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HPV Vaccines: A Human Rights Violation? The Same Issue In India and Inventing Diseases To Sell Drugs

HPV Vaccines: A Human Rights Violation? The Same Issue In India and Inventing Diseases To Sell Drugs
OCTOBER 1, 2013 
By K Paul Stoller, MD*, FACHM

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"... this is no endorsement for Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccines. In fact this is about revealing that HPV vaccines were created for only one reason and it wasn’t as a humanitarian effort to minimize cervical cancer.

It was created by greed to create income for both a pharmaceutical company and USA governmental agencies National Institutes of Health/Health and Human Services (NIH/HHS) that owned the technology used in the vaccine under the cover of doing something beneficial – a “greater good.” 

The HPV vaccine has less value than snake oil - at least snake oil is rich in Omega 3 EFAs, and consuming snake oil won’t harm anyone, but the same cannot be said for the HPV vaccine.

 The HPV vaccine was never necessary and the true interventions available for those who are concerned about preventing cervical cancer have been suppressed."


HPV Vaccines: Science or ?

Cervical cancer, the second-most common cancer in young women, is particularly prone to be found in the down trodden and in impoverished countries. But this is no endorsement for Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccines. In fact this is about revealing that HPV vaccines were created for only one reason and it wasn’t as a humanitarian effort to minimize cervical cancer. It was created by greed to create income for both a pharmaceutical company and USA governmental agencies National Institutes of

Health/Health and Human Services (NIH/HHS) that owned the technology used in the vaccine under the cover of doing something beneficial – a “greater good.”  The HPV vaccine has less value than snake oil – at least snake oil is rich in Omega 3 EFAs, and consuming snake oil won’t harm anyone, but the same cannot be said for the HPV vaccine. The HPV vaccine was never necessary and the true interventions available for those who are concerned about preventing cervical cancer have been suppressed.
Does HPV cause cervical cancer?

While a virus may almost always be a trigger for cancer on a cellular/DNA level – it needs the environment, the internal milieu, to be prepared correctly to allow the wildcat cells to proliferate. Because the public doesn’t know this, it is easy for trusted authorities to impose fear of the virus on the populace just as was done and is still done with polio.

It is a tried and true method of disinformation.  

In the case of cervical cancer the field upon which it takes hold must be deficient in certain vitamins, and without that deficiency it is very unlikely cervical cancer will take hold.  

While it may remain controversial which vitamins, or combinations thereof hold the key, the point is this is about a nutritional issue.

Indole-3-carbinol (I3C) is a phytochemical present in all members of the cruciferous vegetable family including cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and kale. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study,[1] 30 patients with biopsy-confirmed Cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN), also known as cervical dysplasia, II-III were randomized to receive placebo or 200 or 400 mg oral I3C daily for 12 weeks.

None of the patients in the placebo group had complete regression of CIN. In contrast, four of eight patients in the 200-mg/day group and four of nine in the 400-mg/day group had complete regression of CIN based on 12-week biopsy (400 mg/day, is equivalent to one-third of a head of cabbage.)

Adequate Vitamin D levels need to be present as well, but the point is cervical cancer is far more about malnutrition than an HPV virus. The vitamin D connection is no surprise because adequate vitamin D levels are required to have the immune system deal with viral infections and as most cancer patients are vitamin D deficient, regardless of what cancer they have a vitamin D/cervical cancer connection is a foregone conclusion.

Cigarette smoking, which is known to lower Vitamin D levels, only adds to the risk of cervical cancer. The bottom-line for women to understand is that an HPV infection alone is an insufficient cause of cervical cancer. HPV is but only one risk factor along with cigarette smoking. There is no direct link between HPV and cervical cancer. The vast majority of women will get an HPV infection but they will not get cervical cancer, but in malnourished women cervical cancer becomes a real risk. This is about poverty and nutrition – that is the direct link and the primary cause of cervical cancer.

Do HPV vaccines benefit women’s health?

