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It Was A Bad Day For The Right; President Obama Woke Up And Got Out Of Bed…

It Was A Bad Day For The Right; President Obama Woke Up And Got Out Of Bed…

And then he was honored with the Nobel Peace Prize! Now I’m going to tell you right up front; I don’t care about what think about that decision because the prize is his and if you don’t like it; tough…get a life and get involved in something constructive..don’t bitch; improve things.

Can you just see all the right wing fruitcake wing nuts reading the morning paper, or more likely watching FOX News, while spinning their little hate machines around in their heads planning on what hateful shit they are going to shovel today? Let me tell you; it takes some really twisted sick minds to keep this up every day!

"Does He Simply Hate Christianity... Does He Hate the United States... or Both?"

Submitted by Kyle on October 8, 2009 - 9:19am

That is the question asked by those behind the new effort to impeach President Obama which is, of course, being covered by WorldNetDaily:

A political activist who was behind the famous Willie Horton advertisement that left Gov. Michael Dukakis' candidacy for president floundering and was among the first to sound the alarm on the need for Bill Clinton's impeachment says the United States is collapsing around its citizens right now, but there is a defense.

"Make no mistake. We're now in the middle of a bloodless coup – the takeover of an entire nation by the hate-America crowd – a cold-blooded gang that despises America's prosperity, our standing in the world, our trust in God and our generosity and goodness," says political activist Floyd Brown in a post on the new Impeach Obama Campaign website.

The website is here and explains that the term "'high crimes and misdemeanors' essentially means bad behavior" and lists the examples of Obama's "bad behavior" for which he must be removed from office, including:

And finally, Obama has consistently refused to approve the release of his actual birth certificate, college transcripts and his medical records ... It's almost as if Obama is intentionally trying to destroy the country ...

It's enough to make one wonder... does Barack Hussein Obama realize that every stab he takes at the Christian heritage of this great nation is a blow to the very foundation of our nation... a blow to freedom our personal liberty?

Does he simply hate Christianity... does he hate the United States... or both?

Behind the Curtain: Views of a Racist Filmmaker

Posted in White Nationalism by Sonia Scherr on October 9, 2009

As we reported yesterday, white supremacists are enamored of first-time filmmaker Craig Bodeker’s A Conversation about Race,presumably because the polished documentary lends a veneer of respectability to their racist beliefs. Bodeker, who narrates the film, comes across as an affable guy intent on using logic and facts to debunk what he sees as the myth of racism. You won’t hear him using slurs or threats when he asserts on camera that the term is just a tool to malign whites.

His posts on YouTube put the lie to that professional image and expose him for the bigot he is. He repeatedly refers to blacks, including President Barack Obama, as “monkeys.” In one post, he uses the anti-gay slur “fag”; in another, he suggests that Van Jones, the black White House advisor who resigned last month, should be lynched.

It doesn’t take much detective work to find the offensive comments. On his documentary’s webpage, he links to his YouTube channel, which identifies his username as “Craigbe.” As “Craigbe,” Bodeker has made numerous comments on videos that other users have posted to YouTube. (He’s more restrained when commenting on excerpts from his own documentary.)

Below is a sampling of the uncensored Craig Bodeker. We thank an astute Hatewatch reader for alerting us to most of these comments.

Posted under Barack Obama Doesn’t Know Where He Met Michelle:

“…It’s all or nothing for Caucasian whites. If you’re not 100% white, you HAVE NO WHITE IN YOU.
Want proof?
The best definition of ‘white’ is someone capable of producing ‘white’ offspring. All of the ‘white’ you say exists within Obama … has been destroyed. Obama, nor any of his descendants, will ever again produce a white child.
We all must re-learn what ‘white’ really means. Not what blacks tell us it means.” ( continue to full post… )

Tancredo Ventures Further Out on the Fringe

Posted in Anti-Immigrant by Rob Waters on October 8, 2009

Colorado Republican Tom Tancredo was the face of the anti-immigration movement in Congress for 10 years. While he was there, he could serve up his deport-’em-all rhetoric from the House floor. And as an early contender for the 2008 GOP presidential nomination, he drew supportive crowds and mainstream media coverage in early-voting states until he dropped out in late 2007 before the Iowa caucuses.

