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Occupy Wall Street: Occupy The Streets: Occupy America…The Old Order’s Ass Is Grass And We The People Are The Lawn Mower That Will Clean Up The Landscape.

Occupy Wall Street: Occupy The Streets: Occupy America…The Old Order’s Ass Is Grass And We The People Are The Lawn Mower That Will Clean Up The Landscape.

The problem is simply. The establishment knows its collective ass is grass and The Occupiers sound like a Gargantuan Monolithic Armored Lawnmower.

So, let’s be really clear about a few things. Those who would the police simply club and shoot occupiers all over this country will call anyone and any established organization that acts in support of the moment as Co-Opters because the last thing they want to see is national or on-the-scene spokesperson or leader emerge as the movement gains focus and consolidates its actions.  Every word of dismissal, demonization and discredit is merely another load of Wall Street Bullshit being delivered. The mower is moving; it has gained traction and the impact is now beginning to hurt the “money bags” establishment. Hit em where it hurts; their bottom lines and the political machine will follow. Make it possible for our political leaders to toss Wall Street under the bus…OCCUPY, OCCUPY, OCCUPY!

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Lexington Police Set Example For Nation's Handling Of Protests.

Before the Occupy Wall Street movement spurred Lexingtonians to start Occupy Lexington I had already been covering MoveOn.Org, US Uncut and other groups protesting downtown and at Mitch McConnell's office. Then and now the Lexington Police have done an ...
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Are Democrats And Progressives Co-Opting The OWS Movement?
Blog for Iowa (blog)
In conversations I've had, Moveon.org and Democracy for America have been mentioned. Unions and the Democratic party have been mentioned as well. I'm not that cynical on this particular topic. If it seemed like these groups were co-opting the OWS ...
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In this video, David DeGraw joins Bill Black on the Dylan Ratigan Show to discuss the "epidemic of fraud" and the people who need to be heldpersonally responsible for the destruction of our economic system. ... Read More >>

United States Marine Corps. Sgt. Shamar Thomas, aka The Mighty Sha, has a new video, which is going viral as we type, featuring his verbal schooling of the NYPD in defense of the #OWS movement concerning police brutality against peaceful protesters. ... Read More >>

Watch Karl's RT interview video here >> ... Read More >>
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Chris Hedges recently gave an inspiring and very heartfelt interview on #OWS during the Times Square protest action. Be sure to watch the last minute, beautiful. :) ... Read More >>

Washington, DC: The October2011.org Movement that is occupying Freedom Plaza, led an impromptu march of 250 people up Pennsylvania Avenue to the U.S.Supreme Court where Dr. Cornel West climbed on the steps of the Supreme Court and denounced court decisions that have produced money-based elections that empower corporations. Dr. West was holding a sign that said "Poverty is the Greatest Violence of All." He was arrested because holding political signs on the Supreme Court steps is illegal. ... Read More >>

Occupy Wall Street: My One Demand
By Jinger Dixon

October 18, 2011 -   I was recently asked what I thought the “one demand” should be for the OWS protest. That’s a tough question. I’ve seen many lists of the things people are suggesting. Most seem well intended. However, no one demand alone even begins to scratch the surface of what‘s wrong here. In fact, in a way, it points out how far we really are, from seeing where we really are. To sum it all up in one demand seemed impossible, so I decided to try. After much thought, I constructed the following analogy to describe my take on this whole One Demand issue.

Take a map and draw a circle, then say, everyone outside the circle is to have their labor and resources exploited for the benefit of those inside the circle. If you live outside the circle you say, “this system is completely fucked up.” If you live inside the circle you say, “this is capitalism and it’s the best system on earth you should try it it’s awesome. Sure, people outside are suffering, but who gives a fuck about them?”

Now as the circle shrinks, as it is designed to do, concentrating accumulated wealth, people begin finding themselves suddenly outside of the circle. They jump up and down and cry foul, but the ones still in the circle say, “tough shit, you were too slow, shoulda run faster to stay inside the circle“. But then, they soon realize that they too are too slow to keep up with the rapidly shrinking circle, and quickly they find themselves left out, so they cry foul. “The system is broken!!!” they decry!

