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Perry Keeps Gardasil Controversy In The News Plus More Of Today’s News And Views.

Perry Keeps Gardasil Controversy In The News Plus More Of Today’s News And Views.

HARRIS: Thank you.

Congressman Paul, we've been talking just now about Governor Perry's rhetoric, but let's talk about his record.

Just this morning, your campaign put out a statement accusing him of pushing for bailout money, supporting welfare for illegal immigrants, and trying to forcibly vaccinate 12-year-old girls against sexually transmitted diseases.

He's your home state governor. Is he less conservative than meets the eye?

PAUL: Much more so, yes.

Just take the HPV. Forcing 12-year-old girls to take an inoculation to prevent this sexually transmitted disease, this is not good medicine, I do not believe.

I think it's social misfit.

It's not good social policy. And therefore, I think this is very bad to do this. But one of the worst parts about that was the way it was done.

You know, the governorship in Texas traditionally is supposed to be a weak governorship. I didn't even know they could pass laws by writing an executive order. He did it with an executive order, passed it.

The state was furious, and the legislature, overwhelmingly, probably 90 percent -- I don't know exactly -- overwhelmingly repealed this.

But I think it's the way it was passed, which was so bad.

I think it's a bad piece of legislation. But I don't like the idea of executive orders. I, as president, will not use the executive order to write laws.

HARRIS: Time. Thank you, Congressman.

Governor Perry, we'll get to you.

But, Congresswoman Bachmann, this is an issue you have also talked about, HPV.

BACHMANN: Well, what I'm very concerned about is the issue of parental rights. I think when it comes to dealing with children, it's the parents who need to make that decision. It is wrong for government, whether it's state or federal government, to impose on parents what they must do to inoculate their children. This is very serious, and I think that it's very important, again, that parents have the right.

Educational reform is another area. That's where I cut my teeth in politics, was being involved in educational reform, because the problem you see is one of framing.

It's the idea, should the federal government control these areas, or should parents and localities control these areas? We have the best results when we have the private sector and when we have the family involved. We have the worst results when the federal government gets involved, and especially by dictate to impose something like an inoculation on an innocent 12-year-old girl.

I would certainly oppose that.

HARRIS: Thank you.

Governor Perry, we've had candidates talking about you. Let's hear from you.

PERRY: I kind of feel like the pinata here at the party, so...

HARRIS: Welcome.

PERRY: But here's the facts of that issue. There was an opt-out in that piece of -- it wasn't legislation. It was an executive order.

I hate cancer. We passed a $3 billion cancer initiative that same legislative session of which we're trying to find over the next 10 years cures to cancers. Cervical cancer is caused by HPV. We wanted to bring that to the attention of these thousands of -- of -- of -- tens of thousands of young people in our state. We allowed for an opt-out.

I don't know what's more strong for parental rights than having that opt-out. There's a long list of diseases that cost our state and cost our country. It was on that list.

Now, did we handle it right? Should we have talked to the legislature first before we did it? Probably so. But at the end of the day, I will always err on the side of saving lives.


HARRIS: Senator Santorum, one final note on this book, "Fed Up." Governor Perry says in his book that it was, quote, "unprincipled" for Republicans to vote in favor of creating the Department of Homeland Security. You were one of those Republicans who voted yes. Respond.

SANTORUM: We created the Department of Homeland Security because there was a complete mess in the internal -- in protecting our country. We had all sorts of agencies that had conflicting authority. We had no information sharing that was going on. This was right after 9/11. We saw the problems created as a result of 9/11. And we put together a plan to try to make sure that there was better coordination.

I want to get back to this Gardasil issue. You know, we have -- Governor Perry's out there and -- and claiming about state's rights and state's rights. How about parental rights being more important than state's rights? How about having, instead of an opt-out, an opt- in?

If you really cared, you could make the case, instead of forcing me, as a parent -- and I have seven children, too, the wide receivers here have -- have -- on the ends here have -- have -- have seven children each -- but I am offended that -- that the government would tell me -- and by an executive order, without even going through the process of letting the people have any kind of input. I would expect this from President Obama; I would not expect this from someone who's calling himself a conservative governor.


Governor Romney, you've been listening to this exchange. Who's got the better end of it?

