Tuesday, December 15, 2009

America: It Is Time For A Reality Check!

America: It Is Time For A Reality Check!

All right boys and girls; it’s time to come clean. I don’t care if you disagree with me and send nasty comments; I’m used to that, but I expect you to engage in real serious and thoughtful dialog. The facts: We have all labored within the system in calling for justice, accountability and the end of senseless killing, genocide, war, war crimes and war criminals that by necessity and human nature inevitably come into play.

I am absolutely fed up with the cherry picked quotes and gross “romanticized/idealized” depictions of Ghandi and Martin Luther King. Both men were well aware of the fact that their actions and advocacy could and probably would lead to violence ultimately. In that regard they were finish line realists and idealist runners.

I have real trouble with folks whose truths are half-truths and who hide behind the niceties of the ideal when humanity is far from an idea species and the systematic affront to all we would have this nation be is so obvious and pervasive. I am sick and tired of excuses and meaningless rhetoric and Weekend Warrior Political Theater actors who will venture no further.

I cannot and will not accept any verbal lint argument that if we simply stay the course of prim and proper, politically correct non-violent expression, that somehow all of the petitions signed, emails sent, slogans chanted and songs sung, bumper stickers and buttons purchased, creative placards designed will somehow make the difference…note I said make the difference; I am not going to say they cannot and will not in the end contribute to the change that will finally be realized in the inevitable upheaval this nation will experience. They will be a footnote.

We are a nation with a war mentality driven by perceived past glories clinging to an image from a bygone age, unwilling to repudiate our notions of superiority and exceptionalism; they are but failing illusions.

The perceptions of human nature offered by Jefferson still hold sway. His words are not some historical drivel; they are words that emanated from a supremely gifted mind and intelligence.

Who among you that have chosen to be my critics and antagonists are of equal intellect?

Who among you that have chosen to be my critics and antagonists are of the moral fiber and determination of Sam Adams?

Who among you that have chosen to be my critics and antagonists are gifted with the insight and grasp of the moment of a Thomas Paine who knew when the pen could and should strike with precise tenor, tone and poignancy…the cause was not non-violent.

Who among you that have chosen to be my critics and antagonists are gifted with the will and wrath, the intellectual integrity of a Patrick Henry?

Who among you can accept that our President laid bare the truth of his philosophy and convictions, his perceptions of the real world he is confronted with as opposed to dismissing his words as a personal betrayal? To do so is a fundamental mistake.

Our world is not populated with many human beings embracing the altruism of a utopian existence. We are a species of animal that more often than not mouths ideals and quickly resorts to the extermination of whoever it is convenient at the moment, to provide some sick semblance of unity, drowning out the horrid nature of our humanity and the ice cold killer instincts of our most base animalism.

There is little room for intellect and reason when you have a gun in your hands, maybe the ringing in your ears of the words “Patriot” , “Enemy” or “Revolution”, all given to the same excess and moral perversions.

Religions have forged the cross to a sword point in every age; the pen has been filed to a sword point in every age; government have fashioned swords generation after generation and the price of human progress has been purchased from one killing field to another, from one gallows to another and we have not yet beaten the swords of war into the plow shares of an evolved humanity.

Those who fail to recognize that fact, choose to ignore that fact in the illusion and delusion of their own hoped for world view, become enablers of all violence because at some point those hands that brandish the sword will dictate the future, whether it be in the name of domination or man’s freedom from oppression.

There is no benevolence that will fulfill of our dreams; their realities must be the work of our own hands, and yes, perhaps our own blood and lives. It has always been thus.

So long as war is accepted by some as a natural failing of our species and tolerated as a legitimate instrumentality of governments; we will not fashion peace on this planet with whimpering and words.

A century hence I suspect the same arguments will be still being heard and the divides will remain, because no action of man will put an end to the animalism of our species. The ultimate answer resides within us and not in words and agreements on paper; they serve only to mark the path to civility. So long as one’s flag, race or creed gives reason for hatred there will not be peace.

Man will change or one day in the last act of insanity we will consume this globe in the conflagration in last great hate rendering this Earth a burned out silent charcoal briquette traveling in the cold void of space.

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