But is it? Isn’t this the way the system has always functioned? Why is it now broken just because they, we, no longer reside within the bounds of its benefits? We stand outside the ever shrinking circle, yelling fixes, throwing band-aids, making demands that the ever shrinking circle expand! at least big enough to include us so that we can go back to not giving a fuck about the people outside, but alas, it will not.

The circle does not expand, it does not know how. It only knows how to contract, concentrate, condense, like a dark star collapsing in on itself. There is no “demand” that will drag the borders of the circle back around us. And even if you could, would you? Would you go back to fucking the rest of the world to have your cable TV and your steel belted radials? I hope not. I hope the world is ready to say no more. No more. Therefore, since it is my sincere belief that the circle is/was and always will be fucked up, I say, surround them and demand that they collapse in on themselves and disappear into their own black hole.

That is my One Demand.

Democrats and the Death of Keynesian Economics
Michael Corcoran, Truthout: "Obama's dead-on-arrival jobs bill, which followed trillions in spending cuts that were made during the debt ceiling controversy, remind us that politicians have stopped seriously trying to save the economy through job creation and government spending. The protests on Wall Street show that the public recognizes that change will only come when the people take matters into their own hands." 
Read the Article 

Obama's dead-on-arrival jobs bill, which followed trillions in spending cuts that were made during the debt ceiling controversy, remind us that politicians have stopped seriously trying to save the economy through job creation and government spending. The protests on Wall Street show that the public recognizes that change will only come when the people take matters into their own hands.

It is quite remarkable, given the nature of the recent debate over economic policy in Washington, that a Wikipedia articles exists today called, "2008-2009 Keynesian resurgence." Today, both political parties have had an obsession with "austerity measures" for at least last year or so - which includes putting Medicare andSocial Security on the chopping block. Barack Obama's weak job bill, which was dead on arrival, only further demonstrates how twisted priorities are in Washington. So, it is actually hard to believe that, in the aftermath of the near-collapse of the economy in 2008, Maynard Keynes, who advocated government intervention in the economy to increase demand during downturns, was making a comeback.

But for a brief moment in time, this was indeed the case. After the 2008 bailout of Bear Stearns, Martin Wolf, an economics writer for the Financial Times and normally a staunch supporter of free-market globalization, wrote: "Remember March 14 2008: it was the day the dream of global free market capitalism died." In the same article, he quoted Joseph Ackerman, the chief executive of Deutsche Bank, saying: "I no longer believe in the market's self-healing power." In an October 10 article, The Washington Post - in all seriousness - suggested that the current economic crises meant the "The End Of American Capitalism" as we know it. The cover of Time magazine in February 2009, said, "We are all Socialists Now," referencing the need for government intervention to save us from the ills of capitalism. "Whether we want to admit it or not," the article observed, "the America of 2009 is moving toward a modern European state."

As frightening and tragic as the economic crisis of 2008 was, having these widely held doctrinal assumptions about the power of the so-called "free market" spun on their head did provide some hope. Maybe there could be some sort of shift toward a more humane mixed economy that reined in the horrific excesses of contemporary capitalism. The country was optimistic; a new president had just been elected and his chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, famously said that he "never wanted a serious crisis to go to waste." The Nation magazine even called for a "New New Deal."

What followed, unfortunately, was a very underwhelming flirtation with Keynesian policies (such as the too-small stimulus bill in 2009), which was then swiftly overwhelmed with bipartisan discussions about how to gut government spending and create on austerity movement. This occurred despite the fact that the need for Keynesian economic policies are just as great now, in the face of crippling unemployment, as they were in 2008-09.