Since leaving Congress in January, though, he’s aggressively moving down the credibility chain in his quest for outlets for his nativist views.

In late September, he blasted the Southern Poverty Law Center from the hate website And this month, he made his debut as a regular columnist at the far-right conspiracy-mongering website WorldNetDaily. By Tancredo’s standards, the initial column is somewhat restrained. He praises the “patriotic reawakening provoked by Obama’s Marxist agenda.” He attacks Sen. John McCain for his support of an insufficiently conservative U.S. Senate candidate in Colorado. And he takes a shot at Karl Rove, the longtime adviser to former president George W. Bush — the same Karl Rove who got so fed up with Tancredo’s extremism that he told him to “never darken the door of the White House again.”

But even when he enjoyed relative respectability as a member of Congress, Tancredo didn’t always confine himself to respectable venues. On Sept. 9, 2006, he delivered an anti-immigrant harangue as the honored guest at a barbecue hosted by the South Carolina chapter of the League of the South, the neo-Confederate outfit long listed as a hate group by the SPLC.

A Slick DVD Defends Racism

Posted in White Nationalism by Sonia Scherr on October 8, 2009

A new DVD is a hit among white supremacists looking for a smart-sounding defense of their beliefs.

Contrary to its title, A Conversation about Race isn’t really a conversation about race at all, but a slick 58-minute documentary devoted to proving the thesis that racism is a bogus concept invented to oppress whites. Debut filmmaker Craig Bodeker — who appears in his documentary with a surfer-style blond ’do, collared shirt and jeans — is upfront about his project:

“I … can’t think of another issue that is more artificial, manufactured and manipulated than this whole construct called racism,” he says in a voice-over as the documentary begins.

Later, on camera, he continues: “This construct of racism is not an objective term. It has no concise definition. In fact, it’s used too often as a tool of intimidation, like a hammer, against Caucasian whites.”

Although we don’t believe that only whites can be racist, Bodeker’s efforts to refute the entire concept of racism are far from scientific. He interviews people he finds through a Craigslist ad (ambiguously titled “Ending Racism Now”) and on a street corner in Denver, Colo., where he lives. The interviewees, who represent a variety of races and ethnicities, earnestly answer Bodeker’s questions, clearly ignorant (at least initially) of his slant. When they say they see racism in their daily lives but fail to cite strong examples, the filmmaker feels justified in sticking a knife in racism. “All of these examples of this so-called racism that permeates our nation — none of them really amount to anything,” he says to the camera. Bodeker never says whether he believes that discrimination found by courts and government commissions also doesn’t “really amount to anything.” ( continue to full post… )

‘Leave Or Else,’ YouTube Video Warns Obama

Posted in Militias by Rob Waters on October 7, 2009

EDITOR’S NOTE: Sometime Wednesday night, the video was removed from YouTube. No word on who’s responsible for putting it there in the first place, or taking it down.

Here’s an ominous posting on YouTube from the “Patriot” crowd. It advises President Obama and other prominent people (“Our Dear Leader and co.”) to “leave now and give us our country back” and to do so by next week.

“If you stay,” the silent video message continues, “ ‘We, The People’ will systematically dismantle you, destroy you and reclaim what is rightfully ours. …

“We are angry and we are ready to take back the rights of the people. We will fight and We will win. …

“Dead line [sic] for your national response: October 15, 2009

“Thank you to all patriots who support our cause. … Be prepared for when the fateful day of the declaration of war is nationally announced.”

In August, The Southern Poverty Law Center issued a special report, “Return of the Militias,” documenting a resurgence of Patriot and extreme-right militia activity around the country.

