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Irish Mothers Unite to Stop the Assault on Their Children “Lock up your Daughters - Suspected Serial Killer Due for Release - It's Called Gardasil”

Lock up your Daughters - Suspected Serial Killer Due for Release - It's Called Gardasil”

By: Norma Erickson
The peaceful Irish countryside has been disturbed by what many Irish mothers consider an assault on their children – the introduction of Gardasil. When it comes to the health and safety of their children, Irish mothers set aside all political differences. That is just what is happening all across the country - concerned mothers and political activists have united to call a halt to the Irish HPV vaccination programme.

Gardasil was launched in Ireland much like it has been in other countries around the world; with a massive media campaign telling about the deadly risk of cervical cancer and how it can be avoided with a few simple injections of the latest ‘miracle vaccine.’

Several hundred Irish girls between the ages of 12 and 13 were offered their first jab of this ‘miracle vaccine’ in May 2010, when the pilot programme was launched in selected areas. 80% accepted the offer. When the time came for the second jab, only 64% took the government up on their offer. In September, the Irish government plans to offer Gardasil to the rest of the eligible girls throughout Ireland. Mothers around the country are expressing their sincere concerns.

These mothers have done their research. They know that the human papillomavirus does not cause cervical cancer. It is normally a benign virus that clears on its own, usually without any symptoms.

They know that regular pap screening can detect abnormal cells in and around the cervix before they progress to cancer. They know that early detection leads to effective and safe treatment before cancer cells form. They know that no one has ever been harmed by a pap test. They know no one has ever died after a pap test.

These mothers have watched, as over 18,600 reports of adverse events after HPV vaccine injections reported in the United States. They know that with only 1 to 10% of the victims actually filing reports, that there could be anywhere from 186,000 to 1,860,000 young women who have been injured in the United States alone.

These mothers wonder how many young women have actually died shortly after HPV vaccinations. There have been 78 reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) in the United States. Again, with only 1 to 10% actually reporting, that could mean there are between 780 and 7,800 others who are “one less.”

Irish mothers do not understand why a vaccine associated with so many serious risks has been introduced to solve a problem when there is already a safe and effective solution available and in use. They wonder if the vaccine offers any benefit at all, considering regular pap screening is still required after vaccination.

These mothers are voicing their concerns: writing letters to newspapers, distributing information leaflets, organizing conferences, and speaking out at every opportunity. They will not tolerate their children facing unnecessary risks when a safe and effective alternative is available.

Nora Bennis states, “Mothers Alliance Ireland is determined to continue our campaign to have this dangerous vaccine withdrawn BEFORE any more of our young girls are seriously hurt by it. We intend to do everything we can to stop it. We are calling for safe, affordable, necessary and effective vaccines to be made available to all, respecting at all times the right of people to refuse.”

Mairead Hilliard, Irish Vaccine Informed Parents, says, “I have been campaigning for some years that parents should be given the manufacturer’s information on State promoted vaccines so that they can make an informed choice before giving their consent to any vaccine, including the HPV vaccine. I think it is outrageous that Irish parents have been misled about the safety of the HPV vaccine.”

Freda Birrell, SaneVax, Inc., arrived in Ireland on holiday this August. She took the opportunity to meet with some Irish mothers who were totally against vaccinating young Irish schoolgirls with Gardasil. 

She states, “Their dedication to the task in hand and their genuine concern for these girls was overwhelming.  We bonded immediately and during the two week holiday many doors were opened to us - providing a window of opportunity to inform the Irish parents about the dangers of this vaccine and to protect their children at all costs.”

Jackie Hogan has been following the Gardasil vaccine for some time. The stories from around the world of young girls and their families who have suffered because of the adverse events following Gardasil vaccination have touched her deeply. She feels it is her duty to make sure parents are informed before they consent to HPV vaccination.