Somewhere shortly after being elected, it seems, Obama andDemocrats closed the book on Keynes and opened one onHerbert Hoover - who famously helped spawn the Great Depression with austerity measures in the 1920s. "This is truly a tragedy," wrote The New York Times' Paul Krugman, responding to an Obama speech in July 2011, in which he reiterated classic right-wing talking points about the need for cutting spending. "The great progressive hope is falling all over himself to endorse right-wing economic fallacies." Indeed, the language of austerity has been dominant among both parties in Washington for a year, as has also been the case in the mainstream media. The Keynesian Resurgence, referenced above, is completely dead in the nation's capital. The crisis Rahm Emanuel so wanted to take advantage of has indeed gone to waste.
How Did This Happen and What Can Be Done About It?
The death of Keynesian economic policies in Washington is a cause of major concern. As Kevin Young recently expressed inblunt terms, "Cutting the deficit and the national debt at the present time is stupid and will only exacerbate unemployment." Economist Robin Hahnel notes, "[Keynes] is surely rolling over in his grave at what amounts to global economic suicide and a return to misguided, nineteenth century economics ... This was the advice of Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon which Herbert Hoover acted on in 1929." Even the neoliberal International Monetary Fund has confessed that "the idea that fiscal austerity stimulates economic activity in the short term finds little support in the data."

The death of Keynesian policies in the US demonstrates the pervasive stranglehold the wealthiest corporations have over our government and, notably, the Democratic Party (which often claims to be the party that represents the middle class). Keynesian economics once was at the heart of the Democratic Party's platform. Now, as blogger Atrios observed, "It's the austerity party vs. the austerity party." Conservative Market Watch writer, Stephen Stanley, (in an article aptly titled "The Death of Keynesianism,"), celebrated that "[a]dministration officials are finally willing to own up to the fact that Keynesian prescriptions have been a) a dismal failure and b) a massive waste of money." Stanley is wrong about the economics, but right in his assessment of Obama's approach, which is a rare reprieve from right wingers constant and absurd insistence that Obama is a far-left socialist.

Democrats will counter that the jobs bill proves that the Democrats do prioritize jobs over spending cuts and it is merely Republicans obstructionism that keeps the economy from growing. This position, however, is disingenuous. The Democrats knew the jobs bill would die and merely wanted a political weapon against Republicans. If the Democratic Party was serious about passing legislation that included job creation, it could have pushed for them when it had leverage - such as the end of 2010 when the Democrats, still with large majorities, extended the Bush Tax cuts while getting almost nothing in return. But to throw up a hopeless $700 billion jobs bill - that would be insufficient even if it did pass - on the heels of passing $4 trillion in spending cuts, without a single penny of tax increases, is not about to fool the public, as the demonstrations on Wall Street show. Obama has even suggested, as Dean Baker reported, that "he wants the congressional super-committee to find additional cuts to cover the cost of the stimulus," which basically defies the Keynesian philosophy of creating demand through government spending.

The Democrats willingness to accept right-wing falsehoods about the nature of deficits and debt is likely to come at a steep price for those Americans struggling to get by. While job creation is going nowhere, the public can look forward to the "Super Congress," created as part of the debt ceiling deal, taking a scalpel to the social safety net. Subsidized loans for graduate students has already fallen victim to the process, further squeezing young people who are now drowning in debt that they will never be able to pay back in this economy. These cuts just scratch the surface of what damage will be done to the economy and working class in particular. What exactly will happen to Social Security and Medicare is still unknown, but cuts and/or an increase in the retirement age are quite possible.

This could prove to be politically dangerous for Democrats, as voters have expressed in poll after poll that they do not want cuts to these programs and are far more concerned with jobs than with the deficit. In a recent CBS/New York Times poll, 53 percent said jobs was the most important problem facing the country today, compared to just 7 percent who said the deficit/debt was the most important. But the party seems less concerned about alienating working class voters (who they so often take for granted) and more worried about courting large donations from hedge fund owners and the like. This is especially true in the post-Citizens United era, where campaign donations from large corporations trump the vote.

The left has no choice but to demand that the government act to, not only save social security and Medicare, but also to create jobs. Mark Weisbrot has suggested voters make such policies a litmus test for candidates in 2012. "Maybe voters should make it a 'litmus test' for every Congressional candidate in November: no new stimulus, no vote," he wrote. This will first require massive education of the true nature of our deficit to counter the nonsense repeated endlessly by the media and politicians. The public is constantly told that our deficit woes are due to Social Security and Medicare, when in fact, these programs are paid for with trust funds and payroll taxes and are not responsible for the deficit.

