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Occupy Wall Street: Complete Coverage In The News And On The Internet!

Occupy Wall Street: Complete Coverage In The News And On The Internet!






There are those who attempt in every way possible to dismiss those who have become participants in the “Occupy Wall Street Movement”, and while their efforts may seem for the moment to lack the cohesive focus of a well-massaged political campaign, (because in fact that is the truth);that focus and definition will come as the multiple issues eating the core of this nation and the people who are in the streets are brought, by them, into ever more defined demands and definition of those issues of greatest priority.

One should be encouraged by the fact that the participants have made it clear already that they have no intention of permitting either party or politicos to co-opt, manipulate or opportunistically benefit from the movement from even one sound bite movement. That is a sign of sincerity; it is a sign of their integrity and it is my greatest hope that is the sign of “The Great Awakening” long overdue. (Ed.)

Is the 'Occupy Wall Street' Movement Being Hijacked by Newcomers?
ABC News
By Daniel B. Wood, Staff writer, The Christian Science Monitor Members of trade unions join Occupy Wall Street protesters as they rally in Foley Square, New York, Oct. 5, 2011. (Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images) An estimated 200 social justice protesters ...
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I would tell the pundits who are just as off base as they were in the 60s, to shut up and simply watch the movement ferment and hope to hell that someone is not stupid enough to repeat Kent State; because if they do this nation will have a Revolution on it’s hands!


New York Times
By KATE TAYLOR The simmering discontent that has provoked the Occupy Wall Street protests has prompted numerous historical comparisons. Some are calling the movement a liberal version of the Tea Party. Others see a repeat of the 1930s populism that ...

The corporate elite have wrecked New York's neighborhoods, driving out artists and intellectuals and stifling the creative culture that made the city so famous. READ MORE

In recent months, a blizzard of new data has laid bare the dilapidated condition of the American economy, and particularly of the once-mighty American middle class. EAD MORE

What Occupy Wall Street learned from the tea party
Washington Post
By David S. Meyer, The Occupy Wall Street movement, three weeks strong and gaining momentum, reminds us that tea partyers aren't the only people unhappy with the state of the nation. The two groups are angry about some of the same things, too, ... See all stories on this topic »

Will 'Occupy Wall Street' Help or Hurt Obama in 2012?
U.S. News & World Report
By Tierney Sneed Though the movement is called "Occupy Wall Street," its protesters have spread from New York to other cities, including Washington, DC The fact that people are now camped out in the President Obama's own backyard—literally ...See all stories on this topic »

"Occupy Wall Street" reveals Americans' anger over economic injustice: organizers
LOS ANGELES, Oct. 7 (Xinhua) -- "Occupy Wall Street" protests, which started in New York in mid-September and have spread to dozens of US cities including Los Angeles, have revealed the anger of Americans over the economic injustice in the country, ...See all stories on this topic

Bank On Occupy Wall Street Catching On
The Root
Local organizer Khalil Coleman has been planning similar events in Milwaukee to raise awareness of the issues that drive the Wall Street protests. Coleman, 25, is a spokesman for Occupy Milwaukee, an outgrowth of the Occupy Wall Street protests. See all stories on this topic »    

Environmentalists Join The 'Occupy Wall Street' Fray
A supporter cheers from the pedstrian overpass as police arrest demonstrators affiliated with theOccupy Wall Street movement on October 1, 2011. (Image by Getty Images via @daylife) Occupy Wall Street may be “leaderless,” but it's far from ...See all stories on this topic

Wall St. protests spawn 'Occupy Worcester' plans
Worcester Telegram
Occupy Wall Street has been going for more than two weeks and has involved chants such as “We are the 99 percent” in which participants contrasted themselves with the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans. Occupy Wall Street has enjoyed the support of ...See all stories on this topic »

Occupy Wall Street morphs
Winston-Salem Journal
Participants in the Occupy Wall Street protests, organized to decry corporate greed and the gap between the rich and poor, say they have no leaders but are making decisions by consensus. "Since we can no longer trust our elected representatives to ...See all stories on this topic »

