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As Long As Justice Has A Situational Definition; There Is No Justice!

As Long As Justice Has A Situational Definition; There Is No Justice!

Former Reagan Official: 'If law fails, CIA will assassinate Assange' 28 Feb 2011 Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for President Reagan and co-founder of the famed Reaganomics, Paul Craig Roberts talks with RT America about Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. "If this [legal remedy] fails, he’ll simply be assassinated by a CIA assassinate team," says Roberts. He said, "[Assange] is very much a threat. Not just to the American government but the British government and any number of governments. And so, there is a concerted effort to nail him, to shut him up. In my opinion, if the legal attempt, which I’m sure the United States government is behind, if this fails, he’ll simply be assassinated by a CIA assassination team. It’s common practice for the CIA to do that. It’s nothing unusual about it."

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Libya: African Mercenaries 'Immune From Prosecution For War Crimes'
 27 Feb 2011 African mercenaries hired by the Gaddafi regime to kill Libyan protesters would be immune from prosecution for war crimes due to a clause in this weekend's UN resolution that was demanded by the United States.

The UN Security Council... called for the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate the killings of demonstrators. This inquiry could lead to senior Libyan ministers and officials being indicted to stand trial for crimes against humanity at The Hague and being given lengthy prison sentences.

 But it has been widely alleged that many of the attacks were in fact carried out by foreign mercenaries hired by Colonel Gaddafi. And the US insisted that the UN resolution was worded so that no one from an outside country that is not a member of the ICC could be prosecuted for their actions in Libya... The move was seen as an attempt to prevent a precedent that could see US citizens prosecuted by the ICC for alleged crimes in other conflicts.

While the US was once among the signatories to the court, George W. Bush withdrew from it in 2002 and declared that it did not have power over Washington.

By Jonathan Cook

For the western media, our leaders make mistakes, they are naïve or even stupid, but they are never bad or evil. Our media do not call for Bush or Blair to be tried at the Hague as war criminals.

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The hacker group says they are going after tea party financiers Charles and David Koch for their attempts "to usurp American Democracy."
February 27, 2011  |  
Editor's update: Last night Anonymous knocked out the website of Americans for Prosperity, the right-wing group founded and partly funded by the Kochs.
The decentralized protest group "Anonymous" has a new target: no, it's not a middle eastern dictator, a major bank or even a bit player in the military-industrial complex.
It's none other than tea party financiers Charles and David Koch, who were being targeted, an open letter stated, for their attempts "to usurp American Democracy."
"Koch Industries, and oligarchs like them, have most recently started to manipulate the political agenda in Wisconsin," an announcement posted declared.
"Governor Walker's union-busting budget plan contains a clause that went nearly un-noticed. This clause would allow the sale of publicly owned utility plants in Wisconsin to private parties (specifically, Koch Industries) at any price, no matter how low, without a public bidding process," they explained. "The Koch's have helped to fuel the unrest in Wisconsin and the drive behind the bill to eliminate the collective bargaining power of unions in a bid to gain a monopoly over the state's power supplies.
The group, which was responsible for taking MasterCard Worldwide offline for an entire day -- along with numerous other organizations that plotted against secrets outlet WikiLeaks -- said it would now be "actively seeking vulnerabilities" in Koch industries.
"In a world where corporate money has become the lifeblood of political influence, the labor unions are one of the few ways citizens have to fight against corporate greed," the release added. "Anonymous cannot ignore the plight of the citizen-workers of Wisconsin, or the opportunity to fight for the people in America's broken political system. For these reasons, we feel that the Koch brothers threaten the United States democratic system and, by extension, all freedom-loving individuals everywhere."
They added that if one would like to withdraw their unknowing support for the brothers Koch, an array of products would need to be boycotted -- and not just by Americans, but people world-wide.
"Anonymous hears the voice of the downtrodden American people, whose rights and liberties are being systematically removed one by one, even when their own government refuses to listen or worse - is complicit in these attacks," they continued. "We are actively seeking vulnerabilities, but in the mean time we are calling for all supporters of true Democracy, and Freedom of The People, to boycott all Koch Industries' paper products. We welcome unions across the globe to join us in this boycott to show that you will not allow big business to dictate your freedom."
In the US, those products were listed as Vanity Fair, Quilted Northern, Angel Soft, Sparkle, Brawney, Mardi Gras and Dixie. For Europe, they were Demak'Up, Kitten Soft, Lotus / Lotus Soft, Tenderly, Nouvelle Soft, Okay Kitchen Towels, Colhogar, Delica, Inversoft and Tutto.
All were produced by the "Georgia-Pacific" company, and all bear the logo seen above.
The Koch's, who've seen their libertarian cause raised to a full-blown rightwing boogyman status, were principle financiers of Wisconsin's Republican Governor, Scott Walker.
Among his first items of business as the state's governor was attempting to crush public worker unions by making it illegal for them to organize into a union. And while he'd been saying throughout the affair that this was not an attempt to bust unions, a front group for the Koch brothers had one of its spokesmen at this year's Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), who plainly stated that their goal was to take the unions out "at the knees."
Walker was humiliated last week by a gonzo journalist with The Buffalo Beast, who managed to get him on the phone by pretending to be David Koch. During the conversation, the governor admitted to considering sending agent provocateurs into the throngs of protesters to try and stir up trouble. He also appeared to accept an offer for a flight to California, where he was to be shown "a good time" by the tea party financier.
"Anonymous" was calling their latest project "#Op Wisconsin". They asked that supporters begin boycotting the Koch paper products right away.