In reality, military spending and escalating health care costs (due to our inefficient private system) are among the major reasons for the deficit. As Young notes, "This year, as in all recent years, the US government will spend about half its total budget, including about two-thirds of all discretionary spending, on 'security' - meaning the military, multiple overseas wars, nuclear weapons, costs incurred by past military expenditures and so forth." Ending our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan quickly, for example, could cut the deficit by a trillion dollars.

And our nation's insistence on allowing private insurers to run our health care system is another crucial problem. As the Center for Economic Policy Research proves with its Health Care Budget Deficit Calculator, if the United States switched from its current private health care system to a system used by any other developed nation - Germany, France, Canada etc. ... - our deficits would turn into a surplus. "However, because of the power of the health care industry, it is much easier politically to roll back benefits in public sector programs than to reduce the cost of health care, which would mean reducing the income of providers," notes Dean Baker. "Therefore our politicians only discuss the health care crisis as a budget crisis. So we get the illusion of a long-term budget crisis."

The good news is that the public, finally, is demanding change via the Occupy Wall Street protests. And unlike in previous years, they are taking it to the streets, as opposed to merely donating money and time to Democrats and hoping for the best. In fact, the abandonment of Keynes has also changed the game for many radical activists, who can now find common cause with more moderate activists and labor unions. As Robin Hahnel observes, given how no political parties in Washington are fighting for Keynesian policies, radical activists and socialists find themselves in the odd position of having to advocate, not merely for alternatives to capitalism, but also for liberal Keynesian policies in the short term. He writes:
While socialists should not have to lead the charge for Keynesian policies to ameliorate capitalist crises, unfortunately that is the position we find ourselves in. Right now we must not only do our own work - explaining why all versions of capitalism are far less desirable than participatory, democratic socialism - but do the work of Keynesian reformers as well who have lost influence in all major political parties ... there is no road to participatory, democratic socialism that does not run through many successful reform campaigns to bring Keynesian policies back in vogue."
The reality is that our economy has been so bad for the working class, that the public is quite united in the desire for a fundamental change to the way wealth is distributed. This helps explain why a serious protest movement has sprung up this year and not in year's past. While protests were once dominated by people who read Marx, now they are also made up of people who are reading their pay stubs, if they are fortunate enough to have one.
It is rather depressing that in the midst of such economic turmoil that both political parties are promoting insane, counterproductive economic policies that will cut social services, worsen unemployment and keep demand low. But the good news is that the public has expressed complete support for the preservation and protection of social programs and the people are beginning to resist the narrow adherence to neoclassical economics that exists in Washington. In sum, we must all be Keynesians now, to some extent. The only choice we have is to demand that the government preserves and expands on our safety net and works to prevent mass unemployment. This can only be achieved through struggle, protest and disobedience. If the working class can win some of these battles - no easy task given current realities in Washington - it will serve in raising class consciousness, mobilizing workers and could help initiate more fundamental change in the future.

The Movement is in Effect.

Occupy The Hood Boston was born on the cusp of 2 very significant events in Black History, the 45th Anniversary of the Black Panther Party Oct. 15, 1966 & The Million Man March Oct. 16, 1995.  In recognition of the lack of a specific voice to speak to issues of Black, Latino, Cape Verdean and other people of Color in Boston and Beyond. People of color, particularly Black People, are disproportionately affected by the issues that the Occupy Movement has raised. It has been said that “Black People are on the bottom of every list that is good, and on the top of every list that is bad” Occupy The Hood Boston seeks to not only address those issues but present solutions to our collective problems and effect changes in policy that will improve the quality of life for all people.  Occupy The Hood Boston is sticking with the methods of organization that have been going on prior to Occupy Boston in the realization that different people respond differently and we must craft a movement that uniquely speaks to the issues of People of Color.

We stand in Unity & Agreement with the statement of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement on New Afrikans & Occupy Wall St.