Into What Dark Hole Has Dick Cheney Crawled?

Within two weeks of President Obama's inauguration, Dick Cheney said the new chief executive would likely get us killed. "When we get people who are more concerned about reading the rights to an al Qaeda terrorist than they are with protecting the United States against people who are absolutely committed to do anything they can to kill Americans, then I worry," the former vice president said.

David Corn today raises a point that bears repeating: given the Obama administration's successes on counter-terrorism,where'd Cheney go?

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama visited the National Counterterrorism Center outside Washington and declared that "because of our efforts" al Qaeda and its allies have "lost operational capacity." He cited recent arrests of terrorist suspects in Colorado, New York, Illinois, and Texas, asserting that these actions have made the nation safer. Afterward, his critics responded with ... silence. Since Obama was sworn in, conservative hawks, led by former Vice President Dick Cheney, have been pounding the president for being weak on national security, accusing him of leaving the country vulnerable to another catastrophic attack. But this chorus of scaremongers tends to go mute when the Obama administration scores apparent counterterrorism successes. Cheney, for instance, hasn't said anything publicly about the arrest last month of Najibullah Zazi, the Denver airport shuttle driver, and others accused of planning an al Qaeda bombing operation.

Nor have Cheney and his amen corner acknowledged other gains in the fight against al Qaeda.

If Bush/Cheney had put together the kind of successful counter-terrorism record we've seen over the last nine months, I suspect we'd be hearing quite a bit about it from Republican officials and their allies.

Obama's Nobel Prize Triggers Another Wave Of America-Bashing On The Right
Media Matters for America
the same Obama-hating voices in the right-wing media are outraged that the President of the United States has won the Nobel Prize. ...See all stories on this topic

Well, at least conservatives are consistent in their open disdain for American achievement under Obama.

Reminiscent of the Friday Freakout that followed the glorious news that Chicago, and the United States, had been denied the honor of hosing the Summer Olympic Games (Hallelujah!), the same Obama-hating voices in the right-wing media are outraged that the President of the United States has won the Nobel Prize.

In other words, Obama/America loses = good. Obama/America wins = bad.

And no, unhinged critics aren't simply wondering if it's too early in Obama's first term to win such a prestigious award. They're letting loose the divisive hate rhetoric (you'd expect anything less?), and demeaning the international achievement.

In the right-wing blogosphere, Obama's global honor is unfolding like a nightmare.

Question: Why does the conservative media hate America?

Still Rooting Against America: Right-Wing Media Use Nobel Prize Announcement As Excuse To Attack Obama

October 09, 2009 1:26 pm ET — 12 Comments

Numerous conservative media figures have seized on the Nobel Committee's decision to award President Obama the Nobel Peace Prize as an excuse to attack Obama or his policies. Media conservatives previously rooted against Chicago's bid to host the 2016 Olympic Games, similarly using the bid as an excuse to attack Obama, and celebrated when the games were awarded to Rio de Janeiro.

Any excuse: Conservative media attack Obama for being given Nobel Prize

Limbaugh: Nobel Committee awarded Obama to promote concept of "weakened, neutered U.S." The Politico reported that, in an email, Rush Limbaugh said the award was a "greater embarrassment" than Chicago's failed Olympic bid. Limbaugh reportedly added, "They love a weakened, neutered U.S, and this is their way of promoting that concept. I think God has a great sense of humor, too." [Politico, 10/9/09]

Malkin: "The World Apology Tour yields dividends." Michelle Malkin wrote on her blog, "From community organizer to Illinois state senator (present!) to U.S. Senator for 143 days before moving into the White House...and now, the recipient of a Nobel Peace Prize -- not for anything he's actually done, but for the symbolism of what he might possibly accomplish sometime way off in the future." She added, "The World Apology Tour yields dividends." [, 10/9/09]

