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Gardasil: The Issue That Won’t Go Away Because Young Women Are Not Merely Acceptable PharmaProfits Collateral Damage.

Gardasil: The Issue That Won’t Go Away Because Young Women Are Not Merely Acceptable PharmaProfits Collateral Damage.

Just because someone says something loud, long and often that it is true and it does not mean that you should believe them. Investigate before you vaccinate! Remember Hitler said:If you tell a lie long enough loud enough and often enough the people will believe It.?

Families Use Social Media to Respond to Gardasil Side Effects

Marcia G. Yerman : New York based writer focusing on women's issues and the arts; Co-Founder of cultureID : Posted: January 30, 2010 11:17 AM

When I originally named the final installment in the Empowher Gardasil series, the title was "A Mother Speaks Out." Yet, I found that that one woman's story was reflected in the journeys of parents around the world who were searching to understand why their daughters had become mysteriously ill. A series of circumstances seemed to be replicating, and the Gardasil vaccine kept popping up as a common denominator.

As parents sought to navigate a situation where their healthy daughters had become sick and, in the worst case scenario - died, they turned to the Internet for answers. Scouring the web for information, checking message boards and chat rooms, they found out that their predicament was not isolated. They reached out to others; harnessed the power of social media; created support systems and advocacy networks. They began to build a grassroots movement to square off against Merck & Co., the producer of Gardasil. Most importantly, for families who were at the start of an overwhelming and arduous process, they found a space to enter which had been constructed by those who had been there before them.

In 2009, Rosemary Mathis and Marian Green started the website TheTruthAboutGardasil. It comes up in a Google search for Gardasil second, directly underneath the Gardasil website. With a play on Merck's advertising pitch, their tagline is "I don't want to be 'One Less.' Investigate before you vaccinate." I spoke with both women in a joint interview by telephone. They explained their struggles to understand why their daughters' health had become impaired.

Lauren, Mathis' 12 year-old, had been told by her pediatrician that the Gardasil vaccine was "the best thing for her." The first shot left Lauren with nausea and headaches. She had the same symptoms three to four weeks after her second shot, and was advised that she had a "virus." The third shot, which Lauren received in mid-August of 2008, disabled her. By September 4th, she had pains in her legs and side. A series of hospital visits determined that her gall bladder was only functioning at 7 percent of its capability. Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center found that her gall bladder was, in fact, healthy - but that something else was going on. Massive doses of antibiotics helped, but Lauren was put on a modified school schedule. At Duke University Hospital, a doctor who was slated to retire in four weeks told Mathis that her daughter had "vaccine injuries," and prescribed medication for the ulcers in her stomach. In February of 2009, after six months of medical visits, Mathis filed a report with VAERS. Lauren missed 100 days of school. Mathis told me, "I honestly did not know if that child was going to live or die." She continued, "She is still disabled, because she had to redo her modified school schedule this year. She is still not able to attend school on a normal basis without a lot of absences."

Marian Greene feels that her 16-year-old daughter, Holly, was pushed to get the vaccine. An athletic girl and top runner who was being recruited by colleges, Holly had recently lost a coach and a grandfather to cancer. This predisposed her to seek protection by getting the "cervical cancer" vaccine. Holly got her first dose of Gardasil on a Thursday, and on Saturday had what she thought was an allergy attack. Sunday, she had problems breathing and took her asthma medication. The following Monday, she had severe chest pains and could not breathe. Her pallor was grey. Over nine days she repeatedly visited the emergency room, telling her mother that her "chest hurt so badly it felt like someone was ripping her heart out." She had pericarditis, a swelling and inflammation that surrounds the heart with fluid. The doctor said it was directly caused by Gardasil, and wrote that in his report. Holly now has a team of five doctors she is working with: a cardiologist, a rheumatologist, an allergist/immunologist, a naturopath, and a pediatrician.

Mathis questions the role of pediatricians who promote Gardasil as a vaccine to prevent cervical cancer, without a complete enough disclosure and informed consent process. She e-mailed me a letter from Lauren's doctor who expressed his concern, while admitting that he was not convinced of the link to Gardasil. He wrote,

"As you know, however, I am not convinced that Gardisil is the root cause of the problem. I say this not because I trust Merck, because I don't fully trust any of the drug companies. But I do trust the CDC, as well as the American Academy of Pediatrics and the ACIP, who thoroughly review the vaccine research and make recommendations to the CDC. That being said, I know that new info always can show up later, so I just plan on keeping an open mind about this vaccine, like I try to do with all of the various medicines and treatments. However, I rely on the experts, and at this time they still recommend giving the vaccine." Green noted that in her experience with doctors in the hospital setting, there is an acknowledgement of a potential Gardasil and illness relationship. However, most of these doctors are being told by the legal departments of their institutions not to speak out publicly.