Occupy The Hood - Boston's First Action will take place:
FRI 10.21.2011 6PM

Dudley Sq. on the Dudley Plaza
(Triangle between Malcolm X Blvd./Washington St./Dudley St. across from new Roxbury Boston Police Station)

This Speak Out will highlight the issues in our community and have speakers from various neighborhoods and community organizations with members of Occupy Boston as SUPPORT.
Future Actions will take place at additional dates and locations throughout our community.
www.blackstonian.com/occupythehood occupythehoodboston@gmail.com
@othboston https://twitter.com/#!/OTHBoston
#othb #occupythehoodboston #blackupyboston #blackstonian
@OccupyTheHood | #occupythehood | #POCcupy | @POCworkinggroup

Here’s what we need you to do.

- Take the image use it on Facebook, Post it, Like it, Tweet the info… lets go viral

- Join us on Facebook, Twitter, Sign up for the email list, Join our google group.

- Human contact: Talk about it with people you know. Your family, your neighbors, your friends, tell people at work on the train and especially TELL EVERYONE YOU ENCOUNTER AT OCCUPY BOSTON.




2 Ways for Occupy Boston to come to the community for Occupy The Hood
OPTION 1. MBTA – Silverline: The Silverline Buses go directly from South Station to Dudley Station

MAP http://g.co/maps/xthxc If you march you need to leave Dewey Sq. by 5pm to meet us at 6pm in Dudley Sq.


To bring crowds from Occupy Boston to the Black/Latino/Cape Verdean Communities of Boston.

A. To highlight and bring energy, momentum and attention of Occupy Boston to the issues of People of Color  in Boston & beyond
B. To show what is rarely seen. That White People give a damn about the plight of Black and other people of color who are the most affected by the conditions that Occupy Boston is in protest of.

Economic injustice, unemployment, CORI, violence/murders, guns, prisons, police brutality, foreclosures, lack of diversity in city gov., youth jobs, education disparities, racial profiling, redistricting, budget cuts, housing, human services, civic engagement, racism/discrimination/white supremacy/white privilege

1. White people and other members of Occupy Boston will enter the community as SUPPORT ONLY.

2. OB’ers will be under the direction and agenda of People/Organizers of Color.

3. The current Occupy Boston format, (GA, hand gestures, etc.), Will NOT be used in the community.

4. Obviously do not bring any drugs, alcohol, weapons into the community.

5. While nothing is expected to happen. Your safety is not guaranteed. You must be willing to sacrifice and experience what thousands of People of Color (from infants to elderly) live in every day.

6. This is a movement of the willing. If any of this makes you hesitant or uncomfortable. Do not come.

Current Massachusetts Unemployment: 7.4% = 258,112 unemployed people
Massachusetts Unemployment 2007
White = 5.2%   Black = 11.2%  Latino = 11.2%
Boston Unemployment 2007
White = 4.6%   Black = 14.6%  Latino = 12.9%
USA Unemployment = 9.1%
Black Unemployment = 16.2 %
Black males = 17.5%  Black teens almost 41%

1993 and 1998 National Surveys of Small Business find that Black-owned small businesses are about twice as likely to be denied credit. Black-owned firms, in particular, are substantially more likely to be denied credit than other groups and are charged higher interest rates for those loans that are approved among firms that are otherwise comparable.

Subprime mortgages have gone disproportionately to Hispanics and African Americans. In 2006, the rate of subprime mortgages for home purchase for Hispanics and Africans Americans was approximately double the white rate according to the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies. Twenty-six percent of mortgages for home purchase by whites were subprime (see Chart). For Hispanics, it was 47% and for African Americans, 53%.1

Bank of America was one of the companies who profited from the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and named in the Reparations lawsuit.

BPD Killed 5 people in 1988 alone. 4 out of 5 were Black
BPD Killed 6 Between 1995 and Nov. 2000
BPD Killed 8 Between Nov. 2000 and Sep 2002
BPD Killed 2 Between June 2004 and July 2004
BPD Killed 4 from 2005 to present
These people were Black, Latino & Cape Verdean

51 Murders in Boston so far in 2011. The majority of those are in Roxbury, Dorchester, Mattapan
Where did the Gun Come From?