She says, “As parents, our priority is to protect our children and keep them safe from harm. Sometimes, out of fear we might jump in and make a hasty decision, believing information received from people in authority. We need to start relying on ourselves and trusting our own common sense. We need to make decisions on what WE feel is right for us and our children.”
Although the SaneVax team applauds any attempt to prevent cervical cancer, we wholeheartedly support all of these women in their efforts to make sure people have the information with which to make intelligent choices. They need to be able to compare the risk of contracting cervical cancer, as of 2000 it was 10.5/100,000 in Ireland; against the potential risks posed by the Gardasil vaccine. They need to know all of the possible side effects before they decide whether the vaccine is right for their children.

After all, the vaccine manufacturer, medical authorities, and the government are not responsible for caring for vaccine-injured children; their parents are.

Lock up your Daughters - Suspected Serial Killer Due for Release - It's Called Gardasil
By:  Justin,
HPV Vaccine Insanity Comes To Ireland
After zealous crusading for mass HPV vaccination by media, special-interest goups, politicians and the medical establishment, the Irish Health Service last week commenced implementing an injection-by-Gardasil program for all 12 year old schoolgirls.
Irish parents signed consent forms as media  medical experts  glorified the  ‘terrific’ vaccine. 
It seems Irish media etiquette forbids mentioning the flood of deaths and debilitating reactions reported in the US  for Gardasil recipients.  As of Jun 2010 (4 years after it’s approval),   71 deaths of girls & young women, along with over 18000 side effects had been reported to the FDA via the ‘VAERS*’ system (these incidents are probably greatly underreported*). 
In addition, five Gardasil related deaths in Germany have been reported (detailed in reporting system at Paul-Ehrlich-Institut in Germany).  Two of these occurred among the first 1.5m recipients of the vaccine in europe.  
Merck recent track record

The recent  track record of (Gardasil manufacturer) Merck does not render it unlikely that they would deny for years the dangers of an unsafe product, before finally being forced to pull it from the market (and then pay out billions in settlements).    A record, incidentally, that does not exclude deceptive marketing tactics to play down a drug’s health risks. 
In Jun 2010 Research Physician Scott Reuben, MD, who pled guilty to falsifying research on the use of  Vioxx (rofecoxib; Merck) was sentenced in a Boston federal court to 6 months in prison for healthcare fraud and ordered to repay pharmaceutical companies that financed his research.  Merck voluntarily withdrew Vioxx ( Rofecoxib) from the market in 2004 after evidence showed the painkiller boosted the risk for heart attack, stroke, and other cardiovascular events.   Dr. Reuben admitted that he had not enrolled any patients in trials but, instead, had simply made up findings.
Another  top research professor , funded by Merck to design and conduct the Gardasil Clinical Safety Trials, admitted it was not tested for effectiveness in younger girls under 16.  “Giving it to 11-year-olds is a great big public health experiment ” said Dr. Diane M. Harper, “At 11, these girls don’t get cervical cancer – they won’t know for 25 years if they will get cervical cancer.  She also spoke about the need for  ‘more complete warnings’. Read the rest of this article here.

The following flier is currently being distributed around Ireland:

MothersAlliance Ireland.
Protecting the rights of parents and the welfare of children.
Vaccine Scandal and the HPV (cervical cancer?) Schools’ vaccination programme.
Advice to parents:

BEFORE you consent to HPV vaccination for your daughter(s), CHECK  OUT  ALL  THE  FACTS.   Log on or get your child to log on to:, where you will discover truths about this vaccine that you are not hearing from the HSE or from the Department of Health, e.g.:

        This vaccine could lead to the death of your daughter.

       This vaccine could lead to very serious health problems and much suffering for your daughter.

        This vaccine may not save even one girl from dying of cervical cancer.

        This vaccine contains an ingredient that could make your daughters sterile or cause cancer. 

NB.  Mothers Alliance Ireland publicly opposed the shameful waste of taxpayers’ money in the Swine flu mass vaccination last year, pointing out that the vaccine was unnecessary, unsafe, ineffective and way too expensive at a time when safe, necessary and effective health services were being cut back or discontinued.  

