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Vaccine Manufacturer’s Documents Show HPV Vaccines May Induce Seizures and HPV Vaccines: My Journey Through Gardasil Injuries : Elizabeth Wagner

Vaccine Manufacturer’s Documents Show HPV Vaccines May Induce Seizures and HPV Vaccines: My Journey Through Gardasil Injuries

SEPTEMBER 25, 2013 
By Elizabeth Wagner, Minnesota


I thought an ounce of prevention was worth a pound of cure. Little did I realize how my simple decision to add Gardasil to my cancer prevention strategy would result in so many new health conditions. Sometimes, I wish it were possible to get unvaccinated.

Prior to Gardasil, I was an extremely healthy and active 26 year old woman. I was always involved in sports and worked out five times per week. I was enjoying a successful career and on my way up the corporate ladder.  I hadn’t been to a doctor for a single thing in over 5 years.  I had maintained a record of clean health for nearly my entire life.  At the time, I was engaged to be married and I had my whole life to look forward to.

Much like many well-meaning, concerned parents, my mother thought it would be a good idea to get the HPV vaccine in order to avoid the possibility of getting cervical cancer someday.  My doctor did not see the point being I had not yet been sexually active and my soon-to-be-husband had no sexually transmitted diseases.  Even though it did not make much sense to me or my doctor, we went ahead with the first shot of the vaccine series.

I received the first Gardasil shot in May 2008.  Several days after that first injection, I returned to my doctor complaining of hand and joint pain, headaches and nausea.  My doctor did not mention it could be the vaccine causing the pain and sent me to a specialist. The specialist could find nothing wrong with me.

Months went on and I kept feeling intensely worn down, fatigued, had horrible headaches and just didn’t feel like myself.  I received the second shot and again, I felt very flu-like.  The pain radiating throughout my body felt like burning knives stabbing me in every muscle. The pain was like nothing I had ever felt in my life.  Beyond just the pain, I started to develop a “foggy” feeling in my head.  Everything seemed confusing.  I had a hard time, putting words together and getting my thoughts out.

My immune system was clearly compromised.  I also developed several food sensitivities including gluten, dairy, eggs, soy and shrimp.  Soon after the vaccine, my menstrual cycles became very irregular, I developed endometriosis and an ovarian cyst.  Things kept getting worse.  I continued to return to my doctor trying to find out what was wrong with me.

How did I go from a vibrant young woman full of life to a woman who felt trapped in a body that was quickly deteriorating?

Eventually, I was put on disability.  I was so ill, I did not attend any social events or Thanksgiving and Christmas of 2008.  I was unable to function.
The doctors were running out of explanations and ultimately came to the conclusion that all of my issues were “depression”.  They prescribed me many anti-depressants, antibiotics, muscle relaxers and anti-anxiety meds.  Of which, I never took.  During my disability I sought help at Mayo clinic.

While there, I had about 50 appointments with various doctors doing tests, scans and biopsies trying to unwrap what was slowly eating away at my life.  The final decision made there was again that I was “depressed” and all of my health ailments were caused by this. I was beginning to lose hope.  I knew without a doubt that all of my issues were not in my head.

After seeing about a dozen different doctors including chiropractors, naturopathic doctors and specialists, one doctor finally took the time to sit down and look at my medical records to see if we could piece everything together.

By actually printing out everything and laying it down in front of us, it was clear as day that all of my health ailments started exactly when I received the HPV vaccine.  Doing some quick research of my own, I also discovered that the HPV vaccine is well known and documented for being one of the most devastating vaccines made to date.  It has caused nearly 30,000 adverse reactions to women even much younger than I. Many of them have spent years without recovering.

During my journey to re-discover my health, I have changed many things in my life which I believe have helped make me more whole and will aid in my final healing process.  I now eat all mainly organic whole foods, I regularly see a chiropractor, I take probiotics daily, I only take whole organic supplements and finally, I am now seeing a doctor who specializes in vaccine injury using homeopathy.  More specifically, CEASE therapy.

Thankfully, I am beyond blessed with an amazingly supportive husband in my corner.  I also am surrounded with an extremely encouraging church-family and biological family who have been there for me through so much.  I never imagined that in one moment, in one injection, in one foolish decision, my life would change forever.

I now have a son of my own and he will not be vaccinated.  The risks of possible auto-immune issues, allergies, asthma and general irreversible damage are too serious and tragic for me to force onto my son.  Do your research on every single vaccine before you make an irreversible decision for your children.

The issue is not new; so let’s do some review.

The FDA and its maker insist it's safe. But CBS News investigative correspondent Sharyl Attkisson has exclusive information on some very serious side effects.