Gateway Pundit: Obama awarded prize after he "bankrupted the US economy and destroyed the morale of our military." Gateway Pundit asserted that Obama "turned his back on the Iranian freedom protesters ... He's allowed the Taliban killers back into the government ... He's sided with Marxists Castro, Chavez, Morales and Ortega ... Obama's bankrupted the US economy and destroyed the morale of our military. No wonder he was awarded the Nobel." [Gateway Pundit, 10/9/09]

RedState's Erickson: "I did not realize the Nobel Peace Prize had an affirmative action quota."Erick Erickson wrote, "I did not realize the Nobel Peace Prize had an affirmative action quota for it, but that is the only thing I can think of for this news. There is no way Barack Obama earned it in the nominations period." [RedState, 10/9/09]

Mike Gallagher: "I guess his worldwide apology tour has worked." Appearing on Fox & Friends, radio host Mike Gallagher stated, "The man hasn't completed a full year yet. Even Saturday Night Live is spoofing how little this man has accomplished. ... I mean, it must be good to be the king. I guess his worldwide apology tour has worked. Now the world community has said, 'OK, well we'll award you with something.' This is nonsensical, and it's great political fodder for the loyal opposition to say, once again, this Oprah president gets a nondeserved award for doing little or next to nothing." [Fox News' Fox & Friends, 10/9/09]

Kilmeade wonders if this "[has] anything to do with delay of the deployment of 40,000 troops."Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade stated: "I'm looking at the charter, and we're just getting this now, but this guy Alfred Nobel stipulated the Peace Prize should go to the person who will have done the most or the best work of the fraternity between the nations and the abolition or reduction of standing armies and the formation and spreading of peace congresses. I'm wondering, does that have anything to do with the delay of the deployment of 40,000 troops in Afghanistan, because that was his big postulization [sic] over the last week or so. Should I put more troops in?" [Fox & Friends, 10/9/09]

NRO's Levin: Prize will awaken public's "intolerance for pompous arrogance." Yuval Levin wrote on National Review Online's The Corner blog that the prize "risk[s] awakening with a vengeance the notorious good sense of the American public, and its democratic intolerance for pompous arrogance and nonsense." Stating that the award "challenges Obama and his circle to assure the country that they are not delusional," Levin asserted that "Obama himself and his circle" were among those that believed in his "cult of personality" and that "the world would change its attitude about America simply because he was there." [National Review Online, 10/9/09]

Hot Air's Morrissey: "Perhaps they should change the award's name to the Neville rather than the Nobel." Ed Morrissey wrote, "What diplomatic efforts 'so far'? He gave a speech in Cairo and ... and ... and ... gave a few in Europe, too." He added, "Obama did make a big show of appeasing Iran during its election crisis. Perhaps they should change the award's name to the Neville rather than the Nobel." [Hot Air, 10/9/09]

Conservative media previously rooted against Chicago's Olympic bid

Brzezinski notes similarity between conservatives attacking Obama over Olympics and criticizing Nobel Peace Prize. On MSNBC's Morning Joe, after Joe Scarborough stated that "Marisa Tomei did more to win the Academy Award in My Cousin Vinny ... than Barack Obama has done to win a Nobel Peace Prize," Mika Brzezinski stated, "This is hypocritical to criticize the people who said 'ha, ha, ha' about Chicago, and now you're saying it's not right that the president won the Nobel Peace Prize." Scarborough previously wrote of opposition to Chicago's bid that "the fact many right-wing figures opposed the President's mission shows just how narrow-minded partisanship makes us all."

Fox News attack machine smeared Chicago as a violent city unsuitable for Olympics. Prior to the IOC's decision, conservative media -- led by Fox News -- attacked Obama's support of Chicago's Olympic bid: smearing the city as unfit to host the Olympics, often by citing individual instances of violence. For example, Sean Hannity, after citing a recent murder and an assault, asked whether Chicago is "a city where we want the Olympics," and Glenn Beck said, "Chicago is good at ... organized Mafi -- oops, did I say that out loud?"