ROMNEY: You know, I believe in parental rights and parental responsibility for our kids. My guess is that Governor Perry would like to do it a different way second time through. We've each get -- we've each taken a mulligan or two. And -- and my guess is that that's something you'd probably do a little differently the second time. He just said he'd rather do it through legislation second time through.

And I recognize he wanted very badly to provide better health care to his kids and to prevent the spread of cancer. I agree with -- with those who said he went about it in the wrong way, but I think his heart was in the right place.

Right now, we have people who on this stage care very deeply about this country. We love America. America is in crisis. We have some differences between us, but we agree that this president's got to go. This president is a nice guy. He doesn't have a clue how to get this country working again. And -- and...

Progress Texas Blog

Brandon Weigand - August 19, 2011
Rick Perry has reversed his stance on the HPV vaccine mandate he attempted to impose on Texas 6th grade girls through an executive order in 2007. Perry went on the WHO radio at the Iowa State Fair and claimed,“[T]he fact of the matter is, I didn't do my research well enough to understand that we needed to have a substantial conversation with our citizenry."
His statement is timely, to say the least.

Perry’s history with the HPV mandate has been turbulent, with suspicious relationships within the pharmaceutical industry to surprising conservative backlash. Now, with his eye on the presidency, Perry has finally admitted that he “made a mistake."
And that he did, according to his conservative base. The decision caused an enormous political backlash within his own supporters that considered the executive order government intrusion into a family decision.

The executive order was eventually overturned by the Texas Legislature.
So why would Rick Perry sign this executive order so unpopular within his own political base?  The answer may be in his relationship with Merck & Co (the pharmaceutical company responsible for creating the HPV vaccine GARDASIL) and the advocacy organization Women in Government.
[Merck & Co.] doubled its lobbying budget in Texas and funneled cash through advocacy organization Women in Government, the Associated Press reported. Perry’s former chief of staff and co-founder of a pro-Perry SuperPAC Mike Toomey served as one of Merck’s three lobbyists in Texas. Toomey’s mother-in-law served as state director for Women in Government at the time. A high-ranking official from the company’s vaccine division sits on the group’s business council, the AP reported. Finally, Perry himself was the recipient of $6,000 from the pharmaceutical company’s PAC while campaigning for reelection.


1.      During this time Rick Perry’s former Chief of Staff and creator of a pro-Perry SuperPAC Mike Toomey lobbied for Merck & Co., creator of the HPV vaccine GARDASIL.

2.    During this time Rick Perry’s mother-in-law served as state director for Women in Government.
3.    Merck & Co funneled money through Women in Government.

4.    On February 2, 2006 Rick Perry signed an executive order mandating HPV vaccination for sixth grade girls beginning in September 2008.
5.     On October 16, 2006 Perry's Chief of Staff Deidre Delisi and aides discussed GARDASIL according to documents obtained by the Associated Press.

6.    That same day that Merck & Co’s PAC donated $5,000 to Perry's campaign and $5,000 total to eight Texas lawmakers.
7.     The executive order was overturned by the Texas Legislature.

That was back in 2007. Yet all of a sudden, he now feels that he made a mistake, a very opportunistic approach to sweeping one of his most controversial (and self-proclaimed) mistakes under the rug.

For more information on Rick Perry’s and HPV vaccine mandate checkout this American Independent story.

SaneVax Blows the Whistle on Merck’s Recombinant

 HPV Shot Gardasil, Liam Scheff on the 9/11 Questions

 You Are Not Allowed to Ask Jon Stewart and More on

 The Robert Scott Bell Show September 8, 2011

Norma Erickson, President, and Leslie Carol Botha, Vice-President of Public Relations for SANE Vax Inc. join RSB to explain the shocking news about Gardasil contamination that is rocking the pharmaceutical industry and governments worldwide.  Listen as they explain their findings and the potential health risks the contamination poses potentially affecting millions of adolescents around the world. The letter sent to Dr. Margaret Hamburg at the FDA stated, “One of the HPV DNA fragments detected in the vaccine is part of a synthetic construct (GenBank Locus SCU55993) for HPV11 major capsid protein L1 gene, a recombinant DNA genetically engineered specifically for manufacturing of the Gardasil vaccine.” and

What about the HPV vaccine fact sheet? Here is the direct link: HPV Vaccine Fact Sheet

Horrifying Ingredient Found in Vaccines Could Make Some Stop

Guess what's floating around in vaccines? Cellophane.No, this isn't another of those "aborted fetal tissue, pig parts, space rocks" rants about how you're poisoning your kids and must be stupid if you don't know what's in them. But there are some freaky things in vaccines that areintentionally included. This one happens to be an accidentthough, or at least just poor processing.