As Mathis elucidated, "You are on your own when this happens. The Internet has been a lifeline." So their site has been set up to centralize and store information, create easy reference links, sign a petition, make connections with "Guardian Angels," and to contextualize the fifty deaths that have occurred post-vaccine. Mathis explains, "It helps Moms just coming into the process." Their site's outreach is international. The countries that appear on their hits stats include Israel, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Greece, Canada, the United Kingdom, Singapore, India, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Italy, Mexico, and Scotland.

Jodi Speakman, the administrator of the Facebook group, "Stop Gardasil! Victoria's Story," spoke to me about the power of her Facebook connections. She is currently working to promote awareness of the potential side effects of Gardasil, and the issue of informed consent. "I've never had a problem with vaccines," she stated flatly. "If I could vaccinate my children against anything, I would." However, her point of view changed when two and a half weeks after her daughter Victoria received the Gardasil shot, she began having seizures and full body tremors. She was advised at Jeanes Hospital in Philadelphia that her daughter was having an "allergic reaction to something." It didn't occur to her to mention the vaccine. As Victoria's symptoms grew worse, she missed her entire senior year of high school. "All of her friends have graduated and gone to college," Speakman said. Now her goal, as she described it, "is to get help for our daughters, as we have been abandoned by the medical establishment." She has contacted her state representatives, but was disappointed when all she received was "form letters in return."

Others are reaching out to officials as well. Karen Maynor, a New Mexico mother whose 20-year-old daughter Megan died in November 2008, wrote a four-page letter to Dr. Margaret Hamburg, the Commissioner of the FDA. She expressed her belief in the "common link" between the young girls who have died and Gardasil. Her frustration is palpable in her statement, "No one seems to care." Points in her correspondence included a call for tests on autoimmune disease genetics before Gardasil is administered; the inefficiency of VAERS to track adverse reactions; lack of doctor knowledge about VAERS protocol and informed consent; the explanation of the full range of side effects. The letter was sent by e-mail and postal mail to a slew of high-level people including Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Maria Shriver, and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R-TX). Maynor wrote, "Someone has to take responsibility to initiate an immediate investigation into why these deaths and illnesses occurred."

In Australia, Stephen Tunley, founder of, had a face-to-face meeting with Australian Health Minister Nicola Roxon and the Chief Medical Officer of Australia, Professor Jim Bishop. As Tunley wrote via e-mail, he presented them with a "comprehensive file of data to consider regarding Gardasil and health issues." The response from Bishop, responding to "specific issues" Tunley had raised at the meeting, was, "The objective scientific evidence supported by experts and governments around the world is that Gardasil remains a safe and effective vaccine." Bishop's final sentences in the letter states, "I trust this information will address your concerns around this vaccine. Thank you again for bringing these to my attention." This phrase can be viewed as conscientious, or as a supreme brush off.

David and Freda Birrell have been active in Scotland. Freda Birrell, who is involved, sent me comments via e-mail about her political experience in the United Kingdom. Her advice to her American counterparts was "to try to alert as many elected representatives" about the vaccine as possible. In New Zealand, efforts have been put forth by Julie Smith, with her website has 269 entries on Gardasil, including a link to a CNN report. Numerous sites point to genetic traits or predispositions that can be triggered by Gardasil, and warnings not to get the vaccine bundled with other shots.

Another website that is prominent in posting and disseminating information has, run by Leslie Carol Botha, a health educator and broadcast journalist. In an e-mail exchange she discussed how her site, a repository for articles on women's health, has featured close to 700 articles on Gardasil. She wrote, "I think that the social media networking has made all of the difference in the world - and changed the fabric of how information is passed. This is the first time that Big Pharma has seen a ground swell of people come out against their vaccine." Her archives include "research papers posted on the vaccines and numerous PDF files on adverse reactions." Botha attributes the worldwide connections to creating a movement of awareness.

The grandmother of Jessica Ericzon found Botha's site when she was searching for answers to Jessica's death. I spoke with Jessica's mother, Lisa Ericzon. She has been in touch with three other women who have lost their daughters. "We call each other when we are down," she told me. Before ending our conversation she said, "I never want to hear another mother say, 'I didn't have an idea.' Because," she added, "I didn't have a clue."

This article first appeared on Empowher.

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Gardasil – Will it cause a Cervical Cancer pandemic?

By Jenese James

WARNING: All those who have had this vaccine are now warned to go and get a pap smear - There are over 200 events reported to the American Adverse affects VARES detailing abnormal pap smears in girls who have had Merck’s HPV Vaccination Gardasil…. Its just a matter of time before we see the same thing happen here.

Here in New Zealand we are already witnessing the same rising death toll and debilitating illness as those experienced by other young girls and women in every country that this toxic (deadly) vaccine has been approved.