Beck led conservative media in raising specter of Chicago cronyism to attack Obama's bid for Olympics. Conservative media suggested or claimed that Obama was advocating for Chicago to host the Olympics in order to return political favors to Chicago Mayor Richard Daley or forward the financial interests of other "Chicago pals." For instance, Beck advanced baseless speculation that Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett "may personally benefit" from the Olympics, and Malkin wrote that Daley "cronies" in Obama's circle are "returning the favor for their hometown boss" by pushing for the Chicago Olympics.

Fox News used Olympic bid to attack Obama. Fox News hosts, contributors, and guests usedObama's promotion of Chicago's Olympic bid as an excuse to attack him. Attacks on Obama's efforts included Hannity saying that "it sounds" like Obama "is more concerned about bringing the Olympics to Chicago than winning the war in Afghanistan"; Brent Bozell claiming Obama's trip to Copenhagen to promote the Chicago bid "is evidence that this man just cannot stay away from the klieg lights"; and Bret Baier invoking the "carbon footprint" of Obama's trip to Copenhagen to smear the president.

Conservative media celebrated Chicago's elimination, bashed Obama. Numerous media conservatives celebrated the IOC's decision to award the 2016 Olympics to Rio de Janeiro rather than Chicago. For instance, Beck crowed that the IOC's decision was "so sweet," and Limbaugh stated, "I don't deny it. I'm happy," while Bill Kristol stated that "you couldn't help but be amused by it."

Obama's Noble Prize Proves That Everyone Is a Stupid Communist!

Obama's Noble Prize Proves That Everyone Is a Stupid Communist!

Submitted by Kyle on October 9, 2009 - 3:29pm

For the most part, right-wing and Religious Right groups have been silent on the news that President Obama has been awarded the Noble Peace Prize, but a few have issued predictably inanely incoherent statements.

Such as the Catholic League proclaiming that "Abortion Haunts Peace Prize Winner":

Unlike another Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Mother Teresa, who said abortion was “the greatest destroyer of peace,” Obama has never indicated that abortion undermines the cause of peace. Indeed, he champions abortion as if it were a sacred right. If he wants to pivot at this juncture, Catholics will welcome it. If he doesn’t, he will have to live with the consequences.

And then there is Concerned Women for America's "Dumbing Down The Nobel Peace Prize":

According to the Associated Press, there were rumors consideration was being given to “…Zimbabwe’s Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, a Colombian senator and a Chinese dissident, along with an Afghan woman’s rights activist.” Wow – that’s tough competition. It’s amazing that the president of the United States would be considered amidst such an august group of candidates.

When Alfred Nobel wrote his will in 1895 he insisted that the peace prize should go “…to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between the nations and the abolition or reduction of standing armies and the formation and spreading of peace congresses.” One wonders if Nobel ever considered there could have been a year where the crop of candidates was so bad that the award would be given to someone who had accomplished none of the things stipulated in his will. Apparently when there is a year where the prospects are so bleak, the lowest common denominator wins. That doesn’t say much for the world’s prospects for peace.

Not to be outdone is Richard Viguerie, whose press release claims that the award just goes to prove that Obama and everyone else is a Communist:

"The announcement from the Nobel Peace Prize Committee says as much about the Norwegian voters and their parliament as it does President Obama. All involved should be embarrassed and ashamed for using this Prize to advance a radical, leftist agenda.

"It's clear that the Marxist leaders in Europe know what most Americans don't know--that the American president is a kindred spirit who they recognize as one of their own.

"Freedom-loving people should no longer respect or take seriously the Nobel Peace Prize Committee, as they have become an arm of the worldwide Marxist cause, evidenced by their previous selections of Yassar Arafat and Le Duc Tho and now Barack Obama.

"The award has been cheapened beyond repair and the Nobel Committee has insulted all who labor and sacrifice for true peace and freedom under God's laws."

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