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"The Occupiers Aren’t Nice" ; What The Hell; Revolutions Aren’t Nice!

"The Occupiers Aren’t Nice"; What The Hell; Revolutions Aren’t Nice!

Occupy the Koch Brothers - and Stop the American Nightmare
Isaiah J. Poole, Campaign for America's Future: "The very name of a Washington conservative conference this weekend is the height of subterfuge. It's called the 'Defending the American Dream' conference, which is not about defending the actual American dreams of most Americans (the focus of our own 'Take Back the American Dream' conference), sponsored by Americans for Prosperity, which is not an organization that promotes what is needed for broad American prosperity."
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In America the people have no voice whatsoever. The sheeple are content to be protected by "security," porno-scanners, warrantless wiretapping, indefinite detention, and sexual groping. To carry on the hoax "war on terror," the US government has elevated itself above the law.

By Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall
Tackling Wall Street Criminality
Inside Job should be required viewing for all media skeptics who question the rationale behind OWS. The film lays to rest the myth that the 2008 economic collapse was merely a "perfect storm" of regulatory failure, greed and conflict of interest. Not only does our current economic mess stem from blatant Wall Street criminality, but the IMF repeatedly warned Bush and the Federal Reserve of the need for urgent intervention.

By Nikki Alexander
Occupy The Treasury! Reclaim The Monetary System With The Need Act - HR 2990
HR 2990 - The National Emergency Employment Defense Act of 2011 could be the catalyst for a global renaissance. The NEED Act eliminates private control of the monetary system and restores the government's Constitutional authority to create money without creating debt and spend it into circulation to rebuild the productive economy.

Suddenly, the United States looks like the rest of the furious, protesting, not-completely-free world. Indeed, most commentators have not fully grasped that a world war is occurring. But it is unlike any previous war in human history. Their enemy is a global "corporatocracy" that has purchased governments and legislatures, and plundered treasuries and ecosystems.

A new report about companies' finances won't just enrage you -- it'll make you run to the nearest protest... "Most Americans can rightfully complain, "I pay more federal income taxes than General Electric, Boeing, DuPont, Wells Fargo, Verizon, etc., etc., all put together.' That's an unacceptable situation."

Yesterday Occupy Oakland shut down the nations 5th busiest port w/ 3,000 protesters at the port gates. In the AM hours protesters entered a nearby vacant bldg. declaring it part of their encampment. This action brought riot police w/ batons hurling tear gas canisters. Some were thrown back at the police. 60 arrests were made. In Oakland though calm returned an uneasy truce remains between the police and the protesters.

