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Julie and Lisa: Gardasil: The Worst Thing That Ever Happened to Me and I Lived Through A Gardasil Nightmare

OCTOBER 31, 2013 By Julie Davidson, Fort Worth Texas

My name is Julie and I am 26 years old. I have remained fairly quiet since being vaccinated by Gardasil because talking about the damage it has done is very difficult. The pain inside that it has caused is so extreme that it has been easier for me to try to forget Gardasil ever existed.  

For the past two years, I have tried to pretend that my life was not stolen from me and to forget that I was poisoned. 

Unfortunately, I can’t forget because every day I am reminded when I wake up that I am living a real-life nightmare.

I have chosen to speak out because every day I learn of another girl suffering unexplainable health problems.  Her diagnosis is to be told she is crazy or that there is no way to help her. What is the link between me and thousands of these girls? Gardasil.

I see a stranger when I look back to the girl I was before Gardasil. This vaccination literally changed my life in every single way possible. In some ways, I’m glad that I’m not that same girl. I now have more appreciation for those who deal with debilitating health issues. Instead of passing by someone in a wheelchair without a second thought, I say hello and then I cry.

I cry because I know the struggles they go through, and I cry because I know how few others show that they care. I have learned who my true family and friends are.  I have also learned the value of researching the truth and not instinctively trusting medicine. Mostly, I have learned the true value of health because without it we have nothing.

Other than those few things, I am extremely saddened that the girl I used to be was stolen from me. I was once a very healthy and active girl, full of energy. I was a personal trainer and loved all things associated with health and fitness. I yearned to do anything outdoors and all that is adventurous. I was a free spirit who craved the beauty of life in every way.  At the age of 23, I had many dreams and was excited for the future.

Gardasil Plus Tetanus Recommended While Battling a Sinus Infection –


Why Did I Listen to My Doctor?

On March 26, 2011, still at age 23, I went to the doctor for a sinus infection. At that time, he thought it would be wise to give me the Gardasil and Tetanus vaccine. Immediately afterwards, I had my regrets because I felt strange, and I realized it did not make sense to get vaccinated while my immune system was already busy fighting a sinus infection.

I remember calling my mom, scared and crying, that something bad had happened – I guess my intuition was right.

In the days following the shots, I developed extreme fatigue. It became difficult to perform daily tasks. I was lightheaded all of the time and blacked out often. I also developed pelvic pain, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and a 30lb weight loss within two months.

It became difficult for me to perform well at my job as a personal trainer because I constantly felt like I had the flu. I called in to work sick often because I thought that I actually was battling something like the flu. By July, things escalated very quickly. I had severe chest pain that shot all the way down my left arm and heart arrhythmias. I had three episodes where my whole body tingled and went numb. By this point, I knew I had something serious, but I could have never imagined how serious it was going to get.

Post Gardasil Paralysis and Central Nervous System Damage

August 6th, 2011 I woke up in bed and went to stand up…and I fell to the ground. On the ground, I realized I was unable to move my left leg. A few days later, the same thing happened to my right leg. Both of my legs were paralyzed and I was unable to stand or walk.

I was admitted to the hospital where I stayed for 10 days. I was tested in every way imaginable with two spinal taps, CT scans, MRIs of the brain and spine, an echocardiogram, an abdominal scan and tons of blood work. Doctors were unsure what I had – so I was treated with a high dose of steroids and then sent home in no better condition than when I arrived.

By September, I woke up unable to move anything below my head – besides my right arm. I was paralyzed from the neck down.  We went to another emergency room where I stayed for a week. I went through more extensive testing and was once again told by doctors that they did not know what I had. They set me up as an outpatient with a neuromuscular specialist and discharged me again in no better condition than when I arrived.

This was the beginning of my two year journey with specialists. I have now seen countless neurologists, a neuromuscular specialist, multiple rheumatologists, an infectious disease specialist, a neuroimmunologist and a neurophysiologist.

