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Democrats cling to their guns

EDITORIAL: Democrats cling to their guns
Obama scares women and liberals into the gun store

There are now more Democrats with guns than there are liberals who want to take them away.”

Gun ownership is on the rise in some surprising places. As much as President Obama would have us believe that only small-town yokels “cling to guns or religion,” a Gallup poll released Wednesday suggests many of the firearms that have been flying off the shelves in the past two years were purchased by Democrats and women. The Second Amendment has truly gone mainstream.
Overall, just under half of Americans said they have a gun at home, which is 6 percent more than had them in 2010. Not surprisingly, the highest ownership percentages are found in the South and the Midwest, and Republicans are the group most likely to be packing heat - up 3 percent. By comparison, Gallup found the number of Democrats willing to come out and admit to having a sidearm jumped 8 points from 32 percent to 40 percent. Since Mr. Obama’s inauguration, the ranks of gun-toting women swelled by 10 points to 43 percent.
This change has significant impact on policy. Nearly three out of four respondents opposed handgun bans - an all-time high. There are now more Democrats with guns than there are liberals who want to take them away. A half-century ago, the gun grabbers held sway over public opinion. Today, even misleading terms like “assault weapon” aren’t enough to scare up majority support for gun control.
The 2004 expiration of the Clinton-era ban on some semiautomatic rifles did not result in an increase in mayhem or murder. Nor did anything bad happen in Chicago or Washington after the Supreme Court finally interpreted the constitutional directive that “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed” to mean that people can actually keep arms.
On Tuesday, the House Judiciary Committee voted 19-11 to force state governments to give meaning to the right to “bear” arms. Rep. Cliff Stearns, Florida Republican, drafted legislation to provide the same nationwide reciprocity for concealed carry permits as currently exists for driver’s licenses. Though the bill has little chance of eluding Mr. Obama’s veto pen, the 2012 elections are not far away.
Violent crime has been on the decline as the number of people carrying guns has soared, so it’s obvious that the anti-Second Amendment crowd has been lying to us all these years. Crime cannot be wished away by enacting laws that only restrict what the law-abiding can do. As this truth sinks in, more gun grabbers will be converted into gun owners.

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Thursday, October 27, 2011




While so many have been hoping that the “Occupy Movement” could move forward without violence; history and my life experience indicate that such a hope is naive at best. The street actions imperil the powers that be who sincerely don’t give a damn where the chips fall in any recovery from our “Managed Depression”.

They have already figured out how reap huge obscene profits from the disaster that they have created and are actively pursuing a political agenda that will return to them the unfettered, unregulated, economic anarchy of the 1920s and 30s. The Middle Class must be broken, brought to its knees begging for any scrap of employment. Labor Unions must be rendered totally impotent and any return of upward mobility of the middle class must be purchased   from the 1%.

I don’t know how Americans can continue to go to work, if they have a job, when a study requested by Bacchus and Grassley has been revealed, revealing that the 99% have had an income increase of 275% over the last 30 years while growth for the middle class has been 40% and the poorest Americans have seen only an 18% income growth rate. The latter two are now witnessing that meager growth being eaten away by the “”Economic Collapse”. This is intolerable!

For those who find some sort of warped self-indulgent refuge in accusations that OWS does not have a formulated answer or a manifesto of demands; I would say to you that you are either playing a game or are stone stupid as the truth of the matter is that a generation of Americans is coming of age and demanding that there be a paradigm shift in American politics and economics that encompasses the totality of wrongs visited upon the populous of this nation ; that they be righted by those powers who know damn well the abuses and usurpations they have enacted, or if a systematic change is not possible; that that the system must destroyed and the players within it be brought to the people’s justice.

In a corporate dominated America none of us matters as the self-anointed chosen few can manipulate on a worldwide playing field to reap their harvest of profit while literally raping any lower class of folks, or any nation they choose to bleed dry before moving on.

Capitalism is not inherently evil but we have permitted the “Captains of Capitalism” to co-opt, corrupt and corrode our government to the point where their greed blackmails and pays off our officials as if they were well kept “Corporate Whores”  obliged to bend over on demand and lie at every point to every question put to them.

It’s always someone else’s fault. We have permitted Capitalists, by inaction, to become evil. We have allowed them to rewrite Machiavelli to such an extent that he would turn over in his grave to see how we have evolved.

You cannot have a civil society without people being regulated by the rule of law lest they devolve into their most base animalistic instincts, into lawless anarchy devoid of any accountability. We must have boundaries, regulations. And now that Corporations has insisted on corporate personhood the same holds true for them. They must be subjected to rules, regulations, standards of transparency and accountability.