Occupy Wall St finds money brings problems too
An Occupy Wall Street protestor wearing a Guy Fawkes mask takes part in the 39th Annual Halloween Parade in New York, New York October 31, 2011. By Ben Berkowitz and Chris Francescani NEW YORK (Reuters) - Occupy Wall Street has raised more than $500000 ...
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Veterans join the 99% Occupy Wall Street protesters in march to Zuccotti Park ...
New York Daily News
BY Christina Boyle War veterans will show their support for Occupy Wall StreetWednesday by taking part in a march to Zuccotti Park. Service members will march in uniform from Vietnam Veterans Plaza on Water St. to Broadway and Liberty St., ...
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Occupy Wall Street is no Tahrir Square
Zahriyeh: Occupy Wall Street will grow and succeed on its own merits. Editor's note: Ehab Zahriyeh is an independent multimedia journalist who covered the Egyptian revolution. (CNN) -- Ever since disgruntled Americans declared themselves the 99% and ...
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'Occupy Wall Street' Protesters Put Folks Out of Work
Fox News (blog)
Heartbroken Shamil Cepeda was one of 21 employees of a once-thriving cafe and catering business who just got fired because the weeks-long Occupy Wall Street protest chased away too many customers. “I support their freedom of speech but the whole thing ...
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The joke's on Rick Perry in Occupy Wall Street gaffe
Globe and Mail
An attempt by Rick Perry to poke fun of Occupy Wall Street protesters has backfired, generating further ridicule against the Republican presidential candidate and his floundering campaign. While speaking in New Hampshire on Friday, the Texas Governor ...
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Occupy Wall Street's latest converts: the 1 percent?
Christian Science Monitor
A group of wealthy young Americans starts a social-media campaign in support ofOccupy Wall Street. Its message: Tax us! But some analysts are skeptical. In this Sept. 30 file photo, members of Local 100 of the Transport Workers Union enter Zuccotti ...
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Surprisingly Effective Advocacy: Occupy Wall Street Alters the Political ...
The Nonprofit Quarterly
He might have succeeded in ending the millionaires tax hadn't it been for the advent of the Occupy Wall Street movement. With OWS, the political winds have changed, and with it the vigor of some liberal advocacy groups to call for some sort of ...
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Follow Occupy Wall Street
If the Occupy Wall Street movement has achieved anything, it has most certainly breathed new life into the two-year-old “Move Your Money” campaign, as well as spawned numerous imitators. Nov. 5′s “Bank Transfer Day” will be a major test of the power ...
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Why occupy Wall Street, Bay Street, Victoria Park?
Close to home, The London Free Press reported on Oct. 29 that 'the Occupy Wall Street-inspired protesters have occupied [Victoria] park in demonstration against the decline of the middle class, job losses and growing corporate profits. ...
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Innovation as Occupy Wall Street Develops Bicycle Powered Generator
The Nonprofit Quarterly
October 31, 2011; Source: Huffington Post | Occupy Wall Street brought energy efficiency to a new level when the Sustainability Working Group introduced an innovative project involving bicycle-powered generators. This effort began after an incident on ...
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Tom Morello honored for Occupy Wall Street performances (blog)
... will give an award to Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello with a special award created specifically in response to the "music spontaneity, artistry, and virility of the Occupy Wall Street performances," reports Reuters. ...
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Occupy Wall Street is 99% dead.
In the first phase of Occupy Wall Street, journalists were dazzled by the spirit and the anger of the participants. For a brief, flickering moment, the idea of rallying as an economically aggrieved 99% of the population had terrific potential. ...
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French far-right leader to visit Occupy Wall Street
Now, a highlight of Madame Le Pen's trip will be a stop at Occupy Wall Street. The planned visit, reported by reported by Radio France International, is not specifically indicated on Le Pen's itinerary, which has her busy meeting diplomats and ...
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Photos: Occupy Wall Street finds money brings problems too People walk past ...
Chicago Tribune
To our readers: Registration is required before your comments can be posted. Constructive and respectful comments related to the topic of the story are welcome; abusive, crass or vulgar comments are not. Comments containing vulgar words will be ...
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Michael Moore Occupies Wall Street (But You Should Invest In It)
Appearing on CNBC for an interview Monday, America's most famous corporate gadfly took up the banner of the Occupy Wall Street movement, and declaimed against corporate greed, bailouts for bankers, unemployment ... you get the picture. ...
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Nader: Tax Wall Street 'speculation'
Consumer advocate and former presidential candidate Ralph Nader says the United States needs to respond to the Occupy Wall Street protests by levying a new tax on “speculation,” arguing that it could raise hundreds of billions in revenue and curb risky...
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Hey 'Occupy', Whatever Happened to Starting at the Bottom and Working Your Way Up?
Fox News
By Patrick Dorinson The gathering known as “Occupy Wall Street” camped out in lower Manhattan is still going strong and it shows no signs of letting up any time soon. Perhaps last week's freak October snowstorm will change some minds. ...
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Recession threatens generation of young adults, inspires 'Occupy' protests
An Occupy Wall Street protester on Tuesday holds up an American flag with corporate logos replacing the stars. By Bob Sullivan Their employment prospects are dim, their debt is high, their lives are on hold and a stunning number are living with their...
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Tax the One Percent -- Make Wall Street Fund America
Huffington Post
Rebuild the Dream and started a petition so you can show support for the Wall Street Tax. Notably, a Wall Street Tax is in the Contract for the American Dream, the 10-point plan to fix our economy that more than 131000 people created earlier ...
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Capitol Confidential » Protests Mitt Romney in Midtown
By New York Observer
Share share E-mail.'s Mitt Romney protest poster. Mitt Romney's Manhattan money raising adventures continued today with a breakfast fundraiser at the Grand Hyatt in showed up to protest him because they ...
Capitol Confidential

