’re a day old. 

The specific part of S. cerevisiae that’s of concern is mannan, which is found in the cell walls of yeasts and also in mammalian glycoproteins. These glycoproteins are found in cell walls, connective tissues like collagen, gastrointestinal mucous secretions, and blood plasma. They perform many functions. Obviously, if the immune system goes on the attack against mannan, it can be devastating. Yet, that appears to be happening in many autoimmune diseases.

These diseases happen when the body’s own defense system turns on itself, resulting in life-eroding conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease, systemic lupus erythematosus, anti-phospholipid syndrome, multiple sclerosis, diabetes mellitus type 1, and even heart disease.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has no doubt about the increase in autoimmune diseases[2] and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has produced a nice document outlining their approach to dealing with it. The “Autoimmune Diseases Research Plan”[3] discusses their approach to dealing with the issue, including the type of research they’re supporting. Nowhere is there any indication that vaccinations are being considered as a potential cause.

Of course, if you don’t look for it, you are not likely to find it. Clearly, the CDC is not promoting a genuine investigation into finding the causes of autoimmune disorders, as they’re willing to consider anything and everything … except that elephant in the room named vaccination. As is the case with autism, the primary focus is on genetics, with environment also considered—as long as the term environment doesn’t include vaccines. As with autism, that focus completely ignores the ourright absurdity of blaming genetics for new non-infectious disease phenomena.

How Can Yeast Cause Such Terrible Diseases?

Yeast is, of course, used to make bread rise and create the alcohol in beer. So how can it suddenly turn into an enemy? The answer is in how it enters the body, and what enters with it. The purpose of a vaccine is to create a localized storm in the immune system so that it will respond to a co-injected substance, which may be a weakened microbe or a small bit of a microbe, by creating antibodies to it.

An irritant, called an adjuvant, is what causes the immune system storm, and the microbe is called an antigen. The catch is that other substances injected with the antigen and adjuvant may also be seen as antigens. If one of those substances is similar to something that naturally exists in the body, then the immune system may create antibodies to part of its own body, creating an autoimmune disease.

Parts of the mannan in yeast are similar or identical to parts of the human body. So S. cerevisiae—yeast—used in vaccines has the potential of causing autoimmune disorders. In fact, S. cerevisiaeis used in a variety of ways in vaccines. It is, when used whole, a potent adjuvant[4]. On top of that, genetic manipulation is now being used on it to create artificial antibodies[4], so S. cerevisiae is becoming more common in vaccines.

Autoantibodies of S. cerevisiae

The researchers who focused on autoimmune aspects of S. cerevisiae (yeast) found significant correlations between yeast’s mannan and known autoimmune antigens in several autoimmune diseases. They found close and, in some instances, exact matches of the genetic sequences. For example, in the case of rheumatoid arthritis, the percent found to match were:

Rheumatoid arthritis
·         Rheumatoid factor: 60%
·         Bip/GRP78: 71%
·         gp130-RAPS: 80%
·         EIF4G1: 88%
·         Anti-citrullinated collagen type 2: 100%

Not only were there significant sequence matches with four known rheumatoid arthritis auto-antigens, there was a perfect match with one. In other conditions, they found:
Lupus erythematosus
·         SmN: 53%
·         SSA (Ro): 60%
·         snRNP-SmD3: 64%
·         SSB (La): 69%
·         U2 snRNP B”: 83%

Heart disease
·         P-selectin (protein on surface of blood vessels & platelets): 80%
·         Myosin (involved with muscle contraction): 88%
·         Intercellular adhesion molecule-1 (inflammatory response molecules): 100%

Anti-phospholipid syndrome
·         β2-Glycoprotein-1 precursor: 56%
·         Annexin A5: 63%
·         Anti-CL/β-2GPI Ig light chain variable region: 73%

AIDs-associated antigens
·         Thyroglubulin: 52%
·         GAD65: 57%
·         Zinc transporter 8: 57%
·         Transglutaminase: 60%
·         Thyroid peroxidase: 71%
·         Soluble liver/pancreas antigen: 80%
·         Calprotectin (protein S100-A8): 100%

Sclerosis-associated antigens
·         Major centromere autoantigen B: 57%
·         RNA polymerase III: 67%
·         U3-snRNP fibrillarin: 75%
·         U3-snRNP MPP10: 75%
·         hU3-55kDA: 86%
·         Nucleophosmin B23: 88%

A perfect match with a molecule may not be necessary to result in an autoimmune response, so percentages of less than 100% may not indicate lack of an autoimmune response. However, the closer the match between a molecule and an antigen, the more likely it is that an autoimmune response will occur.

Although you may not generally think of heart disease as an autoimmune disorder, certain forms of it, such as rheumatic heart disease, are known to be—and as this study seems to indicate, others may be, too.

Vaccine Risks

It should be noted that anti-phospholipid syndrome was originally associated with the tetanus vaccine. Referring to the table on the right, which was provided by the study, you can see that the first vaccine listed is DTaP. The T stands for tetanus.

Do we know for certain that vaccinations containing S. cerevisiae cause these autoimmune diseases? No, we don’t. However, we now have information that strongly links yeast-containing vaccines to autoimmune disorders—and we have absolutely nothing to suggest that they don’t cause them.

In fact, not only do we now have the strong association between S. cerevisiae auto-antibodies and mannan-containing proteins, we also have a history of increasing rates of autoimmune disorders that, at a casual look, can be seen to correlate with the expanding vaccination schedules in countries around the world.

Autoimmune disorders are devastating our health and a huge percentage of us suffer from a severely diminished quality of life. These disorders aren’t happening because of genetic defects, and to suggest that they are is an insult to our intelligence—though that seems to be the goal of our health agencies.

The cost to us as individuals and as a society is enormous. Surely it’s past time to take a serious and honest look at vaccine risks, including the use of yeast as an ingredient.

Instead, we have a mad rush to create ever-more yeast-related vaccines, because modern recombinant DNA technologies have made it so much easier, faster, and cheaper to produce them. Unfortunately, though, to step back and apply the precautionary principle isn’t profitable. So, you can expect to see more and more of them, no matter how much harm they produce.


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Vaccine Epidemic
by Louise Kuo Habakus and Mary Holland J.D.