Amid questions about the safety of the HPV vaccine Gardasil one of the lead researchers for the Merck drug is speaking out about its risks, benefits and aggressive marketing. 

Dr. Diane Harper says young girls and their parents should receive more complete warnings before receiving the vaccine to prevent cervical cancer. Dr. Harper helped design and carry out the Phase II and Phase III safety and effectiveness studies to get Gardasil approved, and authored many of the published, scholarly papers about it. She has been a paid speaker and consultant to Merck. It's highly unusual for a researcher to publicly criticize a medicine or vaccine she helped get approved. 

Dr. Harper joins a number of consumer watchdogs, vaccine safety advocates, and parents who question the vaccine's risk-versus-benefit profile.

She says data available for Gardasil shows that it lasts five years; there is no data showing that it remains effective beyond five years… 

Worse yet is that a disturbing number of girls and young women who received Gardasil have died or suffered  serious adverse effects such as paralysis, seizures and blindness since the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) fast tracked its approval under pressure from the pharmaceutical giant (Merck) that makes it.  Just this week Judicial Watch released the latest of many daunting federal reports exposing the deaths of 26 girls who received the shot in the last year alone.

Before that Judicial Watch uncovered droves of FDA records, obtained by suing the agency, that document the damage associated with Gardasil which is promoted as a miracle shot that can prevent certain strains of cervical cancer caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV). In 2008 JW also published a special report detailing Gardasil’s approval process, side effects, safety concerns and marketing practices. Undoubtedly, it illustrates a large-scale public health experiment.

Yet, incredibly, at least 20 states have passed laws requiring funding for Gardasil or education programs promoting the vaccine.  Among states that have enacted Gardasil-related measures are Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Nevada, Rhode Island and Utah. In all 50 states, tax dollars help pay for the shots because the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) makes them available through the federal Vaccines for Children program.

But California has broken away from the pack in a big way by making Gardasil, which is administered to girls as young as 9, available without permission from a parent. Signed by Governor Jerry Brown this month, the new measure (Minors: Medical Care: Consent Bill) will take effect in January. That means anyone 12 years of age or older can consent to medical care related to the prevention of a sexually transmitted disease, according to the actual language of the law.

This includes the strains of cervical cancer, communicated only by sexual contact, that Gardasil’s manufacturer claims to prevent. The new law was clearly crafted for this one drug and a chunk of it is dedicated to touting it because “HPV vaccination prior to the onset of sexual activity is critical since most infections occur within a short time frame post initiation.”

Of interesting note is that the key California legislators who passed the Gardasil law received campaign money from Merck, according to a Sacramento-based investigative journalism group that published a database with the names and numbers. All of the lawmakers are Democrats who each got between $300 and $3,500 from the huge pharmaceutical conglomerate….

Unlike babies, you just can't hold teens or adults down and vaccinate them. As a result, vaccinations for many preventable illnesses remain stubbornly low, despite a massive effort by drug makers and public-health officials to educate the community.
For example, Merck and GlaxoSmithKline have fought an uphill, politically charged battle to persuade the parents of teenage girls and boys to get them vaccinated against human papillomavirus (HPV), which is the most common sexually transmitted infection and is associated with several types of cancer, especially cervical.

“While progress is being made in getting more boys vaccinated—CDC data published in July show that 21% received Merck's Gardasil in 2012, up from 7% in 2011—the rate among girls is leveling off. “We're dropping the ball,” the CDC's director, Thomas Frieden, MD, said in July. As to possible reasons why, data from a survey of parents, which appeared in Pediatrics in 2011, indicated that over half of US girls ages 13 to 17 had not gotten even one dose of HPV vaccine due to poor awareness (19.4%) and the failure of doctors to recommend vaccination (13.1%).
These conversations parents are expected to have with their teens can be uncomfortable, and a strong doctor recommendation could help, says Krista Geller, MD, a pediatrician and VP, medical director at IPG's ICC Lowe. “The physician-caregiver dialogue regarding the rationale and importance of HPV vaccination is a platform for pediatricians to model a responsible approach to difficult conversations.”
Still, “people view Merck's Gardasil as an innovative product, and it's back on a growth trajectory,” Bernstein Research analyst Tim Anderson, MD, tells MM&M. “The challenges have been political issues, and then compliance in terms of getting all three shots. A lot of that is in the rearview mirror, though.”
Gardasil, he wrote in a July investor note, benefits from uptake in males in the US but “Japan's recent decision to suspend recommending immunization of girls with Gardasil will have a clear, negative impact in 2013 (Gardasil sales in [Japan] were $140M in 2012).”

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