'Occupy' Movement To Swarm Iowa Caucuses
Occupy Wall Street is getting ready to occupy the 2012 presidential campaign. Iowa activists are planning to "shut down" campaign offices of all presidential contenders in the week leading up to the Jan. 3 caucuses, in the hope that direct confrontation with the political system -- at a time when hundreds of journalists have descended on the state to cover the first official battle in the Republican primary campaign -- will focus national debate on income inequality, money in politics, and the troubles of the "99 percent." READ MORE

Occupy protests ratcheted up, try to shut down Oakland port
USA Today
By Robert Deutsch, USA TODAY A group of military veterans marched in step to the New York City park encampment where Occupy Wall Street began. By Robert Deutsch, USA TODAY A group of military veterans marched in step to the New York City park ...
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Occupy Wall St vs. Tea Party: comparing US grass-roots movements
The Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street sit at opposite ends of the political spectrum, but both movements are feeding off the same popular emotions -- frustration over the economic crisis, and a profound antipathy for Washington politics. ...
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George W. Bush Occupy Wall Street at Goldman Sachs
His arrival brought some more visitors: Occupy Wall Street protesters circled the building in Lower Manhattan because they heard the former president was inside, according to a series of Twitter updates from Ryan Devereaux, a reporter for Democracy Now ...
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Police barriers cleared from Wall St. protest amid store owners' complaints ...
New York Post
By BOB FREDERICKS and SALLY GOLDENBERG Police cleared hundreds of metal barriers from Wall Street at noon today in the wake of complaints from small business owners that the siege-like security measures to control the Occupy Wall Street crowd were ...
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NOW Silent on Occupy Wall St Sex Assaults
Fox News
By Sean O'Rourke, Fox News An epidemic of reported rapes and sexual assault against women has plagued the Occupy Wall Street movement in the past weeks. Just recently a 19-year-old Cleveland victim claimed she was raped after being directed by 'Occupy' ...
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Unions, Occupy Wall Street to protest outside Treasury for 'Robin Hood' tax
The Hill
By Kevin Bogardus - 11/02/11 02:12 PM ET Pivoting off the Occupy Wall Street movement, unions are planning coordinated protests Thursday for a financial transactions tax. Organizers estimate more than 1500 union members from more than 20 labor groups, ...
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Fed's Bernanke Sympathizes With Occupy Wall Street as Economic Growth Stays...
By Joyce Hanson, AdvisorOne Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said Wednesday that he sympathized with the frustration of Occupy Wall Street protestors as US jobs market weakness persists and the nation's unemployment rate remains elevated. ...
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Occupy Colleges: Student Supporters of Occupy Wall Street Plan Third Act of ...
Huffington Post
NEW YORK -- College students at more than 70 campuses around the country will hold teach-ins late Wednesday and on Thursday as a way of building awareness and showing solidarity with theOccupy Wall Street movement. Over the past month, Occupy Colleges ...
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Halloween affected by Occupy Wall Street protest
Economic Times
The Occupy Wall Street protesters have been taking up novel costumes such as wicked witches of Wall Street (draped with photocopied money bills) or as anti-capitalist zombies and equality-preaching gypsies. Most of these Neo-Gothic horror outfits are ...
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12 Hours with Occupy Wall Street
The IUSB Preface
At around 12:30 pm, Christina Povenmeire, of Columbus, OH and Kurt Hoffman, of Akron, OH, arrived at the park wearing signs across their chests and backs showing their support for the Occupy Wall Street movement. Hoffman said that they are "tired of ...
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Occupy HQ: A bailed-out bank
In an ironic twist, a plaza in a Deutsche Bank skyscraper on Wall St. has become a key meeting place for protesters By Justin Elliott An Occupy working group meets at 60 Wall Street. (Credit: Justin Elliott) Occupy Wall Street's de facto headquarters ...
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Tom Morello Accepts MTV Occupy Wall Street Performance Award
Last night, the MTV O Awards Show presented Tom Morello, guitarist of Rage Against The Machine, with the “Most Memorable Occupy Wall Street Performance” award. Suffice to say, The Nightwatchman was the first ever recipient of this honor. ...
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JS photographer arrested while covering Occupy Milwaukee protest
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
By Sharif Durhams and Karen Herzog of the Journal Sentinel A Journal Sentinel photojournalist and two University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee students were arrested near campus Wednesday during a rally connected to the Occupy Wall Street movement. ...
