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It May Look Like The Liberal News, But It’s Simply The Truth.

It May Look Like The Liberal News, But It’s Simply The Truth.

New Civilization
By greengorilla47
There must be
war crimes trials at the International Criminal Court (ICC) for George Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Tony Blair, George Brown, John Howard, Kevin Rudd, Stephen Harper, ...
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ElBaradei's Swan Song by Gordon Prather --
By Gordon Prather
Director-General Mohamed ElBaradei – who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to prevent Bush-
Cheney-Bolton from launching a war of aggression against Iraq on the basis of false accusations about Iraq's nuclear programs, ... Original -

Prosecuting Israel For War Crimes
Real News Network
Bensouda says that before the ICC can investigate the perpetration of
war crimes during Israel's recent attack on Gaza, the court would have to rule on ...
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Investigation Over Israeli War Crimes
By admin
Link: On 2 September 2009, the Israeli military police interviewed Mr. Khalid Abed-Rabbo and his mother, Mrs. Su'ad Abed-Rabbo, ...
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Palestine Video: Prosecuting Israel For War Crimes
By …壣€¥ç↙
Prosecuting Israel for
war crimes · Prosecuting Israel for war crimes: "Deputy Prosecutor of Int'l Criminal Court discusses the Palestinian Authority appeal to join the court". Palestine Video - A Palestine Vlog ...
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G.W. Bush, Dick Cheney And Tony Blair: War Criminals Scheduled To ...
By fromthewilderness
G.W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Tony Blair scheduled to visit Canada in October, 2009In October G.W. Bush, Tony Blair and Dick Cheney, all accused of horrifying
war crimes and crimes against humanity plan to visit Canada. ...
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US Kills At Least 95 In Afghan Air Strike -- News From Antiwar.Com
By Jason Ditz
Posted by Ibn-e-Pakistan Filed in Hypocrites,
War Crimes Tags: afghanistan, Civilian, coalition, forces, german, isaf, jihad, kanduz, Massacre, nato, qaeda, Taliban, Terrorism, us-led, War against Terror,War Crimes, War on Terror Leave ...
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En Passant » Rise Up Against US War Criminals And Their ...
By John
If his or other ignoble spies like him would lose their children and dear ones like the people of Bala Baluk, would they still become so stone-hearted and remain silent in the face of US/NATO
war crimesin Afghanistan? ...
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Churchill Spurred The Decline Of The West By Patrick J. Buchanan ...
By Patrick J. Buchanan
Coventry and the Blitz were
war crimes. But they were also reprisal raids for the terror bombing begun by Churchill. The climax came in 1945 with Thunderclap, the fire-bombing of Dresden, the Florence on the Elbe, a defenseless city of ... Original -

Docudharma:: Just Call Him A N!&&ER And Get It Over With ...
By MinistryOfTruth
I mid that, I mind that alot. and when they call progressives like me and you Fascists and Nazi cheerleaders that I mind it alot, ESPECIALLY when they excuse torture,
war crimes and other horrors. and when the Obama admin excuses war ...
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We Have met The Nazis, And They Are Us By Ted Rall « Dandelion Salad
By dandelionsalad
Only a third of Americans told the April 27th CBS News/New York Times poll that there ought to be an investigation of Bush-era
war crimes–and they don't care enough to march in the streets, much less break a few windows. ...
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Glenn Greenwald: American Media Complicit In War Crimes | Mutate!
By Klint Finley
That was typical of Beltway media behavior even as revelations of
war crimes and high-level lawlesness proliferated: oh, calm down with your extremis.
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Leon Panetta's Job Is Secure Despite Losing High-Profile Battles ...
By The Huffington Post News Editors
Little information, if any, has leaked about that probe, and Durham was not given the wide-ranging investigative powers of a
special prosecutor. Several Washington veterans who have observed Panetta say he accepted a thankless mission ...
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Panetta's Empty Promise
The Weekly Standard
Panetta followed up by saying the CIA would provide legal representation for those employees caught up in the
special prosecutor's investigation. ...See all stories on this topic

