Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Rapidly Growing Polarization Of The US Is The Smoke Screen For The 2010 Elections

The Rapidly Growing Polarization Of The US Is The Smoke Screen For The 2010 Elections

Anger, Hatred and Bigotry Need No Facts For The Justification Of Actions And Words.

Tea Party Favorite Falls In Alabama GOP Race
And we don`t seem to want to use the tools that are there -- 
impeachment is one of them -- to hold them accountable. MATTHEWS: Well, they have committed ... See all stories on this topic

Arizona's New Immigration Law Is Unconstitutional -- But This Right-Wing ...
Arizona's controversial SB 1070 attempts to make immigration policy that differs from federal law. Precedent suggests it will be shot down. 
...See all stories on this topic »

Right-Wing Extremist Sharron Angle Thinks She's Future Of GOP ...
By jedlewison
Right-Wing Extremist Sharron Angle Thinks She's Future of GOP — Let's Hope So. Posted by jedlewison on @ 2:30 pm. Article printed from speakeasy: ...
SpeakEasy -

By editor
One of these videos shows the violent rhetoric so feared and reviled by the Obama administration. The other just shows some people expressing their views.
Liberal Media Bias Exposed by... -

Palling Around With Conspiracy Theorists | Right Wing Watch
By Rachel
First he employs a convicted domestic abuser, with nary a comment from right wing moralists; now he's lending the weight of his office to a completely unhinged conspiracy theory. At a town hall event with his Louisiana constituents, ...Right Wing Watch -

The Tea Party And The New Right-Wing Christian Feminism | The LA ...
By admin
Ruth Rosen: Why are American women so active in the rightwing Tea Party? Are they drawn to the new conservative Christian feminism publicized by Sarah Palin?
The LA Progressive -

Right Wing Rallies Around Tea Party After Naacp Condemns Movement For ...
TPMDC (blog)
The reaction from the 
right is as you'd imagine it. Scattered incidents of bigotry at tea party rallies have been well documented over the last year, ...See all stories on this topic »

Latest Right Wing Attack: Obama Only Cares About Black Victims Of Terrorism
Washington Post (blog)
Right Wing News proclaimed: "Obama Finally Finds A Reason To Hate Al Qaeda." But come on. The full transcript shows that Obama said this in the context ...See all stories on this topic »

Tea Party Movement Fights Perception Of Welcoming Right-Wing Fringe
The North Iowa Tea Party recently purchased a billboard in downtown Mason City, Iowa, that tied together the images of President Obama, Nazi leader Adolf 
... See all stories on this topic »

Sharron Angle Plays Matchmaker For Tea Party, Religious Right ...
By Rachel
As we've noted before, religious 
right leaders are desperate to jump aboard the Tea Party bandwagon. Now Tea Party backed candidate Sharron Angle is returning the favor, networking with Christian Coalition founder Ralph Reed and ... Right Wing Watch -

How American Right-Wing Christians Are Waging 'Spiritual Warfare ...
By Rafik
”Since the run up to the Iraq War, [Massoud] Barzani and the KRG played to the Bush administration and its right-wing evangelical Christian base,” said Mike Amitay, a Middle East senior policy analyst at the Open Society Policy Center. ... The Islamic Workplace -

No One Can Be Too Right Wing For - The Washington Monthly
By Steve Benen
NO ONE CAN BE TOO RIGHT WING FOR CABLE NEWS.... Long-time readers may recall that I was the editor of Salon's now defunct "Blog Report" a few years ago, and highlighted posts from all kinds of blogs from across the political spectrum. ... Political Animal -


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