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Wall Street Is Shrinking
The sorry saga of Jon Corzine and MF Global is another signal that the diminution of Wall Street is underway, says Zachary Karabell, with shrunken market capitalization and receding profits. As the Occupy Wall Street movement gathers momentum and money ...
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Occupy Seattle takes aim at major Wall St. figure
by KING 5 News SEATTLE -- Occupy Seattle protesters are mobilizing Wednesday at the Chase bank branch on the corner of Broadway and East Thomas Street. According to the Seattle Times, Seattle police blocked the bank entrance to keep protesters outside, ...
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Occupy Wall Street organizer discusses efforts
One of the first to occupy Wall Street talks about spreading the message and Oklahoma. BY VALLERY BROWN Leave a comment One of the first organizers and occupiers of the spreading Occupy Wall Street movement said even those who hit the ...
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Role Reversal: Bankers Occupy India's Wall Street
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Last month we wondered if there would ever be an “Occupy Dalal Street” movement modeled on the “Occupy Wall Street” one. The anti-Wall Street protests started in September in the US and rapidly spread to other countries – but didn't really seem to ...
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Today's Buzz: Should Occupy protesters be targeting Congress?
Orlando Sentinel
Was New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg right when he argued that the Occupy Wall Streetprotesters should really be blaming Congress for the nation's economic problems? Yes. Congress pressured banks to give mortgages to people who couldn't repay them, ...
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Occupy Wall Street's future scenario of Police Provocateurs
Canadian National Newspaper
Many protests in the Occupy Wall Street movement believe that the will be victorious in their protests. In the above video, the experience of the G20 in Toronto suggests that the more likely scenario is that elites will plant distruptive police ...
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78 Occupy protesters arrested in September march due in NYC court Thurs.
Washington Post
NEW YORK — Nearly 80 people arrested in an Occupy Wall Street march early in the protest's tenure were due in court Thursday, and a defense lawyer said some are eager to take their cases to trial. Thursday marked the first court date for 78 ...
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Occupy protesters shut down Oakland port
Occupy Wall Street protesters in Oakland, Cali., declared victory after thousands of demonstrators shut down one of the nation's busiest shipping ports, escalating a movement whose tactics had largely been limited to marches, rallies and tent ...
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Banker Jamie Dimon talks about Occupy, foreclosures, jobs and more
The Seattle Times
Jamie Dimon isn't losing sleep over the Occupy Wall Street protests, although the chief executive of JPMorgan Chase says he understands the frustration with the poor economic recovery among Americans. By Sanjay Bhatt Step one is for everyone who has an ...
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Making Occupy Minnesota More Diverse
The UpTake
Last Friday the New York Times ran a story titled "Occupy Wall Street Struggles to Make ?the 99%? Look Like Everybody" which described the movement as "white and middle-class" and implicitly criticized the now worldwide protest for failing to attract ...
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Wall Street Is Shrinking
By Zachary Karabell As the Occupy Wall Street movement gathers momentum and money, Wall Street itself is losing both. The swift collapse and bankruptcy of trading firm MF Global is testament to that, and—while like all unhappy families it has its own ...
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The Value of Money and Occupy Wall Street
Bruce Sallan For this dad, the #OWS (Occupy Wall Street) protests are a lot of hooey with no message, no cohesiveness, and a lot of mess and disorderly conduct. For this man, it's a bunch of lazy, spoiled kids looking for an excuse to party. ...
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Why Even the Wealthiest 1% Are Fed Up With Wall Street
Like many Americans, Al Checchi is fed up with Wall Street. But the 63-year-old isn't joining the protestors at Occupy Wall Street. Checchi is a multimillionaire. His beef is with the institutions that he chose to manage money for him, assuming the ...
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Would Jesus Occupy Wall Street? Live
For the past few weeks, Christian communities and virtual forums have rocked with debate over whether the Occupy Wall Street protests represent Christian ideals. But while those in favor of OWS cite scripture and the life of Jesus, opponents argue ...
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Joe Lapointe: Occupy Wall Street: Meet Some of the Protesters at ...

