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There Are No Secrets Or Security In Cyber Space: Wikileaks Hacktivists Take Down Mastercard

There Are No Secrets Or Security In Cyber Space: Wikileaks Hacktivists Take Down Mastercard

Hacktivisits have taken down the Website of international card scheme MasterCard, in protest at the continuing blockade of funds for whistle-blowing outfit Wikileaks.

The attack on MasterCard opens up a new front in the ongoing battle between underground hacking rings and large corporate interests.

The latest assault comes six months after hackers, loosely organised under the 'Anonymous' umbrella, successfully disrupted the Internet operations of a clutch of international payments groups in retaliation for cutting off payments to Wikileaks. 

The humbling of MasterCard was posted on Twitter by Wikileaks, with an accompanying statement which named Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Bank of America, and Western Union as the chief 'culprits' in an 'unlawful banking blockade' against the company.

Visitors to the MasterCard Website are currently being timed out, indicating a massive denial of service attack on the card group.

The attack comes just a week after now-disbanded hacking collective LulzSec announced plans to partner with Anonymous on a new campaign dubbed Operation Anti-Security, targeting banks and governmental agencies.

From Wikileaks’ massive collection of U.S. diplomatic cables, comes a very juicy piece of news that former Chinese Finance Minister Jin Renqing’s mistress at the time is thought to have been a spy for Taiwan.

Jin resigned back in 2007 for personal reasons, but there many believed at the time that a sex scandal was the real reason. According to the Wikileaks cable, in addition to former SINOPEC Chairman Chen Tonghai the “promiscuous socialite had also been having affairs with several other high-level officials, including Sichuan Party Secretary and former Agricultural Minister Du Qinglin.”

The woman is unidentified in the cable, but it is thought it could be Li Wei, who was profiled in Caijing magazine back in February. Li was quoted in the Chinese media as saying “You cannot invest all your resources and opportunities into one person, you have to construct a huge relationship net, like an umbrella.” Li was arrested for tax evasion but was released without trial in 2010.

Check out the video from New York-based NTDTV from back in February which tells Li’s story, also referring to the relationship between Li and the ex-finance minister, citing the Caijing piece. As for the her being a spy, the Wikileaks cable seems to be the sole indication of that.

So far Wikileaks’ diplomatic cables relating to China have been fairly unremarkable. But this particular cable, if it proves to be true, would certainly be a big one. If it could ever get by the censors, this would make for a brilliant movie!

The emergence of Wikileaks and ‘hacktivists’ have drastically impacted the online climate in which corporations and governments now have to operate. Most Asian nations now have ample cause to be on perpetual alert, as we’ve recently seen incidents in India,Indonesia, and Vietnam. China has gone so far as to prepare an online defense force called the Cyber Blue Team supposedly to safeguard against such attacks.

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