If those steps are not taken the American public will be reduced to third world laborers, slaves to the corporate state, and I know that before that happens this nation will be torn asunder in steel, blood and fire in the streets.  Forget all the talk of OWS being a peaceful movement. When we are pushed far enough, when tear gas and pepper spray, when rubber bullets fail; it will become live ammunition…and it will come from both sides in this nation armed to the teeth.  

The 1% have a great deal to fear as does the entire far right establishment. They are up against the most power force that exists: “An Idea Whose Time Has Come”.  As the push back has begun OWS has already benefitted by increasing media coverage that the 30% undecided will not be able to ignore. And for those who fully believe that a revolution cannot happen in America: I say to you; you are damned fools.

When you strike someone in this nation expect to be hit back!

When all hell breaks loose you ought to consider what will happen; what the targets will be. If the Jeffersonian line of “tolerability” is crossed and the Kennedy observation that” “Those who make peaceful evolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.” comes into full play; cities will burn, people will be killed, banks will be looted of cash, corporate head quarters will be put to the torch, and as there are no wars without war crimes and war criminals, there are no revolutions without excesses; the most hated in the 1% will face assassinations, media hawkers of hate will have to flee for their lives; national guard armories and state police barracks will become battle fields for additional arms; stores will be looted for weapons and ammunition, food and medical supplies. Revolutions make citizen soldiers rapidly and a new leadership class in the streets will be born.

Every attempt to minimize the OWS and a lack of a 1,2,3 agenda is folly. The agenda is simple; the restoration of responsible government in this nation and economic fair play. Those who would demonize that plea and label it socialist had best be prepared to see revolutionaries walking down the streets and slithering through the shadows of night fall.

The police who hurl tear gas canisters and shock/flash grenades had best be prepared to find them hurled back as they were in the streets of Kent Ohio.

There is yet time for sanity to prevail, but not very much, as the cold of winter approaches and the flexing of muscle to shut down the movement increases; so will the movement to strike back violence escalate. I don’t know how many will die; each will be a martyr whose blood will be avenged with more blood. I don’t know how much of our infra structure will go up in flames; how many bridges will be brought down to prevent troop movement; nor do I know how many and the nature of weapons will be liberated into the people’s hands; the fact remains that in any such conflagration; people are power and the numbers on the side of the 99%.

Should the 1% cross the line to revolution they will lose to a revolt that will in the end be leftist in orientation and they will be destroyed in manner they cannot be begin to image because they firmly believe:  “It can’t happen here”. They are up against something that they do not understand; they are hated,; they are outnumbered; and in a revolution they and their fortunes are expendable.

When a government no longer serves its people; it will inevitable be brought down by the people. When a government becomes a collaborator with those who would suppress on oppress a people; they will destroy it. When elected leaders are guilty of collusion with oppressors they are brought to the peoples’ justice amidst the hostilities of Revolution.  Wars and Revolution are not civil. When a Revolution is concluded those who have driven the people to such an act are those who will be persecuted, prosecuted and executed as enemies of the people and for the ravages that their actions have visited upon the masses.

We are on the verge of things never being again as we have known them to be. It can happen here; it is more than likely now that it will happen here. The ideology puppets of the corporate right are signing their own death warrants and by their own hands they are consigning Capitalism as we have know it and they have fashioned it, to the dumpster of human history.

One spark and all this will come to pass. The world is fractured and desperate. Desperation is the mother of Revolution. We are a desperate people!

Anonymous Threatens Fox News Over Occupy Wall Street
Escapist Magazine
The hacker collective wants to stop Fox from belittling the protesters of Occupy Wall Street. Anonymous has thrown its weight behind virtually every cause the last few years. They have attacked Scientology for its so-called evil practices, they brought ...
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   MAKE THIS GO VIRAL - Oakland Police Throw Grenade Into   Crowd That Is Trying To Help Injured Protester

Video -  Occupy Oakland Protest - Oct. 25, 2011
Find this cop and prosecute his ass from here to San Quentin.
UPDATE - The injured man is Scott Olsena Marine Corps veteran twice deployed to Iraq and member of Veterans for Peace.  He is in the hospital now in stable but serious condition with a fractured skull, struck by a police projectile (believed to be a tear gas cannister) fired into the crowd.
After protesters run to the aid of the injured Marine, Oakland Police deliberately throw a flash grenade into the crowd.  Whatever you think of the Occupy movement, police behavior of this kind is criminal and should be prosecuted.
Address for the hospital where Scott Olsen is recovering, if you wish to send a card.
Highland Hospital
1411 E. 31st Street
Oakland, CA 94602
Complete video coverage of the Oakland police brutality is below.