The only discoveries so far have been a positive Rheumatoid Factor, positive ANA Titer, elevated SED rate and elevated CK – all tests pointing to inflammation in my body and that my immune system is not functioning correctly. In addition to these positive tests, I also was diagnosed with an overactive sphincter. Why would a once healthy 23 year old all of the sudden develop an overactive bladder along with unexplainable neurological problems if there was no root cause?

The rheumatologists and neurologists bounced me back and forth to each other for quite a while – each specialty claiming the other specialty would be more capable of diagnosing. Finally, I had a rheumatologist and a neurophysiologist work together to try and help me. The neurophysiologist and rheumatologist suspected transverse myelitis based on examination and my symptoms that showed an upper motor neuron problem. They explained that the inflammation that shows on my tests is most likely coming from damage to my brain and/or spinal cord. I was told there is nothing to do about this except time. To this day, none of my damage or symptoms can be explained.

The Array of Symptoms Post Gardasil

My symptoms since the Gardasil vaccination are: Paralysis, gait disturbances, paresthesia, hypersensitivity to sound and touch, whole-body shakes, tremors, stiffness and pain in joints, feet and hands turning purple and blue, adrenal insufficiency, endocrine problems, weight loss, nausea, vomiting, hyperventilation, uncontrollable laughing or crying, low blood sugar, sensitivity to smell and chemicals, hot/cold intolerance, loss of appetite, pelvic pain, overactive bladder, chest pain, chest palpitations, shortness of breath, swollen glands, memory loss and memory gaps, confusion, hair loss, lightheadedness, blackouts, and a fatigue so extreme that it is hard to do simple daily tasks.

My physical symptoms have been tough to deal with, but the emotional and mental turmoil that all of this has put me through has been even harder to deal with. The once free spirit is now afraid of life. I’m afraid that if I drive, I may fall asleep at the wheel because of how confused and fatigued I can get. I’m also afraid to drive or be alone because my legs may stop working. 

I’m afraid of going to any social events or traveling because of germs. I get sick at a minimum of once a month with a cold or virus, and every time I get sick it sets my progress back at least a month.  I was once very independent, but I am now completely dependent on my husband.

I was once full of energy but now I fatigue taking a shower. The girl who once craved adventure and anything outdoors is now afraid to go outside due to newly developed severe allergies. When I get allergies, it flares up my already overactive immune system, and all of my symptoms come on stronger.

That is not even the most painful part.  The most difficult and painful thing to deal with is to think about all of the things I could be doing with my life if I were not ill. Maybe I would have finished school, started my own personal training business, or even started a family with my husband.

 I watch everyone else live out their lives while I sit at home sick every day.  Some people are making their dreams come true, and, unfortunately, some are wasting the precious gift they were given. I crave life every day, but I am unable to live it right now because of how fatigued and weak I am. Gardasil has placed me in a jail inside my own body. I no longer dream of the future because I don’t know if my body will ever allow me to make those dreams come true.

But You Don’t Look Sick

As I fight to get better, I can’t count how many times I have been told that I don’t look sick. I just choose to not show the ugly side of the illness to most. I can assure you that I suffer daily along with thousands of other girls. We are alone because we are not understood. We all suffer in silence because we are told that we do not look sick, that there is no way to help, it’s in our heads, or we come across those that don’t even want to hear or believe us because we do not have a “label” to our illness. I, along with many others, have lost friendships during the time I needed friends the most.

Some family relationships have even become strained due to lack of understanding.

Those I have met after I got sick will never know the real me trapped under illness. My husband has not even gotten to experience life with the woman he knows he married. He spends his days taking care of me instead of living newlywed bliss. Gardasil stole that from us.

Trying to Heal Post Gardasil

Today I eat, breath and sleep focused on trying to heal.  I live in a bubble to make sure that nothing sets me back from my progress so that one day I may have a future. The only type of specialist that has helped me practices natural and functional medicine. My strict diet and supplement program has helped me to walk again after two years in a wheelchair, but I still struggle with many symptoms daily.