Charred cellophane was found in some vaccines by Merck, and the FDA says it's the fault of the plant that makes the vaccines. It looks like this is hardly a surprise either, based on previous findings in past inspections. Yikes.

Apparently in 2008, the FDA had issued a formal warning letter about conditions at the West Point, Pennsylvania, plant. But since then, there have been issues with metal particles, cracks in vaccine vials, and Merck not following protocol and reporting adverse affects to the FDA in the proper time frame.
But back to the cellophane, they say that pieces of the shrink wrap that covers the glass vialsweren't washed and removed during cleaning, and then were charred later during sterilization via heat. Apparently 12 reports have come in, four from Merck's own internal sample testing, and eight from consumers. Eek. And this is since 2009. Anyone else a little bothered that it's been noted for two years? I mean, I know things work slow, but still.

Anyway, this would affect Merck's Gardasil vax (because it needs more bad press, right?), Varivax (chicken pox), Pneumovax, Zostavax, MMR II, and Antivenin (used to treat black widow bites). Hoo boy. Merck says it's all good, though, and they don't know of any risks to people, but the FDA? Not agreeing! They say you can't rule it out. Anything floating in an injectable is obviously a concern, and doctors have been warned to look for ... floating brown particles in vials. Gross.

However, I'm not saying, "Don't vaccinate! Boogeyman in your vials!" but seriously, this bothers me. It's a hard enough choice for moms to decide where they stand when it comes to vaccines with the ingredients that are supposed to be in them. In my opinion, we could stand to really change ingredients to be healthier in the first place and cut out some of the things we know aren't good for people instead of insisting that such a limited amount will be fine. I know not all moms agree, but that's okay, I don't expect everyone to. Vaccines are a really tough, personal choice that everyone has to make up their own mind about. But hearing about things like this just makes our choice even harder. I know a little part of me worries with every vaccine my kids get, but I don't want to have to be worrying about floating, burned plastic.
Does this worry you?

House 9/11 resolution vows to continue fight against terrorism

A resolution offered by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks vows to continue fighting terrorist groups and offer whatever support is needed in this effort.
The House plans to vote on the resolution, H.Res. 391, on Friday, just two days before the 10th anniversary of the attacks that killed nearly 3,000 Americans in New York and at the Pentagon and the Pennsylvania crash site of one of the hijacked planes.
The resolution reasserts the House's commitment to "opposing violent extremism arrayed against American interests and to providing the United States military, intelligence and law enforcement communities with the resources and support to do so effectively and safely."
It also vows that the House will "continue to identify, intercept and disrupt terrorists and their activities." Further, it thanks foreign governments and their citizens for standing "in solidarity with the United States against terrorism in the aftermath of the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, and asks them to continue to stand with the United States against international terrorism."
The resolution marks Sept. 11 as a day of "solemn commemoration," and thanks first responders, law enforcement and others who aided victims of the attacks. It says the U.S. is "indebted to the brave military, intelligence, law enforcement and civilian personnel serving in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere in advancement of United States national interests."
It also specifically commends the military personnel
Comments (4)

Good to know that the US Government of Corporations will continue to use 9/11 as an excuse to create a police state in America and continue to use 100s of billions of our tax dollars for TSA and DHS and other consitutional crushing means to imprison citizens…Great…what we need more wars, more DNA destroying x-ray machines at the airport…more TSA harassment of citizens…but whatever you do, don't secure the border from incoming threats…nice work…from our fascist dictator in chief…thanks, Obama

BY DANIEL on 09/08/2011 at 10:20
We need to stop terrorism in congress. Offset criminal activity with prison. The whole world knows Tea Party deliberately crashed world markets and yet the criminals walk free. Cantor then takes a tax payer vacation to Israel. Now he is using aid to disaster victims as a sounding board for fanatic ideological.Viva La American Revolution. Tea party and the republicans who fear them have got to go. Resign now! Before we drag you out of your fancy office, and toss you into prison.