A Black man has 1 in 3 (32%) chance of imprisonment
A Latino man 1 in 6 (17%) chance of imprisonment
A White man has 1 in 17 (5.9%) chance of imprisonment
It costs between $35-50,000 annually (varies state/federal) to incarcerate
2 Biggest Privatized Prison Corporations
1. Corrections Corp. of America (CCA) earned $42.4 million in profit over the last 3 months
2. GEO Group (previously known as Wackenhut Corrections) earned $21.6 million over the past 3 months

Passed by Congress on January 31, 1865, and ratified on December 6, 1865, the 13th amendment abolished slavery in the United States.

www.blackstonian.com/occupythehood occupythehoodboston@gmail.com

#othb #occupythehoodboston #blackupyboston #blackstonian
@OccupyTheHood | #occupythehood | #POCcupy | @POCworkinggroup

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Douglas Schoen warns White House: Dont back Occupy Wall Street
Pollster Douglas Schoen is out with a warning for President Barack Obama: Supporting Occupy Wall Street could cost you a second-term. “President Obama and the Democratic leadership are making a critical error in embracing the Occupy Wall Street ...
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Occupy Wall Street: From a single hashtag, a protest circled the world
The Express Tribune
By Reuters An Occupy Wall Street campaign demonstrator holds a sign in Zuccotti Park, near Wall Street in New York October 17, 2011. PHOTO: Reuters NEW YORK: It all started innocuously enough with a July 13 blog post urging people to “Occupy Wall ...
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Why the Occupy Wall Street crowd is dead wrong about the New York ...
New York Daily News
The drumbeat from Occupy Wall Street reverberated in Albany yesterday as a coalition of labor unions and anti-poverty activists demanded an extension of New York State's so-called "millionaire's tax." These lobbying veterans are repackaging themselves ...
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Occupy Atlanta Interrupted By Epic Wild Dude – Occupy Wall St.
SFGate.com (blog)
Atlanta, Georgia – Occupy Atlanta, the Capital of The South's version of the Occupy Wall Street Movement, got two more weeks of Woodruff Park assembly rights life, as Atlanta Mayor Kaseem Reed extended his already lengthened deadline by another two...
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Occupy Wall Street-style protest in Indonesia leads to closure of world's ...
(Adek Berry/AFP/Getty Images) JAKARTA, Indonesia — As the Occupy Wall Street movement spreads like dominoes, resentment toward corporate greed has led to the deaths of four Indonesians and the temporary closure of the American-owned Grasberg mine, ...
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St Paul's shelters UK's Wall Street protests
On Saturday, several hundred protesters occupied the steps and pitched tents outside the church as the "Occupy Wall Street" demonstrations spread via social media to London and worldwide. Almost swept from the area by police that night and the ...
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Occupy Wall Street 2011 Gets A-List Celebrity Support
ABC News
Media & Music Consultant Bruno del Granado gives us insight to the A-list support for the Occupy Wall Street movement. *Subscribe: http://bit.ly/abcWNNvideos.
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NYPD Police Brutality - Occupy Wall Street.
A NYPD white shirt captain knocks a young woman unconscious in a protest.
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Occupy Wall Street on George Soros: 'He's one of the 1%'
Daily Caller
(AP Photo Manuel Balce Ceneta) Liberal billionaire and favorite villain of the right George Soros may be ideologically similar to the Occupy Wall Street protesters, but comments from a limited-access email list of Occupy Wall Street organizers reveal ...
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Wall Street? Try Occupying Your Body.
By Mel Johnson Even famous yoga teachers are at Occupy Wall Street. Seane Corn, a world-renowned yoga teacher and activist, chimed in on October 10 th by leading a chant with the following message: “Our intention for being here is to support with all ...
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AEI Visits Occupy Wall Street
http://www.valuesandcapitalism.com AEI program manager Eric Teetsel and his team from the Values & Capitalism Project went to NYC to talk with the Occupy Wall Street protestors. What they heard is really surprising. The protestors actually sound more ...
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Israeli soldier handed over to Egypt...Occupy Wall St. movement has support of ...
9&10 News
(AP) — The Occupy Wall Street movement has won the endorsement of the three American hikers who were imprisoned in Iran and accused of espionage. Shane Bauer, Josh Fattal (fuh-TAHL') and Sarah Shourd (shord) spoke Monday at the Occupy Oakland ...
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Alaska woman takes Occupy Wall Street protest to tundra
Washington Post