Breaking: Key GOP Wisconsin Senator Reportedly Pulls Support from Union-Busting Bill; Defiant Protesters to Occupy Capitol Despite Walker's Promise to Remove Them

By Joshua Holland | AlterNet

By Julianne Escobedo Shepherd | AlterNet


Democrats Call For An Investigation Of Law Firm, 3 Tech Companies

By Dan Eggen - Monday, February 28, 2011; 10:26 PM
A group of House Democrats is calling on Republican leaders to investigate a prominent Washington law firm and three federal technology contractors, who have been shown in hacked e-mails discussing a"disinformation campaign" against foes of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.


In a letter to be released Tuesday, Rep. Hank Johnson(D-Ga.) and more than a dozen other lawmakers wrote that the e-mails appear "to reveal a conspiracy to use subversive techniques to target Chamber critics," including "possible illegal actions against citizens engaged in free speech."

The lawmakers say it is "deeply troubling" that "tactics developed for use against terrorists may have been unleashed against American citizens."

The call for a congressional probe marks the latest development in the controversy over tens of thousands of e-mails stolen from HBGary Federal, whose computer system was attacked in early February by members of a loose collective of unidentified hackers known as Anonymous.

The e-mails, which are widely available on file-sharing sites, show HBGary Federal, Berico Technologies and Palantir Technologies teaming up with a sales pitch to undermine chamber opponents.

The companies proposed forming a "corporate information reconnaissance cell" and discussed tactics such as creating online personas to infiltrate activist Web sites; planting false information to embarrass U.S. Chamber Watch and other groups; and trolling for personal information using powerful computer software.

The e-mails contain test runs in which the firms culled personal information, including family and religious data, on anti-chamber activists.

The chamber has denied knowledge of the proposals.

The three security firms named in the e-mails have substantial federal contracts. A sales document produced for the Hunton & Williams law firm in November said the firms have "extensive experience in providing game-changing results across the Intelligence Community and defense/government sector."

Other e-mails contain similar proposals to target supporters of WikiLeaks on behalf of Bank of America, which fears it will be that group's next target. Bank of America has denied knowledge of the proposals.

HBGary Federal chief executive Aaron Barr, whose voluminous and voluble e-mails were at the center of the controversy, announced his resignation Monday. Berico and Palantir have condemned the proposals and severed ties with HBGary Federal. Hunton & Williams, the law and lobbying firm that negotiated with the tech companies, has declined to comment.

The Anonymous hacking collective launched its latest apparent attack over the weekend against Americans for Prosperity, a conservative group with ties to the tea party movement. The group's Web site was knocked out of service for extended periods Sunday as a result of the attacks.

An Internet statement by a purported Anonymous member Sunday said AFP was targeted because of its ties to Charles and David Koch, the billionaire brothers whose contributions to conservative causes and politicians have become a flashpoint in the ongoing labor dispute in Wisconsin.

Several corporate Web sites connected to the Kochs experienced problems Sunday, according to media reports.

AFP President Tim Phillips decried the "illegal attack on our free speech rights" in a statement Monday.

"Americans for Prosperity will not be intimidated and will not be deterred," he said.

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