By Joe Lapointe
While there may be a few "Marxists" and "radicals" at Zuccotti and other sites, you don't have to hang around long to sense that many are middle-class people who think they are getting a raw deal and fear for their future.
The Full Feed from

Veterans March For Occupy Wall Street — And It's Like Nothing You ...
By Linette Lopez and Robert Johnson
occupy wall street veterans Teachers, auto workers, nurses and more have had their chance to show their support for the ideals of the Occupy movement. Today, veterans had their turn. There is no perfect way to describe what it looked like, ...

Black Women Occupy Wall Street | Madame Noire | Black Women's ...
By admin
The Occupy Wall Street movement is certainly predominately white. But don't let the images lead you to believe that there are no black people on the scene. Hello Beautiful profiled the black women who are down on Wall Street protesting from ...
Madame Noire | Black Women's...

Occupy Wall Street 'Really Hurting Small Businesses - CBS New York
By Jesse
Bloomberg said nobody has been a stronger defender of the protesters' First Amendment rights than he's been but he stresses he's concerned about the rights of the people who live and work in lower Manhattan.
CBS New York

Your Library In the News | Occupy Wall Street Library
By Michael
Still, it couldn't be more appropriate for Occupy Wall Street, with its long, open-air meetings, its invited speakers and experts, its visiting authors, its constant debates and arguments, that feeling when you're there that you can talk to anyone.” ...
Occupy Wall Street Library

Occupy Wall Street: Facts and fictions | The Daily Caller
By Justin Paulette
“Occupy Wall Street” has captured global attention and become the darling of the world press. CNN hosts a “Meet the 99%” Web page advertising the movement on MSNBC's praise of OWS has approached religious awe. Yet for all ...
The Daily Caller

Moonbattery » Occupy Wall Street Organizers Publish Anti-Semitic ...
By Dave Blount
This might help explain the anti-Semitism that has been on such prominent display during the appalling Occupy Wall Street phenomenon. The movement was originally launched by a Canadian outfit called Adbusters, which has published an ...

Occupy Wall Street…… What's Next? | We Are Change
By Scott
We Are Change. Occupy Wall Street has produced so many positive things. It has joined people together, to moved them out onto the street, voicing their opinions. It has gone worldwide, with a focus on greed, which we can all feel and see, ...
We Are Change

Occupy Wall Street Protester Arrested For Sexual Assault - New ...
By Rosie Gray
A 26-year-old Occupy Wall Street kitchen worker named Tonye Iketubosin was arrested today in connection to two sexual assaults...
Runnin' Scared

Occupy Wall Street…NOW!!! « Bill Ayers
By billayers
Iraq war veterans, who had earlier marched along the sidewalks of Lower Manhattan to Zuccotti Park, have been addressing crowds at the Occupy Wall Street camp. Ryan Devereaux writes: Gathered at the east end of the park a young man in ...
Bill Ayers

'Make Wall Street Pay' movement comes to Boulder
Boulder Weekly
5, the nonprofit organization Civil Action is protesting Wall Street Banks such as JP Morgan Chase Bank and Wells Fargo by holding community gatherings in front of the big banks, including in Boulder. The organization is holding the ...
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The Importance of the Oakland General Strike