Those who care about a woman’s risk of cervical cancer would do better to empower women everywhere and provide adequate nourishment, but this isn’t about caring about or for women – this is just about profit nothing less. Now, there has always been a pharmaceutical treatment for HPV infections (except in the USA). [2] One study showed that with just a ten day course of therapy with this extremely benign drug (inosine pranobex or Isoprinosine), there was an almost 80% elimination of human papillomavirus (HPV)  16 and 18 in cervical cancer (CIN I-III) and preinvasive cancer of the cervix and of those with recurrent CIN or Ca in situ in the remaining part of the cervix who were infected with (HPV).[3] This study was published the same year the FDA fast tracked the HPV vaccine.

The vaccines cover HPV 16 & 18, responsible for being the trigger for 70% of cervical cancers, but no one actually knows if the vaccine prevents infection (let alone cancer) – all we know is they increase antibodies to those two viral strains for an unspecified period of time. The vaccines do not cover 16 other HPV strains that can trigger genital cancer (31, 45, 33, 35, 39, 51, 52, 56, 58, 59, 26, 53, 66, 68, 73, 82). We do know getting the vaccine actually increases the risk of getting carcinoma in situ lesions from HPV strains not covered by the vaccine.[4]

Now this bears repeating, the  FDA apparently knew the vaccine actually increased cervical cancer risk by 40%  in women who had already been exposed to HPV and  used magical thinking  (no scientific evidence) to deal with this problem by recommending approving the vaccine for young girls hoping (I can only assume) they were never exposed – but the evidence is that infants can be exposed during the birth process, and since no testing of HPV serology is done before an HPV vaccine is given nor is it required, the FDA’s decision was irrational until you understand they were doing the bidding of not just Merck but the Health & Human Services Department that owns patents connected to this vaccine and would benefit if the vaccine became widely accepted.

Science or Subterfuge?

In other words, not only was the science behind this vaccine not there, but evidence  showed cancer risk increased significantly. The fact that the NIH/HHS owned patents of the technology used in the vaccine, which was licensed to Merck, had everything to do with how this dangerous vaccine failed upward into approval and a fast-track. This is a total loss of boundaries between corporation and state.

This is now about criminal activity. When the head of the Merck vaccine division[5] (Julie Gerberding) is the same person in charge of the CDC you have an unholy alliance between corporation and state. The public and the world need to understand that no scientific information coming from the NIH/CDC/FDA/HHS can be trusted nor policies created from same.  The loss of confidence in these agencies is irrecoverable.

Any scientific publication that is authored by anyone coming from or funded by someone either working for the government or a pharmaceutical company can no longer be trusted.

Whether or not the subterfuge behind HPV vaccines constitutes a violation of human rights deserves its own discussion. Nevertheless, several States (USA) will allow 12 year olds to receive this vaccine without parental consent.

But a 12 year old cannot enter into a contract anywhere in the USA, so how could they possibly give informed consent for a vaccine?

Again, this aspect of the problem deserves international attention if not international legal intervention, but that is not taking place yet.

KP Stoller, MD* is President of the International Hyperbaric Medical Association, a  lifetime Fellow of the American College of Hyperbaric Medicine, an Adjunct Assistant Clinical Professor (AT Still University SOMA), Chief of Hyperbaric Medicine – Amen Clinics, and was a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics for over two decades until he resigned over their advocacy of mercury preservatives in vaccines. *these above organizations/institutions are for identification purposes only.


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Page 22, Table 32. “Detailed Safety Population: Number (%) of subjects who reported systemic adverse reactions of 2% or greater in the 15 days following receipt of study vaccine.” Table 32 shows that the number of subjects reporting systemic adverse reactions was 3591. That is a percentage of 59.2% of the participants.

[5] Technically, Gerberding did not become head of the Merck Vaccine Division until after she resigned from the CDC.


