Wednesday, March 24, 2010

We Are Watching The Proverbial Snowball In Hell.

We Are Watching The Proverbial Snowball In Hell.

Everything that we are going to witness from this moment on as regards Healthcare reform has nothing to do with improving upon the reform package, that will have await the march on time. What we will witness is not ideological expression, unless one calls the corporate ownership and dictation of this nation’s governance and control of its citizens an ideology, as opposed to a national perversion, but that which is unfolding is nothing more and nothing less than the continued crazed attempt to destroy the Obama Presidency and return to power those determined to ride in on the backs of fear, division, greed, hate all in the name of a salvation of this nation.

They are the political smiths of ruination and domination. They will not be satisfied until they hold the reins of absolute power and we are all the servants of their master class.

The charade of legal assaults is all about money, power, re-election and the incitation of a national Paranoia and hysteria. Every machination is premised upon creating confusion and polarization. The next electoral cycle will be governed by emotion not facts.

And despite every well-tooled phrase to the contrary violence in the name of their dominion and domination is acceptable. We are watching the feeding of frenzied mob…beware.

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