Saturday, July 10, 2010

Could It Really Be True That Our News Is Manipulated And Edited? Are Real Answers Being Avoided? If So Why?

Could It Really Be True That Our News Is Manipulated And Edited? Are Real Answers Being Avoided? If So Why?

Could It Really Be True That Our News Is Manipulated And Edited?
We Know “ Fox( FUX) News” Is  Right Wing Nut Fruit Cake Propaganda For The Intellectually Challenged Puppets Of Right Wing Demagogues..But…

One of the knocks you hear against solar energy is that the sun doesn't always shine. While true, that seemingly inconvenient fact didn't stop the Swiss team behind the Solar Impulse HB-SIA from attempting to fly their super-size, super-light aircraft for over 24 hours powered by only by photonic goodness. In achieving their goal, not only did they set the record for longest solar flight at 26 hours and nine minutes, they also broke the record for altitude – 8,564 meters (28,097 feet) above sea level.

Perhaps just as amazing, they managed to land with more energy in their lithium battery pack than they started with. Piloted by Andre Borschberg, the 3,500 lb. carbon fiber flying machine hit speeds of 68 knots (78.25 miles per hour), though its average speed was 23 knots (26.47 mph). It employed four motors and gathered the energy to run them from 20 percent efficient mono-crystalline solar cells along its 193-foot wings.

Just like electric cars, the team says the element limiting electric aircraft performance is the energy density limitations of modern batteries. That technical hindrance isn't stopping them from starting their next project – a plane to make a trans-Atlantic flight before attempting a circumnavigation of the planet in 2012. jump for video of the Solar Impulse in flight and on the ground with its very excited team.

Powering the grid through increasingly efficient methods decreases the overall emissions of energy generation. Many Tesla owners take reducing their carbon footprint a step further - they install residential solar systems and charge completely off the grid. Their cars are truly emissions free.
Petroleum is a limited resource. The United States maintains about 2% of the world's petroleum reserves but consumes 25% of the supply. Nearly two-thirds of petroleum is used by the transportation sector and demand continues to rise. The supply will not last forever. Minimizing dependence on petroleum not only reduces emission, but also builds a stronger energy economy. The Tesla Roadster is the hottest, fastest way to declare independence.
Driving a Tesla becomes more about "topping-off" than refilling from empty. At the end of each day, Tesla owners simply plug in their cars. The charger is on board the car, which means no special permanently installed equipment is needed to plug in. Any outlet can be used to charge the car. After just a few hours, the car is ready for a day of driving with a full charge. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American commute is about 40 miles a day, and with a range of 245 miles (up to 300 for Model S), there is ample energy for many days of driving. But there's no reason to wait until the battery is completely empty before charging - with outlets everywhere, recharging doesn't mean going out of the way to the gas station.

Now ladies and Gentlemen; you can’t tell me that the intelligence does not exist to develop: (1) better, super batteries, (2) more efficient electric generators, ie., solar cells, nano technology, electric producing paints, electric producing motion systems that can drive all manner of vehicles. The final step, partially realized in the electric airplane is an on board recharging (no plug-in) non-hybrid vehicle.

The Automobile whose tires hit the road with those specs will revolutionize world, and the company that produces it will have Wall Street types buying the stock like there is no tomorrow.

The only question is: “Will The United States be the nation that rules the automotive world again or will we find some hideous excuse to fail to do so. If we can take the gas guzzlers of the world off the road and stop fighting wars that make no sense; this nation would not have to import one drop of oil from abroad  and we would not have constantly find new parts of this land and our  oceans to rape for oil.

Think about it. Think about what an investment in this area of R&D could mean to this nation’s economy and job market place. Just think about it!

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