Occupy Wall Street: A taste of what's to come if the GOP wins next year
Hot Air
In an alternate reality, state senator Obama would be giving a speech today at Occupy Chicago about how greed is the cancer of America or whatever; in this reality, President Obama needs to watch his mouth and stay on the good side of those Wall Street ...See all stories on this topic

Wall Street Weeks
New York Times
By GAIL COLLINS The Occupy Wall Street encampment in Lower Manhattan is covered with damp sleeping bags, interspersed among piles of wet, abandoned clothes. Molding stuff is everywhere. It looks like a scene from “Outdoor Hoarders. ...See all stories on this topic »-New York Times

Sixpoint Sends Drinking Water to Occupy Wall Street
Eater NY
Sixpoint Craft Ales founder Shane Welch and his team at the brewery want to do what they can for the Occupy Wall Street protestors. So they're filling cleaned out kegs with drinking water and sending it down to the hippie troops camped out at Zuccotti ...See all stories on this topic »-Eater NY

Dozens 'Occupy Wall Street' -- in Downtown Bend
The growing "Occupy Wall Street" movement reached another Wall Street, in downtown Bend Friday afternoon. The demonstrators said they gathered to show that they are not happy with current state of the country, and want change. ...See all stories on this topic »

Group Calls on Minorities to Join the Occupy Wall Street Movement
Hispanically Speaking News
The People of Color Working Group have called on fellow people of color to join the protests of Occupy Wall Street to develop “critical consciousness within the movement” and extend “its reach to include those most effected by the current crisis....See all stories on this topic »-
Hispanically  Speaking News

Wall St. Angst Reflected In 'Occupy Asheville'
WYFF Greenville
ASHEVILLE, NC -- More than 100 people marched through Asheville on Friday night in solidarity withOccupy Wall Street protesters in New York. The demonstration, dubbed Occupy Asheville, has been going on every night in the downtown business district ...See all stories on this topic »

Occupy Wall Street is a fashion show masquerading as a political movement (blog)
Actually, it was one of the young protesters taking part in Occupy Wall Street, who was asked by the New York Times why she was protesting. And that's why – because she likes performative realms in which there is a combination of bodies. ...See all stories on this topic » (blog)

Gross: Occupy Wall Street Now Occupying in Unsanitary Conditions
Town Hall
Occupy Wall Street protestors are now occupying in an unsanitary fashion. Brookfield Office properties, the firm that owns the central location for the Occupy Wall Street protests, has released a statement claiming that they have not been able to ...See all stories on this topic »

Occupy Wall Street Hackers get to Blankfein, Goldman Sachs employees
So far, the Occupy Wall Street movement has conducted their protest nonviolently for the most part, which has helped their cause. But there has been some cyber-violence that certainly cannot be condoned. A group of hackers professing their solidarity ...See all stories on this topic 

Second Occupy Fresno protest held downtown
Fresno Bee
The messages were somewhat mixed: Two signs read "Heal America -- Tax Wall Street" and "Troops Home Now." Another sign read simply, "Tax them." Occupy Wall Street began in New York City in mid-September in part as a protest against the government's ...See all stories on this topic »

Occupy Wall Street
 Protests Spread Across Country

Voice of America
October 08, 2011 Occupy Wall Street Protests Spread Across Country Jeff Swicord | Washington Liberal activists seem to be getting a boost from the spreading Occupy Wall Street protests in the United States. Their influence on American political ...See all stories on this topic »

Occupy Wall Street movement lacks substance
The Daily Cougar
By Steven Christopher With news of the “Occupy” movements bubbling up everywhere, from Occupy Wall Street to Occupy Houston, I decided to take a trip through cyberspace to see what it was all about. I initially had hopes that the protests would call to ...See all stories on this topic »

Locals join Occupy Wall Street movement
Pueblo Chieftain
Demonstrators line Main Street during the Occupy Pueblo protest Friday. An offshoot of the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York City, Friday's event drew around 100 people. Trevor Thaller said he joined with Occupy Pueblo protesters because 'the ...See all stories on this topic

Occupy Wall Street, A Love Affair
That's where I first heard of Occupy Wall Street. My wife and I were on vacation in Europe for most of the month of September, enjoying the fruits of our luck and pluck. We're not unemployed; we're pretty much doing fine. Wait a minute, you say, ...See all stories on this topic »