In January of 2014, I plan to work with a Homeopath to detox the vaccine out of my system with CEASE therapy.

I chose to share my story after two years because I can no longer sit back and watch beautiful lives be destroyed by something that was meant to protect. I can only hope and pray that all of this happened to me for a reason. If my story has not convinced you or someone else against the shot, I hope at least I have convinced you to do more research before making that choice. The research will speak for itself. My story is my reality because I was not warned and I did not research. I hope and pray that this story finds you in time to protect yourself or your loved ones from the Gardasil vaccination.

OCTOBER 30, 2013 By Lisa from Spokane, Washington
My name is Lisa and I had a horrible reaction to the set of Gardasil vaccines. It took almost six years to get back to being somewhat normal.

Back in 2007 when I was 22, I was going in for a normal woman visit and I had a test come back positive for “abnormal cells.” They were cancer cells caused by HPV.

I went in for the whole “cut and burn” procedure and my Doctor told me there was a new vaccine called Gardasil for HPV to protect against cervical cancer.

She said I should get it so I don’t get cancer again, or lose my fertility; and my insurance covered it, so I might as well.

So I said, “Sure go ahead, I don’t want cancer again.”

Well after she gave me the first vaccine of the set of 3, I started feeling dizzy. She said “That’s normal, see you next time for you second dose.”

I left the office and got in the elevator and passed out in the elevator. Luckily there was someone coming back from their lunch break who took me back into the office. I went to my car after 15-20 minutes and felt really “heavy”.  I thought nothing of it and put it out of my head.

For the next few weeks I started getting horrible painful screaming migraines where the pain would linger for 3-4 days. I lost all feeling in my hands and had tingling throughout my arms. My face and lip went numb on one side and my eyes lost sight. For some reason I could not speak because words would not form in my mind. I was so scared.

I went to the ER because I thought I was having a stroke. They referred me to a neurologist and I went to her to get her opinion. Her diagnosis was chronic migraine, so she offered me pain pills. I rejected them asking her if we could just find a way to stop them all together.

So after 2 months of this, I went in for my second Gardasil dose. The same thing happened but, this time I was prepared for it. I stayed in the office for 30 min after the injection. The Doctor told me I could leave when I felt fine. After this shot the migraines were worse. 

My brain literally hurt. My nose would bleed so profusely that I felt as if I was bleeding out. I started getting confused while driving, could not figure out if a green light meant stop or go.

One day on my way to work I just simply did not step on the breaks and ran into my office building up the cement stairs and my boss did not know what to say, or how to help me so she told me to take the day off.

I would have to pull over and call my fiancé to help me through the migraines while I was driving home so I wouldn’t wreck. I couldn’t read street signs anymore. I did not even understand letters.

I visited the neurologist again and she said confusion during migraines is normal. So after going through the horrible pain, bleeding, confusion, numbness, sight and sound problems for 6 months, I went and got my third dose of Gardasil, not even thinking any of this was related to the vaccine.

After all of my suffering and with no real answers, I decided to research the symptoms I was experiencing. Come to find out I was not alone. I found a few support groups and blogs of mothers and teens who were struggling with the same symptoms I was. Some were worse; some had even died.

The one thing we had in common was we had all taken the HPV vaccine, Gardasil. I do not believe this is a coincidence.

I suffered for almost 5 years before I started researching to see if there were ways to ease some of the symptoms. I learned how to detox, adjust my diet and use natural alternative methods. It took a whole year of using multiple methods including eating organic, detoxing of heavy metals, doing Epsom salt baths, etc… Finally, I am beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel. My symptoms are nowhere near as horrible as they used to be.

I still have periods where my hands will go numb and then they feel “non-existent,” but it’s rare. I’ll take that over everything else I went through any day. I am just glad that for the most part it is over.

Before you decide if Gardasil is right for you, please do your research.

Regular cervical exams would have never given me all of the pain and suffering Gardasil has.

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