Open Media Boston
The Democratic Party, for its part, has well-funded front groups like busily trying to co-opt the Occupy movement on its own terms, and to convince occupiers that all political roads lead back to the ballot box next year. ...
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Bernanke chides Occupy Wall Street 'misconceptions'
By Annalyn Censky @CNNMoney November 3, 2011: 7:57 AM ET Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, at Wednesday's news conference, says Occupy Wall Street protesters have "misconceptions" about the central bank. NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- America's top central banker ...
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Occupy Wall Street, brought to you by social media
San Jose Mercury News
Supporters from across the city and beyond joined the anti-Wall Street protesters for day-long General Strike to shut down the city. (Anda Chu/Staff) Occupy Wall Street has spread around the country at Internet speed as participants tap into Twitter, ...
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Occupy Wall Street protesters shut down busy Oakland port
Salt Lake Tribune
By TERENCE CHEA, LISA LEFF AP Several thousand Occupy Wall Street demonstrators gathering in Oakland forced a halt to operations at the nation's fifth busiest port Wednesday evening, escalating a movement whose tactics had largely been limited to ...
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'South Park' Mocks Occupy Wall Street, Michael Moore & The Media (VIDEO)
Huffington Post (satire)
This week, of course, it's all about Occupy Wall Street. After the kids of South Park Elementary complete the Presidential fitness test, they're angered to hear that everyone did poorly because 1% of students (Eric Cartman, specifically) failed ...
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So This Exists: Occupy Wall Street, the Coloring Book
By Aylin Zafar | November 3, 2011 | + Wondering the best way to explain Occupy Wall Street to your 9-year-old? How about a coloring book? Out today, “Occupy” is a 36-page coloring book depicting the events and opinions surrounding the Occupy movement. ...
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The Audacity of Occupy Wall Street
The Nation.
But the human microphone, an adaptation to New York's laws against amplified sound, may beOccupy Wall Street's secret weapon. His time of death was 11:08 pm. Let us all think hard now about the causes. Like a lot of the young protesters who have ...
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Is Occupy Wall Street Being Overshadowed?
The Atlantic Wire
After Mayor Michael Bloomberg told reporters on Wednesday that "this isn't an occupation of Wall Street ... It's an occupation of a growing, vibrant residential neighborhood in lower Manhattan," the Post editorialized on Thursday that it was "time to ...
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APNewsBreak: St. Paul's campers could stay to 2012
A lawyer for protesters outside London's St. Paul's Cathedral says authorities have offered to let the tent city stay until next year The loosely organized demonstration, inspired by New York's Occupy Wall Street movement, has wrong-footed both city ...
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Vital center occupies Wall Street
Staunton News Leader
This isn't capitalism, this is crony capitalism; and this corruption of the marketplace and the violation of the American sense of fair play is the message of the Occupy Wall Street movement. OWS may be leftist in origin, but it is attracting the ...
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Hollywood's Occupy Wall Street-themed Films: As Unfocused as OWS Itself
Big Hollywood
by Christian Toto Some entertainment scribes are giddy that two new films echo themes from theOccupy Wall Street movement. “In Time” depicts a future version of America where the rich can pay to extend their lives indefinitely while the poor live ...
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Why Occupy Wall Street's non-hierarchical vision is unobtainable
Daily Caller
By Adrian Bejan & J. Peder Zane Occupy Wall Street's demands may be hazy but its organizational mantra is crystal clear. Time and again its members use the terms “decentralized” and “non-hierarchical” to describe their vision. ...
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Anti-corporate US protesters fight for trademark
NEW YORK — Six weeks after emerging as the public face of widespread discontent with corporate America, Occupy Wall Street has found itself in an unlikely battle over trademark rights. The loosely organized group -- formed to protest corporate greed ...
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Anti-semitic sentiment by Occupy Wall Street is troubling
Tulsa Beacon
The Occupy Wall Street movement is filled with people blaming the Jews for our nation's current economic problems. This is not a spontaneous reaction as its proponents claim it to be. Unlike the genuinely spontaneous and peaceful Tea Party movement, ...
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Occupy and the militarisation of policing protest
The Guardian (blog)
Within the first few days of Occupy Wall Street, protesters began to notice the presence of the NYPD's Counter Terrorism Unit at Liberty Plaza. Joanne Stocker, who has become a fixture since day one at Wall Street, recalls within the first few days ...
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"Occupy Wall Street" Arrives In Grand Forks, ND
The "Occupy Wall Street" movement arrived in Grand Forks, ND Around 20 people picketed along Washington Street and Demers Avenue Wednesday afternoon. The movement started in New York last month and spread to more than 900 cities worldwide. ...
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Wharton Students to Occupy Wall Street: Get a Job!