Occupy Wall Street protests: What do the one percent think?
Washington Post (blog)
Occupy Wall Street protests: What do the one percent think? By Elizabeth Flock In a news conference yesterday, President Obama told the protesters of Occupy Wall Street he understood their concerns about the nation's financial system, but also defended ...See all stories on this topic »

Wall Street protest sprouts in Hartford
By JC Reindl Hartford - Connecticut's version of "Occupy Wall Street" had its largest gathering to date Friday as more than 200 people joined an "Occupy Hartford" march through downtown and prepared to camp in a park. Participants ranged from bearded ...See all stories on this topic »

Occupy Wall Street Protesters 'Stand With Jesus,' Says Christian Leader
Christian Post
By Gina E. Ryder | Christian Post Contributor Popular Christian leader Jim Wallis has joined the “Occupy Wall Street” movement Friday. Wallis, the CEO and President of Sojourners, a progressive Christian commentary, offered the perspective that “Occupy ...See all stories on this topic »

Anti-business protestors make an exception for Steve Jobs
Toronto Star
In New York, a noisy Occupy Wall St. protest against corporate greed gains momentum. In California, a billionaire tech titan dies. The two separate storylines from two coasts unexpectedly converged this week as an outpouring of grief over Wednesday's ...See all stories on this topic »

Occupy Wall Street protesters ready to push out of Zuccotti Park, march Union ...
New York Daily News
The growing but haphazard horde of Occupy Wall Street protesters is readying to bust out of its downtown digs - and test the NYPD's patience by squatting in a city park. The masses clamoring for social change plan to march to Union Square at 3 pm ...See all stories on this topic »-New York Daily News

Occupy Atlanta is Occupy Wall Street in the ATL (blog)
Atlanta, Georgia - “Occupy Atlanta? You mean like Occupy Wall Street?,” a friend asked. Yes. As it turns out – and completely different from what CNN's Jacqui Jeras reported on a map of cities with activities related to the Occupy Wall Street movement...See all stories on this topic » (blog)

Forget Wall Street — Occupy Washington Instead
Hartford Courant
The "Occupy Wall Street" movement and its offshoots in a growing number of American cities, including Hartford, suffer from decentralization and an excess of messages. If it is to succeed, the movement ought to consolidate and sharpen its focus — by ...See all stories on this topic »

Americans in the Deep South join Occupy Wall street movement
Ahram Online
A group of activists called for the event through social media to show solidarity with theOccupy Wall Street movement that started on 17 September in New York City's famous financial district. “People are tired; we are the 99 per cent of the US ...See all stories on this topic »-
Ahram Online

Occupy Wall Street protests reach Knoxville
"Occupy Wall Street" started in New York City and soon spread to other cities around the country. Protesters from East Tennessee gathered in Downtown Knoxville Friday night. The movement reached Nashville on Thursday. Protestor Emile Todd said Friday's ...See all stories on this topic »-WBIR-TV

Occupy Wall Street is A Fraud
Town Hall
This was a fantastic piece in the Wall Street Journal by Randy Noonan. Personally, I have a lot in common with the fictitious Moe. Even went to junior college. Obama and the Democrats want to tax the crap out of Moe. But, they say they only want to get ...See all stories on this topic »

Afghanistan: Thirty-two Years of War. Ten Years of Illegal Occupation
Center for Research on Globalization
What makes the nightmare of this invasion all the more disturbing is that in allowing this invasion to go forward and in offering no significant resistance to the operation itself, the public has effectively allowed the war criminals to set a series of ...See all stories on this topic »
"Occupy Wall Street" unveils underlying social problems in US
by Xu Xiaolei, Qiao Jihong BEIJING, Oct. 8 (Xinhua) -- As union members and university students in other parts of the United States joined the protest, the Occupy Wall Street protesters in New York have given their movement a broader national dimension ...See all stories on this topic »

Religion and Occupy Wall Street
First Things (blog)
Christianity Today's Tobin Grant writes that the Sojourners—Jim Wallis' left-wing evangelicals—have (not surprisingly) hitched their wagon to the Occupy Wall Street star. You can read some evidence of their interest here and here. ...See all stories on this topic »