WE  WERE  RIGHT  THEN and we believe we are right now.
ADVICE TO SCHOOL AUTHORITIES:    Please check out the above facts. .  Investigate BEFORE you consent to HSE using your schools to access children for this vaccination programme.
Mothers Alliance Ireland is a committee of Christian Democrats the Family First Party.
Contact us at 47 O’Connell Street, Limerick or

Letter to the Editor of the 'Irish Times'
By:  Kathy Sinnott
Dear Editor,

“Calls for Closure to Vaccine Scandal”.  Scandals associated with Vaccines and vaccine practises in Ireland are inevitable because of the nature of vaccine policy in the country.

Vaccines like any other medicine are sometimes effective and sometimes not, they are sometimes safe and sometimes not. Sometimes they are trialed ethically and sufficiently and sometimes they are not. However the negatives of vaccines are always hidden. Public health campaigns like that  recently promoting  the  H1N1 flu jab present a rosie
picture that ignores the  full reality. Anyone who tries to create a balance on vaccination is accused of putting lives at risk.

It seems that the only way to learn about the other side of vaccination is through personal encounter with it as in the case of Mari Steed. My son was born healthy and normal, he was profoundly disabled by a vaccine. I am not anti vaccine but I am strongly in favour of  honest information s so that a person or in the case of children, parents can make an informed decision on whether a particular vaccine is right for them or their child.

Instead of vacous one sided pamphlets extolling the wonders of the latest vaccine, people making the decision to jab or not should have accurate information on both the positive and the negatives of the vaccine.

As a parent, I am certain that had I known what was in 3 in 1 vaccine and the kind of adverse reactions that were being experienced by other babies, I would have refused the jab, opted for a 2 in 1 vaccine or at least delayed vaccinating until my son’s colic had settled.

Three decades later parents are still being denied this basic and important information. In September thousands of secondary school girls will be vaccinated with HPV vaccines. Will the girls and their parents be informed that this  vaccine has a particularly bad safety record?


Kathy Sinnott
Hope Project
St Joseph
Co Cork

Calls for Closure to Vaccine Scandal
Reported by:  Fiona Gartland in the "Irish Times"
The Government must bring closure to victims of the vaccine scandals of the 1960s and 1970s, Fine Gael Deputy Denis Naughten said today.
The call came after it emerged that a woman adopted from Ireland in 1961, who was involved in a vaccine trial as a baby without the permission of her mother, is to take legal action against the drugs company involved.
Mari Steed (50), who now lives in the US, is to take action along with three others against Glaxosmithkline, known as "The Wellcome Foundation" at the time the trials were conducted.
Ms Steed was administered the experimental vaccine while at the Sacred Heart Convent, Bessborough, Co Cork between December 1960 and October 1961 when she was between nine and 18 months old. She is also to bring legal action against the Sacred Heart Order in the Irish courts, according to the Irish Independent. 
Her mother has said she never gave permission for her child to be involved in the vaccine trial. Read the rest of the story via this link.

Vaccine trial-files 'not missing':  Department of Health Responds
Reported in "Irish Examiner"
The Department of Health has issued a statement to say that files relating to controversial child vaccine trials are not missing.

Former residents of orphanages and mother-and-baby homes are calling on the Government to publish all files relating to the trials.

At least 211 children in orphanages and mother-and-baby homes took part in four-in-one vaccine trials in the 1960s and 1970s.

The Laffoy commission on Child Abuse was to investigate what happened but that investigation was dropped following court action taken by the medical practitioners involved.