And like other health officials globally - New Zealand health officials remain tight lipped and very pro vaccine even in the face of incredible evidence gathered by mothers and girls themselves.

NO ONE is listening

NO ONE in official circles gives a dam and are to busy protecting the interests of Big Busine$$ - they tend to dismiss the deaths, the adverse affects debilitating illness of over 200 young women (according to CARM) as not significant.

Schools are bullying young girls into getting this - Read this interesting article based on an Auckland experience

HPV Vaccine And The School-Based Vaccination Programme: A Mother And Daughter Share Their Story

A mother and daughter agreed to share their story of how the pressure to participate in the Gardasil school-based vaccination programme led to a full-scale argument between them and ongoing hostility.”

There are reports coming through of Doctors offices ignoring the instructions given by the manufacturer NOT to give to pregnant women – they didn’t listen and there have been miscarriages - and not to give to those with known allergies - they didn't listen

Vaccination is NOT the same as immunization although the same toxic ingredients are included

"Vaccination involves intoxication and hypersensitization of the immune system. Alternatively, 'immunization' classically involves natural, not man-made genetically-engineered, exposures to germs. The two terms have been purposely confused and falsely promoted in the media to mean the same."

Why are our health officials ignoring what is happening overseas – why are doctors offices, district health boards not bothering to do their research?

It seems they are all content to protect their investment and would rather ‘protect’ big pharma than the lives and health of young kiwi girls.

And why did TV one’s Close up NOT show the interview of Rhonda Renata and the death of her daughter by Gardasil as advertised for thursday night? Excuse me for being a tad ‘suspicious

The evidence is clear – Gardasil is dangerous and will result not only in death and debilitating illness but in a possible pandemic of cervical cancer – the evidence is slowly growing.

Please read my last article for the dodgy science related to this dangerous vaccine

Part I

HPV vaccination Gardasil kills three New Zealand girls and debilitates hundreds of others

Part II

Gardasil – Dodgy Science – Follow the money trail

The response to these two articles and others after the death of Jasmine Renata from mainstream media has been interesting – all vying for the story - but where is it?

In response to what could be rightly called a PANDEMIC a global voice is emerging with the emergence of a new web site called

The Truth About Gardasil

Here mothers and daughters from around the word are adding their stories and voices – will NZzzzzz authorities ignore this as well.

What comes out of all of this is the lack of INFORMED choice – all parents and young girls are getting are the pro’s – the medical profession only seems to parrot the pros and conceal the cons – just like TV ones news report last year

See What TV one didn’t tell you about Gardasil -

Informed choice is your RIGHT and it is NOT being given - you have a right to know all the FACTS not just the pretty ones

Below is a small sampling of abnormal pap smears given to VARES in the US or if that link doesn't work try this

Symptoms: Smear cervix abnormal
Write-up: Information has been received from a consumer concerning a female who was vaccinated with the first dose of Gardasil. Approximately two months after receiving the vaccine, the patient had an abnormal pap smear. The consumer considered the abnormal pap smear to be immediately life-threatening. This is one of two reports received from the same source.

Symptoms: Smear cervix abnormal
Write-up: Information has been received from a female in her mid-20's who in approximately March 2007, was vaccinated with the first dose of Gardasil. On approximately 03-May-2007 the patient had an abnormal pap smear. The patient considered the abnormal pap smear to be immediately life-threatening. Additional information is not expected. This is one of two reports received from the same source.

Symptoms: Human papilloma virus test positive, Smear cervix abnormal, Smear cervix normal
Write-up: Information has been received from a physician concerning a 19 year old female patient with a negative pap smear on March 2006. In October 2006, the patient was vaccinated with the first dose 0.5 mL, of Gardasil, on December 2006 with the second dose 0.5 mL of Gardasil. On 10-MAR-2007 the patient presented with positive HPV with atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance (ASCUS) pap smear after receiving second vaccination. The patient did not have the third vaccination as of this report date and the outcome was unknown. Additional information has been requested.

Symptoms: Anogenital warts, Papilloma viral infection, Smear cervix abnormal
: Information has been received from a physician concerning a female who was vaccinated with Gardasil (date and dose not provided). Subsequently at an unspecified time, the patient had a Pap smear that tested positive for HPV 6 and HPV 11. It was also reported that the patient experienced a break out of genital warts not long after vaccination with HPV. It was reported that the patient sought unspecified medical attention. Additional information has been requested.

Symptoms: Human papilloma virus test positive, Smear cervix abnormal
: Information has been received from a consumer concerning her daughter who was vaccinated with the first and second doses of Gardasil. The consumer reported that a week after the second vaccination, her daughter's pap test came back HPV positive. No further information was provided. Additional information has been requested.