ANCHORAGE, Alaska — When Alaskan Diane McEachern heard about the Occupy Wall Streetprotests, she thought, “How can I get in on that?” Soon after, she marched onto the tundra near her home, where she was pictured with a homemade cardboard sign bearing ...
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Occupy Wall Street, A 21st Century Revolution
Huffington Post
Bill Maher whined about pronouncing "Occupy Wall Street" last week on Real Time. For him, five syllables across three words are a mouthful with too much substance and not enough sound bite. His jibes reflect the anxiety pundits experience trying to ...
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Washington Post (blog)
By Greg Sargent Critics of Occupy Wall Street have a transparent objective: They want to persuade blue collar whites and ordinary middle class Americans to turn on the movement for cultural reasons — because its optics offend these voters' cultural ...
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Lemony Snicket, MTV help explain Occupy Wall Street to kids
Washington Post (blog)
By Elizabeth Flock Lemony Snicket, the unlucky narrator of “A Series of Unfortunate Events” (and pen name for the real-life Daniel Handler), has posted 13 of his observations on Occupy Wall Streetfor kids. Snicket posted them on the Web site Occupy ...
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Is Occupy Wall Street invading MTV's 'The Real World'?
Los Angeles Times
Seven thousand strangers gathering in the streets under the banner of Occupy Wall Street get picked to live in a house and have their lives taped? Not quite. One, maybe. The producers of MTV's "The Real World" seem to be taking notice of the recent ...
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Occupy Wall Street officer Anthony Bologna 'broke pepper-spray rules'
The Guardian
AP A New York City police deputy inspector violated department guidelines when he used pepper spray on Occupy Wall Street protesters last month, a source with knowledge of the investigation has told the Associated Press. The person had direct knowledge ...
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Occupy Wall Street financial backer also supports Mitt Romney
The biggest financial backer of the Occupy Wall Street protests is a former "superstar" oil trader who earned up to $15 million (£9.5 million) a year and supports the Republican party, it has emerged. By Jon Swaine, New York Robert Halper donated...
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White House Ex-Pay Czar: Economic Pressures Motivate Occupy Wall Street
Wall Street Journal (blog)
By Steve Eder President Obama's former pay czar Kenneth Feinberg, not long ago tasked with reining in pay at bailed-out financial firms, said the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations are “perfectly understandable” and “generate a great deal of heat” on ...
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Occupy Wall Street movement inspires Red Bank discussion
Red Bank Hub
BY KRISTEN DALTON The Occupy Wall Street movement inspired an Occupy Red Bank discussion on Saturday afternoon, Oct. 15, at Marine Park to discuss the current issues impacting the state of our nation. PHOTOS BY KRISTEN DALTON Phil didn't want his last ...
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How Republicans Should Engage Occupy Wall Street
The Atlantic
Chris Christie of New Jersey is asked what he thinks of Occupy Wall Street. His answer is worth a look, because unlike so many Republican politicians with a national profile, Christie understands when he should be conciliatory and when disagreement is ...
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Occupy Wall Street Protest Continues
China Daily USA YouTube Channel
While the Occupy Wall Street protests continue to grow globally, rallies resumed at their starting point in New York on Oct 15. Around 5000 demonstrators assembled in Times Square for several hours to make their voices heard. ...
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CEO empathy for Occupy Wall Street
Washington Post (blog)
A handful of financiers have broken ranks to support Occupy Wall Street, and some big business leaders are urging empathy as well. Take Jeff Immelt, CEO of General Electric, at a Thomson Reuters event on Monday. “Unemployment is 9.1 percent. ...
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Irate Marine Sergeant confronts Occupy Wall Street Police Bullies (Video)
Washington Times
NEW YORK, October 18, 2011 — Tension mounted again over the weekend in New York city with Occupy Wall Street moving to Times Square for its massive protest. Police, some in riot gear, got violent again with protesters using metal batons on crowds and ...
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Sen. Rand Paul on Occupy Wall Street, Repealing No Child Left Behind
Paul also addressed the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protest in New York and similar demonstrations taking place across America. He warned of the "mob mentality" on display and the "lurking danger" of the movement. Paul, the Tea Party favorite who won ...