Occupy Wall Street voices from Zuccotti Park: Daniel Zetah, 35
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Gibbs: Obama taps 'Occupy' anxiety
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Occupy Wall Street Takes On Health Insurance Industry
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Wall Street's control of health care is exposed in a march/speak-out today that starts at the offices of Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield, a subsidiary of WellPoint, the largest publicly-traded health insurance company. We are gathering at Liberty Square ...
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Occupy Wall Street lacks substance that would build credibility
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Keeping it clean: Protesters cope with sanitation
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LOS ANGELES (AP) — With thousands of Occupy Wall Street demonstrators roughing it in parks for up to six weeks, garbage, human waste and hygiene are becoming a growing worry in public encampments nationwide. Poor food storage exacerbated a rat ...
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Ben & Jerry's “Occupy Wall Street” - 24/7 Wall St.
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Unilever (NYSE: UL) subsidiary Ben & Jerry's has announced solidarity with “Occupy Wall Street,” even donating ice cream to hungry protestors at the movement's makeshift headquarters' in New York City's Zuccotti Park. Notwithstanding its ...
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Occupy Wall Street in New York has also been considering a proposal for a general strike. And there are also rumors of a global general strike next year. Note: We'll update this post as soon as we learn whether or not the New York resolution ...

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The past few years have witnessed the rise and fall of several left-leaning political fads, each touted as a response to the rise of the Tea Party Movement: the.
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Unions Behind 'Occupy Wall Street'? Not So Simple
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And then a mere few months later, Occupy Wall Street launches, and Lerner's dream becomes a reality. Aha! Caught red handed! Lerner must be the mastermind of the Occupy Wall Streetmovement, and since Lerner works for SEIU, that means unions were ...
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Occupy Wall Street Protesters Join Rally Against For-Profit Health Care
More than 200 protesters, including many from Occupy Wall Street, are shifting their focus today to what they say is a broken health care system. Marchers are headed to St. Vincent's Hospital, which went bankrupt and closed last year. ...
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Anonymous Threatens Fox News Over Occupy Wall Street
Escapist Magazine
The hacker collective wants to stop Fox from belittling the protesters of Occupy Wall Street. Anonymous has thrown its weight behind virtually every cause the last few years. They have attacked Scientology for its so-called evil practices, they brought ...
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Occupy Wall Street Protests Intensify
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Opinion: Unthink, Occupy Wall Street and the coming age of the anti-Facebook
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Occupy Wall Street now has its own Android app: 'I'm Getting Arrested'
Android developer Jason Van Anden, a self-described “artist/technoloist,” has created a new app inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement, after a friend was nearly arrested during one of the protests. Aptly titled “I'm Getting Arrested,” Van Anden's ...
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Occupy Wall Street Joins Residents Against Proposed Spectra Pipeline
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Time to occupy Wall Street
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Smithsonian looks for exhibits in Occupy Wall Street protests
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Jonathan Demme and Jem Cohen Occupy Wall Street with New Doc Shorts
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1 Arrested, 2 Sought For Threatening Occupy Wall St. Protester
New York's PIX11 / WPIX-TV
It happened Monday night in Zucotti Park where Occupy Wall Street demonstrators have been camped out for six weeks. The men approached the woman and one made the threat to kill her because she filed a complaint against a friend who was arrested. ...
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CBO: Incomes of top earners grow at a pace far faster than everyone else's
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As Occupy Wall Street and related protests inject themselves into the 2012 presidential campaigns, a new government report shows that over the past three decades the incomes of the nation's top earners have grown far more rapidly than those of everyone ...
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Don King Supports Occupy Wall Street, Saying He Was Once Poor, Too
By Danielle Wright A man for who 80 years has claimed that he's “for the people” is showing his support of the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations. As a native of poverty-stricken Cleveland, Ohio, Don King says he's glad that the American people are...
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Occupy Wall Street Raises Questions About Privately-Owned Public Spaces
Retail Traffic
In light of the Occupy Wall Street movement taking round-the-clock possession of the Brookfield Properties-owned Zuccotti Park in downtown Manhattan, the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY) is trying to change the rules governing the operation of ...
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Occupy Wall Street Demands Life Without Hardship
FrontPage Magazine
“Don't touch me!” the man in the wheelchair shouted to stop me from placing my hand on what used to be his left arm. “I know what you were doing,” he said calmly. “You were showing me you care. I get it. But you have no idea how much pain I'm in. ...
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Transaction Tax On Financial Speculation Gets Boost From Occupy Wall Street
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WASHINGTON -- Boosted by the Occupy Wall Street movement, two Democrats in the House and Senate are renewing a push for a transaction tax on speculative trades. The tax would be set at a nominal rate designed to have little impact on pension funds that ...
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