Dick Cheney is coming to town on September 26 to promote his book In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir. But Vancouver lawyer Gail Davidson has other plans for one of the most controversial figures of the modern era, a powerful man who publicly admitted having allowed torture.
The cofounder of the international group Lawyers Against the War wants the government of Canada either to bar the former U.S. vice president from entering the country or, if he’s allowed in, to arrest and prosecute him for torture, war offences, and crimes against humanity. And if Canada isn’t keen on punishing the ex–vice president to former president George W. Bush, Davidson argues, then it should extradite Cheney to a country that is willing and able to prosecute him.

One of the most vocal defenders of U.S. foreign policy, specifically the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, Cheney is the first featured speaker in the 2011–12 series of Vancouver’s Bon Mot Book Club.

“It’s a bit chilling that they would invite a mass murderer as their guest to Canada,” Davidson told the Georgia Straight by phone, “when any one of them would know full well that because of the founded accusations made against Mr. Cheney, that he’s persona non grata in Canada, being accused of international crimes, torture, war crimes, and crimes against humanity.”

Organizer Leah Costello explained that the Bon Mot Book Club is an “intimate and exclusive high-end dinner series”, wherein her company Curious Mind Productions Inc. brings in world leaders and other high-profile speakers. Cheney will speak at a dinner event at the Vancouver Club.

“I haven’t heard anything yet,” Costello told the Straight by phone, when asked if she expects protests to greet Cheney. “But I have heard that he’s a controversial figure. That’s for sure.”

In a recent NBC interview, Cheney declared that he had “no regrets” that the American government used torture against terrorism suspects.

Asked if the U.S. should still use widely condemned techniques like waterboarding, Cheney responded: “I would strongly support using it again if circumstances arose where we had a high-value detainee and that was the only way we could get him to talk.”

According to Davidson, the government is obliged under local and international laws—such as the United Nations’ Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment—to deny safe haven and prosecute persons accused of crimes like torture. Davidson is writing Prime Minister Stephen Harper and key cabinet ministers to outline evidence against the Bush administration and its senior officials.

“The role of Mr. Cheney is that he authorized, directed, ordered, supervised, and failed to prevent the commission of a wide range of crimes against humanity and war crimes,” Davidson said.

She has previously written to the government, suggesting steps similar to those regarding Cheney be taken when Bush visits Surrey on October 20. The ex-president has been invited by Mayor Diane Watts to the Surrey Regional Economic Summit.

In her letter dated August 25 regarding Bush’s visit, Davidson cited a transcript of a U.S. interview with Cheney in May 2009, in which Cheney stated that Bush authorized torture. He said: “I mean it was a presidential-level decision. And the decision went to the president. He signed off on it.”
Speaking to the Straight, Davidson said that the evidence against the Bush administration is well known and part of the public record. The documentation contained in Davidson’s August 25 letter includes a statement from now retired U.S. army Maj.-Gen. Antonio Taguba, who looked into abuses at Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison. Taguba stated that “the Commander-in-Chief [Bush] and those under him authorized a systematic regime of torture”.

The Vancouver lawyer also cited a 2004 report by the International Committee of the Red Cross that the American military used interrogation techniques amounting to torture on prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, a U.S. naval base in Cuba. She likewise mentioned a 2007 Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly report that spoke about a “whole series of illegal acts in Europe” by the CIA through “extraordinary rendition”, a practice in which individuals are abducted from one country and sent to another, to be detained and tortured for information in secret locations.

Davidson stressed that when Canada ratified the international convention against torture, it accepted a duty not just to Canadians but to everyone. And that is to “take effective measures to prevent and punish torture wherever it occurs, whatever the nationality of the victims are, and whatever the nationality of the perpetrators”.

CBS News
Are they not often targeted as "right wing extremists"? (The comment above, case in point). There are many good and noble Muslims. But is not far more violence against Muslims practiced by their own terrorists in their own countries? ...See all stories on this topic »

The Richest 0.1% Have Launched A War On Us – It’s Time To Fight Back And Hold These 400 Billionaires Personally Responsible For Our Economic Crisis

--We have endured financial oppression for long enough. In a time of national crisis and shared sacrifice, the richest one-tenth of one percent of the population cannot continue on their merry way, living in obscene wealth and detached from reality, while the majority of the population desperately struggles to make ends meet. We are under attack, and it’s time to fight back. [Read More]

Obama Will not Win a Second Term. The question is, will he go the path of LBJ or Bush 41?

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