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"Speaking Truth To Empower." From John Pilger To The Latest WikiLeaks Fall Out Fight!

"Speaking Truth To Empower." From John Pilger To The Latest WikiLeaks Fall Out Fight!

“There Are No Wars Without War Crimes And War Criminals.” (Ed.)

WikiLeaks is what happens when a “Free Press” becomes a “Collaborator Cover-up Press” for government corruption and War Crimes/Criminals.

In your opinion…Do you think Bush is a “War Criminal” spun ...
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by k-ideas Question by Chucky & Lucky: In your opinion...Do you think Bush is a War Criminalspun completely out of control?? Here's some crimes he.
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WikiLeaks And More; Can You Handle The Truth?

Truth is the leaking of these classified files is also an indictment of American media’s failure. Whistleblowers—and regular Americans—no longer trust paragons of journalism, like the New York Times, who’ve become too cozy with power to challenge power. Thankfully, in this new media landscape, we have organizations like Wikileaks.

Latest Attempt To Create Federal Journalism Shield Law May Carve Wikileaks Out ...
With so much attention getting paid to 
Wikileaks lately -- and with some politicians insisting that the site is guilty of treason, it should come as little ...See all stories on this topic »

Who Really Has Blood on Their Hands? Not Brave Whistleblowers Like Private ...
I have just written a letter of support to Pvt. Bradley Manning, the 22-year-old intelligence analyst suspected of passing videos and documents to 
Wikileaks ...See all stories on this topic » - Ted Rall 11 hours ago
MUMBAI - "An appalling irresponsible act." That's how General James Nattis, fresh at the helm of US Central Command, characterizes the release ...

The next justification for war
Detroit Free Press
With the 
WikiLeaks documents providing growing evidence of the catastrophic state of the conflict, Time magazine has jumped in, as it so often has, 
...See all stories on this topic »

WikiLeaked 'Afghanistan War Logs' Include US Military Whitewashing War Crimes
Infoshop News
The "Afghan War Diary" details the military whitewashing war crimes---some not previously reported---a recognition by the US military of a Pakistan 
...See all stories on this topic »
Army opens criminal probe into Afghan war files leak | Army News ...
By Agence France-Presse
Washington: The US Army opened a criminal probe Tuesday into the leak of some 90000 classified military files on the Afghan war, the Pentagon said, naming a.
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Coalition plans will safeguard universal jurisdiction over war crimes
The Guardian
First, the government has announced no change to the doctrine under which the UK asserts jurisdiction over those accused of 
war crimes, torture and ...See all stories on this topic »

The right to arrest war crime suspects
The Guardian
... by those principles, in particular bringing to justice those responsible for genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, torture and hostage-taking. ...

WikiLeaks Documents Expose Obama's Brutal Afghan War, White House ...
By Glen Ford
Bush and Cheney and the rest are certainly war criminals deserving the most extreme punishments sanctioned by civilized humanity - but they are proud and defiant criminals. Not the Obama team, which tries to wage aggressive, ...
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Wikileaks Probe Expands: Feds Eye Whether Leaker Had Accomplices ...
By Philip Shenon
This would stop any of our Presidents from being war criminals. Because we would not vote for a President any longer. You can bet your sweet azz that if one of the afore mentioned countries walks in and takes over (because we have no ...
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The terrible truth about the "good war"
Socialist Worker Online
They provide indisputable proof that the Taliban insurgency is stronger than at any point since 2001, and they reveal the scope of US 
war crimes committed ...
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Busting White House Spin on WikiLeaks: No Leak Required | The Seminal
By Derrick Crowe
not by the children and babies obama and he randomly incinerate but by the chance the true war crimes be exposed along with them, the true war criminals and their stinking drones strikes. Reply. tanbark July 29th, 2010 at 10:08 am ...
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Not A Dinner Party: Leaks expose criminal war
By Reiver97
But it took seven years of a failed criminal war and ever growing protests to make the Pentagon Papers happen. In turn, their publication exposed the fraud to the entire population, adding to the protests that helped to finally end the ...
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