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Cheney Ambushed, Bachmann Fading Away From Electability, Republican Party Should Be Preparing Its Last Will And Testament.

Cheney Ambushed, Bachmann Fading Away From Electability, Republican
 Party Should Be Preparing Its Last Will And Testament. 

Cheney Ambushed, Bachmann Fading Away From Electability, Republican
 Party Should Be Preparing Its Last Will And Testament. 

Bachmann is as well done as a steak burned to charcoal, but like an old pair of favored jeans, the crotch worn to a fray the zipper broken replaced with safety pins and the ass covered with hillbilly style sewn-on patches; she will probably hang on until The Iowa Caucus plus one..maybe.

 The machinery is grinding her into the ground; Perry has been tossed into the grinder funnel while Romney is avoiding”The death of a thousand Front Runner Cuts”. Cheney sucking up all the political media air reminds everyone of how we got where we are today and his assertions of incompetence or lack of blood lust in the Bush Administration is going to create some interesting disclaimers and sprints away from him.

In the end “It’s The Economy Stupid; It will all be about jobs.” With Obama of the Offensive on jobs every Republican move of obstruction will become a Hari Kari Blade. Healthcare, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security remain American “Sacred Cows” and Republicans will be depicted, framed as wanting to slaughter them for their own personal feast.

Americans have witnessed, and have come to understand the “Bailout Of Wall Street” and the financial criminals that have brought this nation down. They have come to understand the “Bailout out of Detroit Auto-Makers and they simply want to see Main Street “Bailed Out” with the creation of jobs by those Corporations that currently have so much in cash reserves on hand that they cannot spend it.  Republicans can easily be branded as extremists and financial terrorists. So many are trapped into thinking that they must accommodate rather than repudiate the wing nut Tea Party Folk and coupled with professed religious zeal and anti-science verbal lint and revivalist rhetoric; they have come to look like fools.

Given only those elements; I could fashion a campaign to end The Republican Party and send chills done the spine of every corporate CEO in America who is party to the hold out on the renovation of America’s economy and the reemployment of our people. They are on the verge of giving Obama more power in a second term that no President since FDR has enjoyed.  If they do it; they will regret it for a generation.

Let’s Hope They Are That Greedy And Ideologically Stupid!

Amnesty Activists Surprise Cheney at His 'Today Show' Appearance ...By The Editors...Amnesty anti-torture activists hound Dick Cheney on his book tour, nabbing air time at his Today Show appearance.

Did Bachmann Peak In Iowa? Candidate's Campaign May Be Fading, Polls Show

WASHINGTON — Recent polls underscore how quickly the tide can change in a presidential campaign, particularly early in the race.
The word “surge” was often attached to U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann’s campaign for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination after the Minnesotan officially declared her candidacy June 27. But since her victory in the Aug. 13 Ames Straw Poll in Iowa, a more appropriate adjective might be “stalled.”
Not only has Bachmann failed to gain traction from the straw poll win that in effect shoved former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty to the sidelines, she has lost a good portion of the footing she had.
“No one is sinking faster than Bachmann,” Public Policy Polling director Tom Jensen said in an Aug. 23 blogpost summarizing the firm’s latest Iowa poll.
In that poll, Bachmann had slipped to third behind Texas Gov. Rick Perry and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, with Rep. Ron Paul of Texas on her heels. A month earlier, before Perry entered the race, Bachmann was the front-runner in Iowa, albeit by a slim margin.
Bachmann also had nudged ahead of Romney in national polling in early August. But a Quinnipiac University poll released Tuesday shows the Stillwater Republican fourth in the minds of GOP voters, behind Perry, Romney and former Alaska governor and 2008 vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.
In part, Bachmann’s downward slide can be explained in two words: Rick Perry.
“It’s the new kid on the block syndrome,” said David Schultz, a political expert at Hamline University. “She no longer is the new kid on the block; Perry is.”
But a deeper analysis suggests other factors are at play, not the least of which is electability.
“I’m finding some Republicans starting to say they’re not sure she’s electable,” Schultz said. “I get the sense that she peaked at the Iowa poll.”
Bachmann’s camp dismissed the recent poll results, saying the true test of the third-term congresswoman’s strength will come when voters begin to caucus or vote in primaries.
“We will execute our game plan and worry about the ultimate polls, winning the caucuses and primaries,” Bachmann campaign spokeswoman Alice Stewart said. “The first measure that mattered was winning the Iowa straw poll. The next one will be the Iowa caucus.”
In the meantime, a potentially vexing problem for the Bachmann campaign is her decline in favorability ratings. The Public Policy Polling survey in Iowa found 47 percent of voters viewed Bachmann favorably, down from 53 percent in June, while 35 percent had an unfavorable view, up from 16 percent in the previous poll.
Tuesday’s Quinnipiac poll had Bachmann’s favorable/unfavorable standing at 36-26 percent among all voters and 50-14 percent among Republicans. The poll, which had a margin of error of 1.9 percentage points among all voters and 2.9 percentage points among Republicans, showed President Barack Obama beating Bachmann 48-39 percent.
Bachmann has been a darling of the tea party movement and is the founder of the Tea Party Caucus in the House of Representatives. But recent polls show Perry has emerged as the candidate of choice among tea party people. Perry got 37 percent support from tea party enthusiasts in a CNN poll released Monday, compared with 14 percent for Bachmann.
Iowa State University political expert Dianne Bystrom, director of the Carrie Chapman Catt Center for Women and Politics, said historical stereotypes also are at work.
“Research has shown while things are getting much more equitable for women running for Senate or women running for governor, we’ve still not seen more equity in women running for president,” Bystrom said.
Bystrom also said not enough attention has been given to the impact Ron Paul’s candidacy is having on the GOP field. She said while Paul appeals to a different Republican audience, he is siphoning off support from Perry and Bachmann among Republicans.
With the Iowa caucus that typically kicks off the presidential nominating contests tentatively scheduled for Feb. 6, the political tide could shift again in Bachmann’s favor.
University of Minnesota political expert Larry Jacobs said it’s far too early to count Bachmann out.
“It’s true she’s no longer at the very top, but she’s still in the mix,” Jacobs said. “She’s within striking distance. There are cycles in campaigns. She hit her wave. It dissipated, and the question now is whether she will hit another wave.”

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