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Occupy Wall Street Spreads to Over 50 Cities, Reflecting Israel’s Social Justice Protests and Arab Spring Roots

Occupy Wall Street Spreads to Over 50 Cities, 

Reflecting Israel’s Social Justice Protests 


Arab Spring Roots

Occupy Wall Street Spreads to Over 50 Cities, Reflecting Israel’s Social Justice Protests and Arab Spring Roots

The Guardian-Reuters - 55 minutes ago
Police officers reach into a crowd of protesters to make an arrest on the Brooklyn Bridge during an Occupy Wall Street march in New York October 1, 2011. ...

UPDATE: Cops Accused Of Trapping Wall Street Protesters On ..

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Why ‘Occupy Wall Street’?

By James Downie

You may have heard about the Occupy Wall Street protests, now entering their 10th day in New York. Several hundred activists have taken over Zuccotti Park near Wall Street since Sept. 17, and this past Saturday they were joined by over a thousand more. The NYPD, displaying their famously light touch, has arrested dozens of activists, including members of the protest’s media team, and even maced innocent protesters. (The occupation’s Twitter hashtag,#occupywallstreet, and its livestream have plenty more details.) Despite this pressure, the protesters have vowed to stay in the park for the foreseeable future.
Then again, you can’t walk around New York without bumping into some demonstration, so does this protest deserve attention? It’s easy to say that these are just (mostly) college kids with nothing better to do; or to make fun of their demands, which range from ending wealth inequality to ending war; or to use more extreme protesters to dismiss the rest. And it’s easy to believe that the protesters’ cause will be forgotten as soon as the demonstration ends. It’s easy to react this way, because that’s how many protest “movements” have panned out in the past. But this movement is different because of the bleak situation facing the country, especially its youth.
Demonstrations are stronger when protesters are denouncing a target that directly affects them. In 1971, President Nixon’s decision to end student deferments sparked a new wave of antiwar protests on campuses around the country. Many believe the lack of a draft severely weakened protests against the Iraq war. In 1932, the Bonus Army was able to gather thousands of veterans to Washington because their cause was not someone else’s poverty but their own.
Similarly, these demonstrators are protesting not only for a cause but for themselves. Just as many young people in the ’60s and ’70s feared becoming cannon fodder in Southeast Asia, so, too, do many today fear for their futures. The figures are astounding. Three years after Wall Street crashed the economy, youth unemployment stands at 18 percent, double the national rate, while youth employment is at its lowest level since the end of World War II. And because the graduate who spends a year unemployed will still make 23 percent less than a similar classmate a decade later, the young unemployed will feel these effects for years. The average college graduate now carries over$27,000 in debt at graduation; not surprisingly, then, more than 85 percent of the Class of 2011 moved back into their parents’ homes, the highest number on record. Not to mention, when this long recession is finally over, the young get to face reduced Social Security, Medicare and other benefits, largely (though not entirely, of course) because their parents and grandparents decided to let their descendants pay for their tax cuts, their wars and their bailouts.
In short, as Republican candidates have demanded, the youth have skin in this game.
So this isn’t genocide or Palestine or globalization or another geographically or politically distant cause that rarely has staying power beyond a committed activist core. The Wall Street protests are at least in part fueled by the knowledge that, for the first time in almost a century, “you never had it so good” no longer applies to the next generation. The victims of this collapse are not on the other side of the world; they’re the protesters themselves, their friends and classmates, sons and daughters. That’s a personal connection to, and motivation for, their cause that cannot grow artificially.
Will this specific protest, then, last “until our demands are met”? Perhaps, perhaps not. But as long as the sluggish economy continues to hit Americans — and especially young Americans — hard, expect more and bigger demonstrations like “Occupy Wall Street” — unfocused, sometimes excessive, but fundamentally justifiable.

About 400 arrested in Wall Street protest

Police officers reach into a crowd of protesters to make an arrest on the Brooklyn Bridge during anOccupy Wall Street march in New York October 1, 2011. By Ray Sanchez NEW YORK (Reuters) - Police reopened the Brooklyn Bridge on Saturday evening after ...See all stories on this topic »

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Occupy Wall Street protest on Brooklyn Bridge ends with 400 arrests
Montreal Gazette
By Ray Sanchez, Reuters October 1, 2011 9:04 PM Demonstrators affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement are arrested after attempting to cross the Brooklyn Bridge on the motorway on October 1, 2011 in New York City. The motorway portion of the ...
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Wall Street protesters shut Brooklyn Bridge
Channel News Asia
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Police: Hundreds Of Wall St. Protesters Arrested
KSAT San Antonio
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The problem is this: I used to live right on Wall Street. So I know the people who actually work there. Many of those people lost their jobs, their pensions, their homes, their savings, their 401ks, etc. I hate to think now that along with all that ...See all stories on this topic »

By Danny Schechter
News Dissector Reports from #OccupyWallStreet as protests enter third week

This morning, while on local radio show, NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg was asked about the demonstrations on Wall Street. Bloomberg condemned the protests, claiming that the protesters are targeting people who making "$40-50,000 a year and are struggling to make ends meet." He then went on to say people are focusing too much on the causes of the financial crisis and that we need to be nicer to the banking industry so that it starts lending again. He concluded by saying that we are "blaming the wrong people" by "blaming the banks" for the recession.

People are coming out into the streets because going into voting booths has not helped them. People are joining "occupation" protests because they've realized that things are getting so bad that they have to do something.

U.S. fascism is being rationalized by American-style, Fox News type disinformation, but it is no less damaging to the well-being of citizens than any other form of fascism.

The fire that is the peoples' movment known as Occupy Wall Street is now burning and fuel is being added. It's at the point where nothing can stop it. Today a Declaration of the Occupation of New York City was released. Those on the balcony of Harry Cipriani on Wall Street will sip champagne and chuckle just a little less than they did the day prior. Here we go! Let the ride begin.

Anonymous sources try to discredit Bloomberg article on Koch Industries before it's even published. Here are two of the issues the Kochs' PR machine are desperately trying to spin: One of those episodes apparently involves bribery by a Koch subsidiary in France, according to the piece by Washington Examiner editorial page editor Mark Tapscott and another one of the issues addressed in the Bloomberg article will be the Kochs' past business dealings with Iran. OMG!! The socialist health-care loving French and the Shia-loving Muslims!! OMFG!! The Koch Brothers have some 'splain to do to their Tea Baggin fundamentalist gun-loving, gaws-fearing Christian crusaders!!

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