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End Of Cervical Cancer But At What Cost?

End Of Cervical Cancer But At What Cost?

From Advocate Freda Birrell:

The undernoted petition has been prepared by the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) to draw to President Obama's attention the serious health problems and deaths which have occurred since Gardasil was introduced on to the market in the United States of America. Please sign this petition as we need the President's help to have Gardasil investigated and taken off the market.

We hope to have at least 30,000 signatures, more than that will be a wonderful bonus. Two ladies from North Carolina, Rosemary Mathis and Marian Greene met with Anna Abram, the Health and Policy Director from Senator Burr’s office to discuss the serious issues surrounding this vaccine. The undernoted is a summary of the meeting that was held. Please also read and hear the video of Lauren Mathis’s television interview where she tells how sick she became after Gardasil – also read the many comments from moms from America as well as from other parts of the world where they describe similar events happening to their daughters.

Our press release “End of Cervical Cancer but at what cost?” helps you to understand that very little attention or care is given to parents throughout America who have had girls die or become seriously ill shortly after being vaccinated. These families are being ignored and made to feel that the deaths of their daughters and the illnesses that are being experienced are not important. Please let their voices be heard as they do this not just for themselves but for others to make sure that no more healthy, young American girls have to die or become ill after being vaccinated with Gardasil.

Report of Meeting on 25th May 2010

"On Tuesday, 25th May 2010 Rosemary Mathis and Marian Greene, co-Chairmen of had a meeting with Anna Abram, the Health and Policy Director from Senator Burr's office and highlighted the many serious side effects which are being experienced by the girls and the number of deaths that have occurred following vaccination with Gardasil.

Because many of the symptoms that the girls are having are not on Merck’s list of side effects, the doctors do not always report the cases to VAERS. As a result, the #s in VAERS are grossly understated. Mathis reported that when she and the other ladies met with the FDA on March 12, they analyzed the CDC/FDA VAERS database from the time that Gardasil was released on to the market until around the end of 2009. They compared Gardasil with the other 80 vaccines that are in the database and Gardasil ALONE made up 23% of the VAERS total when not given in combination with other vaccines.

The undernoted table gives an indication of what has occurred since this vaccine was put on to the market. Mathis and Greene also asked Anna if a meeting could be arranged for them to meet with Senator Burr in Washington in order that they could outline their concerns in greater detail. This point was going to be raised with the Senator. Ms. Abram also assured that the Senator would look at the video of the television programme with Lauren and her mom and also read all the comments that had been provided by mothers from America and other parts of the world. Anna also considered an important step would be to request a meeting with senior staff within the CDC to inform them that they are not being informed correctly of the true facts surrounding the adverse events and Gardasil.



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The information from North Carolina in the undernoted press release explains very clearly why it is essential to have this vaccine investigated and hopefully taken off the market. Within this press release there is a link to an NBC television interview given by Lauren Mathis and her mom, Rosemary Mathis from Wilkesboro, NC. Lauren is lucky to be alive so please listen to her story and read the comments made by moms from all over America and abroad.” The link to this programme is also included here.

(Television interview and comments)

End of Cervical Cancer Possible – But At Whose Cost?

North Hollywood, California, May 24, 2010 — An article appearing in the May 19 issue of the Raleigh News touted the headline End of Cervical Cancer Possible stating that North Carolina could be one of the first states to eliminate the disease. The announcement was based on the opinions of a group of health care experts who met on Tuesday to launch that goal.

According to the article; “More than 100 clinicians, researchers, community activists and some cancer survivors attended the launch of the Cervical Cancer-Free Initiative at a Raleigh hotel. That’s almost as many women - 114, on average - who die of cervical cancer in North Carolina each year.”

Noel T. Brewer, director of the initiative, associate professor in the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health, and partner with the N.C. Division of Public Health, was quoted as saying the “…number of deaths from the illness has dropped steadily over three decades in the state and across the nation, and that all cervical-cancer deaths are preventable.” He added that cervical cancer “is an illness that kills people in countries where people do not have access to health care.”

It was reported that GlaxoSmithKline, manufacturer of the HPV vaccine, Cervarix donated $1.5 million to the initiative to implement educational campaigns “to increase voluntary vaccinations, and efforts to get more women to get screened more frequently.”

While members of, (TAG) applaud the goal to eradicate cervical cancer, we feel it is unconscionable to use the HPV vaccines, Gardasil and Cervarix to achieve it.

An analysis of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) from April 14, 2010 backs up our concerns. To date a total of 18, 299 adverse reactions from the HPV vaccine, primarily Gardasil have been reported. 71.2 percent of the adverse events are reported within the first 6 months of receiving the vaccination.

In North Carolina a total number of 378 adverse reactions have been reported to VAERS - more than triple the number of deaths in the state from cervical cancer. Many of those girls are now sick and disabled unable to continue their previously healthy lives as adolescent girls. There were 7 life threatening reports, 184 emergency room visits, 21 hospitalizations with 4 extended stays, 62 not yet recovered, 10 disabled, and one death reported subsequent to vaccination.

Rosemary Mathis , co-founder of was interviewed for an expose, Mom Blames Teen’s Illness on HPV Vaccine on NBC affiliate WXII12 - in Winston-Salem, North Carolina on Tuesday, May 11. Within hours she received emails from numerous mothers across the state whose daughters were experiencing similar symptoms but had not related their illnesses to Gardasil. Mathis advised these mothers to report their daughter’s injuries to VAERS.

The potential magnitude of unreported deaths and injury not only in the U.S. but worldwide is of great concern. So the question still stands - eradicate cervical cancer but at whose cost? The answer should not be the very girls you are claiming to protect.

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