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Occupy Wall Street Raises Questions About Taxes, Money and Blame
Yesterday marked the month long anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. I realize that there are those that quibble with the dates as the actual protest has been a long time coming but the first organized group of protestors reportedly hit the streets of ...
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Occupy Wall Street: The Many Faces @ Zuccotti....
Black Star News
Wall Street? Mayor Michael Bloomberg? Jay's proposal of a boycott may sound a bit extreme to some people. He also noticed the media's attempts to skew people's perceptions towards the protestors. “On the street, you see ABC, NBC, MSNBC, ...
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Quinn Channels Occupy Wall Street Anger in Major Jobs Speech
(William Alatriste/New York City Council) MIDTOWN — Using the frustrations fueling the Occupy Wall Street protests as her rallying cry, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn announced a set of initiatives Tuesday aimed at boosting jobs by investing in ...
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Hackers leak Citigroup CEO's personal data after Occupy Wall Street arrests
Addresses, phone numbers and other personal data of Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit have been leaked by hacker group CabinCr3w after two dozen Occupy Wall Streetprotesters were arrested at a Citibank location. In retaliation for the arrest of protesters...
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A new job for Jon Corzine back at his old employer?
The Star-Ledger - NJ.com (blog)
By Paul Mulshine/The Star Ledger Up until now, Goldman Sachs has been silent on the subject of the protest movement known as Occupy Wall Street. That does not mean, however, that it has not been very much on our minds. As thousands have gathered in ...
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Raheem DeVaughn Arrested for Occupy Wall St. Protest
The BoomBox
Such big-name artists as Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco have thrown their support behind Occupy Wall Street -- the much-publicized movement aimed at combating corporate greed -- but Raheem DeVaughn has taken his dedication a step further. ...
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'Occupy Wall St.' malfeasance--Obama gives loans to park owners
The current protest phenomenon being billed as 'Occupy Wall Street,' which was originally conceived as the 'US Days of Rage,' took a dramatic turn toward malfeasance yesterday when it was disclosed that Barack Obama has approved a multi-million dollar ...
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Egypt's Top 'Facebook Revolutionary' Now Advising Occupy Wall Street
Wired News
By Spencer Ackerman One of the key activists behind Egypt's “Facebook Revolution” is now giving advice to a new group of protesters: the Occupy Wall Street movement. The protesters in New York's Zuccotti Park — and their offshoots around the country ...
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Occupy Wall Street and Tea Party Movements More Alike Than Not
By William Pfaff There are two important and unrecognized facts about the Occupy Wall Street movement in the United States and the so-called “indignados” protests that began in Spain at the end of last summer and have spread through much of Western ...
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Occupy Wall Street Desecrates Statue of Our Lady in Rome
Houston Chronicle (blog)
The Occupy Wall Street “movement” has spread to Europe and their ugly side has shown in the form of violence permeating all over Rome among “occupiers” towards the Virgin Mary where they assaulted and desecrated her. If the predominant point of this...
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Barney Frank to Occupy Wall Street: Vote!
The Root
Barney Frank whether the ever-growing Occupy Wall Street movement has "energized Democrats at all." The congressman's response suggests that protesters are the ones who need to get energized to show up at the ballot box the next time the opportunity ...
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Think-Tank Cautions Dems Against Seeking Support Of OWS
Huffington Post
With the Occupy Wall Street movement heading into its second month in existence, one of the open questions in Washington, DC among Democratic lawmakers has been, "To what extent should we embrace this movement?" So far, whatever sense of common cause ...
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The occupy movement is critical for America. Our current path is disastrous; endless wars, torture, unemployment, jobs lost, wide disparity of income between the !% and the 99%,as well as the corrupted political theatre in Washington incapable of real problem solving. There are times in history movements emerge when conditions are such that the complete overhaul of the existing system is necessary. This is one of those times.

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