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JUNE 24, 2013   By Norma Erickson
Will Japan be the first country to call a halt to one of the largest human health experiments in the history of mankind? The HPV vaccine story is almost identical in every country where they have been introduced.
The background facts are the same:

§ No one is informed that HPV has not been proven to cause cancer by itself

§ The fact that 90% of HPV infections clear without intervention is virtually ignored

§ The fact that most so-called pre-cancerous lesions clear on their own is ignored

§ The fact cervical cancer is nearly eradicated in most developed countries is ignored

§ Local oncogenic HPV type prevalence either not determined or ignored

§ Manufacturers are allowed to use questionable endpoints during clinical trials

§ Manufacturers do not use inert substances as placebos/control solutions during trials

§ FDA fast-track approval despite HPV vaccines not meeting criteria for fast-tracking

§ HPV infections are morphed into ‘inevitable cancer threats’

§ Public relations campaigns to create unwarranted fear of cervical cancer death

§ Global cervical cancer statistics quoted to generate ‘need’ for ‘universal’ action

§ Massive political lobbying to create vaccine acceptance/permanent markets

§ Government recommendations initiate mass-HPV vaccination programs

§ Reality sets in – serious adverse events and deaths are reported

§ Citizens begin asking their governments to investigate

For the citizens of Japan, this is where the story takes a different path than that of most countries. The citizens of Japan began to experience serious adverse events after HPV vaccination and asked their government officials for answers.

The Japanese government health officials immediately rescinded their previous recommendation for the administration of HPV vaccines pending the outcome of investigations into the cause of the adverse events.

Consider the following report published in the June 2013 issue of Gekkan Nippon Magazine:

The elder daughter of Mika Matsufuji of Suginami-ku, Tokyo, received a second dose of the cervical cancer vaccine Cervarix on October 19, 2011. The girl, aged 12 at the time, received the injection in the muscle of her upper left arm. She immediately felt pain and numbness in her hands, and three hours after the injection the pain spread to her shoulder, left leg and thigh, and down to her toes. She suffered vomiting and headaches, and the left side of her back swelled abnormally. Even now, the girl still suffers pain.

Or, this report from a local Japanese newspaper:

…a fourteen year old girl (junior high school student) was inoculated with Cervarix on the 28th of July in 2011, and found having had a cardiopulmonary arrest in the morning two days after (on the 30th of July). Her death was confirmed. This girl had a history of chronic ventricular tachycardia which causes unexpected arrhythmia (irregular pulse). The direct cause of her death was estimated to be arrhythmia.

Or, this partial list of the 1,926 reports filed after HPV vaccines of symptoms considered critical, as published in the June 2013 issue ofGekkan Nippon Magazine:

Chills, red rash, hot sensation, fever, anemia, arthritis, arthralgia, pneumonia, mycoplasma, gait disorder, papillitis optica, weakened vision, hypoesthesia, local swelling, muscle weakness, loss of limb movement due to injection, dysphoria, laryngeal edema, purple spots, reduced blood platelet count, hemorrhage, angioma, pain, shock, nausea, decline in level of consciousness, discomfort, fainting, fall, suicidal impulse, abdominal pain, cyanosis, loss of consciousness, foreign body sensation, musculo-skeletal pain, decrease of blood pressure, respiratory distress, pallor, choking sensation, polypnea, tachycardia, vomiting, encephalopathy, shock, cyanosis, fatigue, muscle weakness, Guillain-Barré syndrome, motor impairment, simple rash, hives, respiratory distress, hypersensitivity, and facial swelling

Reports just like these are being filed in every country where HPV vaccines are being used. The difference is – when these safety concerns were brought to light in Japan, government health officials immediately rescinded their previous recommendation for the administration of both Gardasil and Cervarix pending the outcome of investigations into the cause of the adverse events. Japan acted quickly and decisively.

Why are our government officials not doing the same thing?

How serious does the situation have to become before medical consumers demand responsible action from their representatives and health authorities?

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My government cares about HPV vaccine safety. Does yours?

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