Hollywood liberals are taking a big risk being seen with the Occupy Wall ... (blog)
By Tim Stanley US politics Last updated: October 8th, 2011 Occupy Wall Street has done more than block traffic – it's also helped to revive Hollywood radicalism. For three years, movie industry liberals have lacked an outlet for their outrage. ...See all stories on this topic »

Daily Kos: Occupy Wall Street roundup, Day 21
By (Chris Bowers)
While clashes with the police may have helped fuel media attention, at Daily Kos Labor, Mark E. Anderson neatly summarizes what is driving the sentiment behind Occupy Wall Street: If someone wanted to know why the "Occupy" movement is ...Daily Kos

Anti-Semitism | Occupy Wall Street | YouTube Videos | The Daily ...
By Caroline May
Anti-Semitism at 'Occupy Wall Street'? | YouTube videos showing protesters shouting anti-Jewish slurs have irked several commentators.
The Daily Caller

Occupy Wall Street Wants to Kill a Bank |
By Jorgé
Wall Street Community and news for investment bankers, consultants, traders, private equity and hedge fund professionals. - Your Finance...

PolitiFact | Checking claims from Occupy Wall Street
Occupy Wall Street, the mass of people protesting in New York's financial district, is not a typical political group. It has no leader and no formal organization. It is very much a grass-roots protest about the disparity of wealth in the United States. stories from National

Mike Bloomberg's Advice To Occupy Wall Street - Mediaite
By Alex Alvarez
This morning during his weekly call-in radio appearance, New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg addressed the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protest unfolding in. Mediaite

Occupy Wall Street Update - The
By Maria Chiang
“The paper's tone is revolutionary: 'What is occurring on Wall Street right now is remarkable. For over two weeks, in the great cathedral of capitalism, the dispossessed have liberated territory from the financial overlords and their police army. ...

“The paper’s tone is revolutionary: ‘What is occurring on Wall Street right now is remarkable. For over two weeks, in the great cathedral of capitalism, the dispossessed have liberated territory from the financial overlords and their police army.’ Its editors, Jed Brandt and Michael Levitin, told the actual Wall Street Journal that they started the paper in response to what they saw as insufficient coverage of the protests in the mainstream press. The publication contains no original reporting, concerning itself mainly with explaining the Occupy Wall Street movement to skeptics and rallying others to the cause.”

Protesters now have a newspaper, the Occupied Wall Street Journal.
Environmentalists are joining the protest.

Check Out The "Occupy Wall Street Journal" The Official Newspaper Of The Protesters

There Is A Message That Must Be Delivered To The Couch Potatoes Of America.

For weeks now, people mobilized by all types of progressive organizations have banded together for the Occupy Wall Street protests. Bolstered and nourished by food, beverage, and bedding donations from outside sympathizers, the increasingly large group of people clogging the world's most infamous economic center only seems to be growing angrier and more sure of their main point: that the richest 1 percent of America has for too long let the other 99 percent desiccate.
But while the so-called 99 Percenters take it to the streets, a new study from the Pew Research Institute says most Americans are not on their side. Despite the fact that all signs suggest rich people in the United States are getting vastly wealthier than everyone else, a majority still doesn't believe there's an economic divide between "haves" and "have-nots."
"The percentage of Americans who see society as divided between haves and have-nots declined shortly after Barack Obama took office, but has rebounded since," says the Pew study. "In April 2009, just 35% said the nation was divided economically, down from 44% in October 2008. The number saying the nation is economically divided increased to 42% a year later and has changed little since then (45% currently)." By contrast, 52 percent of Americans say they disagree with the idea that America can be divided between haves and have-nots. Most telling is that when asked to choose in what group they belong, 48 percent of people said they were a have, while only 34 percent said they were a have-not. (In actuality, of course, the richest 20 percent of the people in the United States control nearly 85 percent of the country's wealth.)
Besides the rich getting richer, the poor are also getting much poorer. Fifteen percent of Americans now collect food stamps, and white Americans now have 20 times the wealth that black Americans do. If these aren't signs that this nation clearly has haves and have-nots, we shudder to think what it will take to make that point clear: bread lines? People starving in the streets? Or perhaps deadly riots of our own similar to London's?


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