Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rove, The Republicans, The Right Really Think American’s Are Stone-Cold Stupid.

Rove Falsely Claimed Obama Admin. Pushing Vets Toward "Assisted Suicide"


Continuing Fox News' pattern of falsely suggesting that the Obama administration is pressuring veterans to end their lives prematurely, Karl Rove claimed that the Veterans Health Administration is directing veterans to an end-of-life educational booklet, "Your Life, Your Choices," that includes contact information for "a group that believes in assisted suicide," and thus "the kind of guidance we're giving returning veterans" is "you ought to go to an assisted suicide group." In fact, that group is not referenced in the current version of the document, a fact that Jim Towey -- who originated the smear of the booklet as a "death book" -- acknowledged in interview on Fox News Sunday.

For Americans buying into this nonsense; may I remind you that the expression: “Go [F…] yourself is anatomically impossible; politically it is the easiest thing in the world…just believe and become an [F”en”] flock follower.

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