The CIA And The Statute Of Limitations
Big Hollywood
Many on the left and maybe even some on the right are applauding the decision by Attorney General Eric Holder to name a
special prosecutor. ...See all stories on this topic

The Psychology of the Right-Wing's Anti-Government "Death-Panel" Delusions
By Michael Bader, AlterNet
Calling people brainwashed, racist, or stupid feels good but doesn't really explain the heart of their irrational fear and hatred of government.
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Friday Talking Points [92] -- The End Of Silly Season
Huffington Post
Also winning the coveted MIDOTW award this week is Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Politico is reporting that Pelosi may be the public option's best ...
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Pelosi, Reid Will Pow-Wow At White House Tuesday | Washington Examiner
House Speaker
Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., will meet with President Obama on Tuesday to discuss health care, leadership aides said Friday. The two congressional leaders will no doubt want to ...
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Did Dick Cheney Get To Ridge-Truth Becomes Lies By politicol

Tom Ridge is reversing the tone of his new book, did the Dick Cheney get to him, now who is lying about Yellow to Orange-raising the threat level for political reasons.

White House to Announce New Policy Disclosing Visitors to White House*
ABC News
Reporters and others had sought them during the Jack Abramoff scandal, and in Vice President
Cheney's meetings with his energy task force. ...
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Levi Johnston Lashes Out at Sarah Palin -- Can You Blame Him?

By Sarah Seltzer, AlterNet. Posted September 5, 2009.

Johnston was shoved in the public spotlight to burnish Palin's conservative credibility during the election. Now he's striking back. Levi Johnston, former Sarah Palin accessory and newfound media personality, leveled some low blows at the grandmother of his child in this month's Vanity Fair.

In its pages, already being excerpted in splashy headlines across the Web, Levi casts Palin as a hodgepodge of stereotypes that feed into the sexist rumormonger's playbook: a bad mom who takes hour long baths, wears Wal-Mart pajamas in the daytime and doesn't cook for her kids, a money-hungry, narcissistic diva, a grabby woman who tried to take her daughter's baby as her own. Oh, and a wife who doesn't sleep with her man….

Obama's Last Chance To Save His Presidency From Failure

CIA Atrocities Revealed to a National Shrug – We Have met The ...
By fromthewilderness
It was count six of the
impeachment proceedings against President Nixon. To Holder's credit, he has appointed a special prosecutor. To his discredit, the focus of the investigation is narrow: he will only go after officials who went beyond ... He does not plan to go after the worst criminals, who are the Bush Administration lawyers and officials, including Bush and Cheney themselves, who ordered the war crimes–much less those like Obama who are currently covering them up. ...
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Officials: Cheney Criminal Probe Mandated by Law + Olbermann on ...
By fromthewilderness
Bush administration has admitted to waterboarding captives. The corpus delicti of that crime exists. For there to be investigation now is unexceptional.The only exceptional thing is the parties involved: the former vice president of the .... Obama/Bush/Cheney - Fraud, Coups, Crusades, Assassinations, Illegal Wars, Torture, War Crimes, Illegal Spying on Citizens: It's Time for America Address Impeachment · US Soldiers Find Themselves Being Terrorists in Afghanistan ...
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Activist Releases Archive of Suppressed News Videos

In a move sure to send shockwaves through the online activist community, Jonathon Elinoff—activist, researcher, and the filmmaker behind the Core of Corruption documentary series—has released a video archive of dozens of network news broadcasts detailing controversial and suppressed news stories.

The archive, compiled over a period of several years, features actual network news coverage of the Trilateral Commission, the shadow government that went into operation on 9/11, the Bohemian Grove and numerous other topics that the nightly news almost never mentions. Many of the videos (if not all) are being released online for the first time.

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