Read more:

GlaxoSmithKline Use Irish Children as Guinea Pigs in Vaccine Trials Scandal
Reported by: Patricia McDonagh in the "Belfast Telegraph"
A woman subjected to a controversial vaccine trial as a baby without her mother's consent broke her silence last night to reveal her traumatic decades-long fight for justice.
Mari Steed (50) was effectively used as a guinea pig during the 'four-in-one' vaccine trials carried out on her between December 1960 and October 1961 when she was between nine and 18 months old.
She was given up for adoption to a couple in the US shortly afterwards and is now preparing a class action in the US courts against the multinational drugs giant responsible for the medical tests, an Irish Independent investigation reveals.
Ms Steed and three others who were also subjected to the trials are looking to separately sue the Catholic religious order that they claim facilitated the experiments in the early 1960s.
She was administered the vaccine on at least four occasions at the Sacred Heart Convent, Bessborough, in Cork, also known as the Bessborough Mother and Baby Home.
Ms Steed became aware she had been subjected to the vaccine trials after she retrieved her medical documents while trying to track down her mother, Josephine, in the late 1990s.
Josephine, who is now in a nursing home in the UK, last night said the tests were carried out on her baby daughter without her consent or knowledge of her medical history.

Ireland's Hidden Scandal:  Child Vaccine Trials
Reported by: Patricia McDonagh in the "Belfast Telegraph"
Suspicions that vaccine trials had taken place on vulnerable Irish children -- many of whom were in state care -- first surfaced in the early 1990s.
As the current decade dawned, former residents of children's homes began to publicly raise concerns that they had been the subject of experimental trials.
However, it was not until 1997 that the State gave an assurance that it would formally inquire into the issue.
Brian Cowen, who was then Health Minister, directed the chief medical officer at the Department of Health, Dr James Kiely, to investigate the allegations.
In 2000, a report -- entitled the "Report On Three Clinical Trials Involving Babies And Children In Institutional Settings, 1960/61, 1970 and 1973" -- was finally drawn up.
The document found that 211 children had been administered vaccines during three separate vaccine trials conducted on behalf of a drugs company, The Wellcome Foundation.
More than 123 of these infants and toddlers were residents in children's homes in Dublin, Cork and the midlands when the trials took place in the 1960s and 1970s.
Trial one involved 58 children in five children's homes in Dublin, Cork, Westmeath and Meath. The trial investigated what would happen if four vaccines -- diphtheria, pertussis (also known as whooping cough), tetanus and polio -- were combined in one overall four-in-one shot.
The trial was published in the 'British Medical Journal' in 1962. The final paragraph of it read: "We are indebted to the medical officers in charge of the children's homes. . . for permission to carry out this investigation on infants under their care."

Firms Hype New Drugs, says Damning Industry Report
Reported by: John von Radowitz in the "Irish Examiner"
DRUG companies were accused yesterday of conning the public by hyping up patented medicines with little new to offer while downplaying their side-effects.

An estimated 85% of new drugs offer few if any new benefits while having the potential to cause serious harm due to toxicity or misuse, a study has concluded.

The author of the research delivered a damning attack on "Big Pharma" at a meeting of sociology experts in the US.

Professor Donald Light described the pharmaceutical industry as a "market for lemons" — one in which the seller knows much more than the buyer about the product, and takes advantage of this fact.

"Sometimes drug companies hide or downplay information about serious side-effects of new drugs and overstate the drugs’ benefits," said Prof Light, a professor of comparative health policy at the University of Medicine and Dentistry in New Jersey, US. "Then, they spend two to three times more on marketing than on research to persuade doctors to prescribe these new drugs. Doctors may get misleading information and then misinform patients about the risks of a new drug. It’s really a two-tier market for lemons."

He alleged the pharmaceutical industry owned companies in charge of drug testing and provided "firewalls" of legal protection behind which information about dangers or lack of effectiveness could be hidden.

Companies were assisted by the "relatively low bar" for effectiveness that had to be crossed to get a new drug approved, he claimed.

Prof Light presented his paper, entitled Pharmaceuticals: A Two-Tier Market for Producing ‘Lemons’ and Serious Harm" yesterday at the American Sociological Association’s annual meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.

The study includes data gathered from independent reviewers which suggest 85% of new drugs provide few, if any, new benefits.

Read more:

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