BusinessWeek (blog)
The University of Pennsylvania business students that taunted Occupy Wall Street protestors in Philadelphia last month may have to explain their behavior when it comes time to interview for jobs. OWS protesters descended on Wharton October 21. ...
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Bachmann Targets Occupy Wall Street, Warns of US Becoming Banana Republic
ABC News (blog)
Politics, not capitalism, is to blame for the economic crisis and Occupy Wall Street protesters should target Washington rather than businesses that create jobs, Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., said in a speech today in Ames, Iowa. ...
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Occupy Wall Street: Signs of protest
USA Today
An Occupy Wall Street supporter displays a protest sign at Zuccotti Park in New York City. AnOccupy Wall Street demonstrator protests at Zuccotti Park in New York City. Protest banners are plastered across the doors of a closed CitiBank branch during ...
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Gates Backs the Wall Street Tax at the G20 Summit
Huffington Post (blog)
The world's second-richest man and a group of American nurses on the frontlines of the Occupy Wall Street protests came to the G20 summit in Cannes, France this week to advocate for the same thing. Bill Gates came because French President Nicolas ...
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'South Park' occupies Occupy Wall Street
Washington Times
In a recent “South Park” episode, Parker and Stone lobbed a long overdue animated slimeball at the uninformed pod-people pawns of Occupy Wall Street (OWS) and its various hinterland spin-offs. Billed by media propagandists as a grassroots movement to ...
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Richard Cordray's Appointment To CFPB 'Would Help' Occupy Wall Street ...
Huffington Post
WASHINGTON -- The Obama administration has been careful in its handling of the Occupy Wall Street movement, expressing sympathy with the sentiment behind it but never going so far as to formally endorse it. But on financial regulatory and consumer ...
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Did the Occupy Wall Street Journal Advertise in The New York Times?
New York Observer
By Kat Stoeffel 6:01pm A quarter page advertisement for the Financial Transaction Tax, aka the Robin Hood Tax, appeared on page A21 of The New York Times today, under the heading “OCCUPY WALL STREET JOURNAL.” But did the scrappy, Kickstarter-funded ...
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Occupy Wall Street Gets Winterized
(NEW YORK CITY) - American made hats, scarves, blankets, backets, base lLayer underwear and extreme weather socks will help Occupy Wall Street to persevere through winter. The Firedoglake Membership Program, with 1500 members across the country, ...
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Israeli blueprint for Occupy Wall Street: tables 'n' talk
by Samantha Kanofsky Though I currently reside in Israel, news of the Occupy Wall Streetmovement has managed to hit close to home. A few weeks ago, I read about a grassroots Kol Nidre minyan that took place on Wall Street and thought, “Go, Jews! ...
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Locals donate resources to 'Occupy Wall Street' protests
Ithaca College The Ithacan
Several local businesses are joining the “99 percent” of the Occupy Wall Streetmovement by donating goods to the protesters in New York City. From left, Ithaca College freshman Catherine Mailloux, Caitlin Niederhofer from Tompkins Cortland Community ...
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Wall Street Protests, Person by Person
New York Times
By MIKE HALE If your inclination is to take the Occupy Wall Street protests a little less than seriously, watching “I'm Occupying Wall Street,” the latest episode of MTV's occasional documentary series “True Life,” won't change your mind. ...
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Millionaires Sharply Divided Over Occupy Wall Street
Wall Street Journal (blog)
By Robert Frank AP A new survey from Spectrem Group shows that 35% of American millionaires – those with investments of $1 million or more – support the Occupiers. They agreed with the statement that the “protesters are making a good and valid point. ...
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Elizabeth Warren Heckled By Tea Party Supporter
Huffington Post
The man, who said he'd been unemployed since February 2010, objected to Warren's expressed affiliation with the frustrations of Occupy Wall Street, and argued that the Tea Party has been protesting Wall Street excess for longer than the nascent global ...
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Bill de Blasio calls Bloomberg's approach to Occupy Wall Street overdramatic ...
Capital New York
By Dana Rubinstein Public Advocate Bill de Blasio called Mayor Bloomberg's approach to Occupy Wall Street "schizophrenic" during a appearance this afternoon on former governor David Paterson's radio show. "My bottom line today is that City Hall should ...
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Occupy Wall Street Demonstration Saturday
Plans are in the works to hold another Occupy Wall Street demonstration in the Quad Cities. Last month, a relatively quiet demonstration was held in Davenport's LeClaire Park. Another even was recently held in Galesburg. This time, a protest targeting ...
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Latest developments in the Occupy protests occurring in places around the world
Washington Post
COLORADO Denver supporters of the Occupy Wall Street movement said Thursday they're temporarily moving their protest location out of respect for a Veterans Day parade and will march in front of downtown banks this weekend. ...
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