Symptoms: Papilloma viral infection, Smear cervix abnormal
: Information has been received from a health professional concerning an approximately 25 year old female with an allergy to Hydrocodone, who on 15-NOV-2006 was vaccinated with Gardasil. Concomitant therapy included ORTHO-CYCLEN. A short time after her second dose, she had a routine Pap which was positive for abnormal cells and positive for a high risk strain of HPV. No other symptoms were reported. Date of first vaccination not provided. Additional information has been requested.

Symptoms: Abortion induced, Drug exposure during pregnancy, Papilloma viral infection, Pregnancy test positive, Smear cervix abnormal
Write-up: Initial and follow up information has been received, from a physician and a healthcare professional, concerning a 19 year old white female patient, with no previous pregnancies and a history of an abnormal pap (indicating human papilloma virus, atypical squamous cell of undetermined significance and a low grade squamous intraepithelial lesion; date unspecified), who on 21-NOV-2006, was vaccinated with the first dose of Gardasil (Lot #653650/0702F), and on 22-JAN-2007 with the second dose of Gardasil (Lot #654540/1161F). On 22-MAY-2007, the patient took a pregnancy test in the doctor's office which was positive. The patient was unsure of the date of her LMP. No problems were reported. Follow up information from the healthcare professional indicated the patient "had decided to terminate the pregnancy," although the reason for the decision was not specified, and the date for the procedure was left blank; it was not confirmed that the procedure had actually been completed. Upon internal review, decided to terminate the pregnancy was determined to be serious as another important medical event. Additional information has been requested.

Read them all here for yourselves

If you or your daughter are experiencing any side affects or have concerns please contact the websites below : and The Immunisation Awareness Society (NZ

(NaturalNews) A federal report has concluded that the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine Gardasil has a 400 percent higher rate of adverse effects than another comparable vaccine, the Menactra anti-meningitis shot.

"It is unusual for there to be such a big discrepancy between two vaccines used in similar populations involving serious and relatively rare life threatening adverse events and autoimmune disorders," the researchers from the federal Vaccine Events Reporting System wrote.

Gardasil, marketed by Merck, prevents againt the strains of
HPV believed to be responsible for 70 percent of cervicalcancer cases and 90 percent of genital warts cases. GlaxoSmithKline's competing Cervarix vaccine protects against the same cervical cancer-causing strains.

The researchers considered
Gardasil and Menactra equivalent for the purposes of comparison because they are given to similar age groups at similar frequencies. Their study concluded that Gardasil was associated with twice as many emergency room visits, four times as many deaths, four times as many heart attacks, seven times as many "disabled" reports and 15 times as many strokes. All reported cases of blood clots and heart attacks associated with Gardasil occurred when the vaccine was given alone, not in conjunction with other drugs.

"Fainting, which has been attributed by doctors and health officials as 'fear' of needles in teenage girls, is reported six times as often ... after receipt of Gardasil than Menactra even though Menactra is also given to girls in the same age group," the researchers noted.

The report recommends that the government more thoroughly investigate reports of dangerous side effects from the HPV vaccine, that research be conducted into mechanisms by which the vaccine might cause these effects, and that patients and parents be more adequately warned of the risks before vaccination. It also recommends that Congress investigate how the vaccine was fast-tracked for approval in the absence of safety data on girls younger than 17.

Sources for this story include:

Gardasil Accused of Serious Side-Effects; Parents Feel Put Off by Merck

Posted by Shannon LC Cate

Parents of girls and young women who had dangerous health crises--even sudden death--following Gardasil vaccinations, are feeling frustrated with doctors, the government and parent company Merck's response their concerns that the vaccination triggered the problems.

Did the vaccination cause incidents of Bell's Palsy, Epilepsy, ALS-like symptoms and similar issues? Did a pre-existing condition coincidentally rear its head after the vaccination--but unconnected to it--or could some combination be the case? Perhaps a pre-existing tendency towards a health problem was pushed into an actual condition by the drug?

Answers to these questions are critically important for their own sake of course. Perhaps these parents and their daughters are owed some compensation from Merck. Perhaps Merck needs to work out problems with the vaccine or add warnings and guidelines for doctors. But parents are complaining that they are too often put on indefinite hold, given forms to fill out that seem to go nowhere or simply dismissed by both Merck officials and the doctors administering the vaccines.

I worry that besides these possible dangerous side-effects of the vaccine, the most dangerous one yet is that a vaccine that is perfectly safe--and other vaccines by association--might develop a reputation as life-threatening, such that girls and women who might reap benefits--even life-saving ones--from this vaccine and others, won't get the shots.

Vaccines have a dark and murky reputation, more than anything because people who do have problems with them--however few--are treated with such disdain by the medical establishment.

I am of the opinion that vaccines are far and away a good thing. But that doesn't mean we should be uncritical of how they are developed or overlook serious complications that may arise from them. Quite the contrary, if we are to build public trust in them, serious scrutiny needs to be given to any claim that a serious side-effect has occurred.

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