I have known of many tricks of the trade of the pharmaceutical lobby but not this one till very recently although I had a hunch that this could be there. At the same time, I am happy that there are people with some conscience pricking them before death at least. Of late, when one opens any newspaper or journal there are articles on a recent disease in children by name ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and our pediatricians bend over backwards to make the diagnosis and start our children on dangerous chemical drugs at that tender age.
Now comes the bombshell. American psychiatrist, Dr. Leon Eisenberg (87), made a statement to a German magazine, Der Spiegel, a couple of months before his death that ADHD is a fictitious disease which they put together for the benefit of drug companies in the new disease classification in the American Psychiatry Association’s DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Diseases).
In his book, Inventing Diseases, Professor Jerg Blech, another German, gives a graphic description of hypertension having been discovered as a disease needing drug treatment through the German plan ofWell Man clinics in nice air-conditioned vans, with beautiful nurses, parked around Church squares and shopping malls to give people a free check-up, a dangerous activity when one feels healthy and happy.
Any one that walks in becomes a patient. Actually, it was Leon Eisenberg who once asked his new brilliant resident who is a patient? Pat came the reply: A man/woman who sees any doctor becomes a patient! What rattled Leon further was the answer to his second query: When does that person become normal again? “Rarely ever, if ever, was the answer.” Maybe, this is the reason that pricked his conscience.
There is no proof or test to find out exactly what chemicals are “out of balance” in the brain for ADHD or any other disorder. Most of those drugs are unnecessary as they are known to provoke suicide and homicide. “Since that DMS conference in 1968, Dr. Eisenberg's contribution to mental disease by invention and committee consensus has resulted in drugging millions of children from preschool age through high school. It is currently estimated that up to 20 % of children from nursery school and kindergarten through high school and in foster homes have been prescribed Ritalin.
Commonly prescribed for kids “diagnosed” or better still, labelled with ADHD, Ritalin was tested a little over a decade ago by the Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL). The BNL study determined that Ritalin is pharmacologically similar to cocaine with perhaps even worse brain damaging potential,” writes Mike Adams in his recent blog.
Dr. Irwin Savodnik, Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine, was of the opinion that “the very vocabulary of psychiatry is now defined at all levels by the pharmaceutical industry.” This racket has been going on ever since and has been able to get even health insurance to cover their dark deeds.
Vaccination is another fertile ground for the industry where most of what it sells has dubious value. Lead researcher, Dr. Diane Harper, who was instrumental in creating Gardasil, and cervarix, admitted back in 2009 that the vaccines were essentially useless and more dangerous than the very conditions they were hailed as preventing and treating? A 2009 article published by CBS News, in fact, which is still available online, reveals the truth about these vaccines.
One particular quote, which was pulled out, using the Wayback Machine, reveals that both Gardasil and Cervarix do nothing to prevent cervical cancer, which is their primary claim to fame. “The rate of serious adverse events [from Gardasil] is on a par with the death rate of cervical cancer,” admitted Dr. Harper at that time, refuting a pro-Gardasil piece published by Slate. “Gardasil has been associated with at least as many serious adverse events as there are deaths from cervical cancer developing each year.”
Dr. Harper dropped a bombshell when she told reporters that the public health benefit of getting vaccinated with Gardasil “is nothing,” adding the vaccine has led to “no reduction in cervical cancers.” She quickly withdrew her statements saying the media has distorted her story, almost on the lines of Indian politicians!
Dr. Harper went on to admit that deaths from Gardasil had been underreported by the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which has given the illusion that the vaccine is somehow safe. The vast majority of HPV infections resolve themselves on their own within a year and nearly all of them within two years. She also admitted that an extremely small number of people experience symptoms from infection. Millions of young girls and now even boys, some as young as nine years old, have received the vaccine since 2006. Some of what she said then is still on line.
Recently, Dr. Puliyal from New Delhi, an expert in this field, exposed the myth of another childhood vaccine, the pentavalent vaccine. But that does not seem to stir the conscience of our greedy powers that be! When I just retired as Vice-Chancellor of Manipal University in 2003, the Deputy Commissioner of Udupi district wanted me to retract an article of mine on polio dangers for malnourished children, which information had, by then, even entered the British Pharmacopoeia. As I refused to do that, he made my colleagues in the university release a paper statement that “I had forgotten my medicine and people should not give heed to my article as the whole university was fully with the government in vaccinating even the malnourished children!” They obliged him, I cannot but pity those statements and our commitment to truth in medical science.
We can go on and on till the cows come home on the fraud in medical research but I highly recommend the following article in the Atlantic Magazine of November 20th, 2010 by Davis Freedman on the important topic: Lies, Damned Lies and Medical Research. The article is a result of a long interview with Professor John PA Ioannidis of Stanford University, who has been pioneering the work to expose these frauds successfully. He is a much respected member of the American medical scene.
“Honesty is the best policy when there is money in it.” — Mark Twain.
(The writer is a cardiologist and former Vice-Chancellor of Manipal University. His email:

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