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From Ron Fisher: Arlington Virginia: Ideas For Consideration.

From Ron Fisher: Arlington Virginia: Ideas For Consideration.

Please provide constructive comments and additional items for the below list of Priority Actions for the 112th Congress which convenes Monday, January 3, 2012.

Additional items and comments received by 10:00 PM, January 3, will be included in the Priority Actions Lists provided to all members of congress beginning the afternoon of Jan. 3.

An updated copy of the Priority Actions and background information on these Actions will be maintained on

Constructive comments and additional items for any of the documents on are welcomed, including in particular:


Ron Fisher
Captain US Navy (retired)
Co-Chair, VFP Prosecute War Criminals Working Group
Chair, VFP Democracy/Constitution/War Powers Working Group

Arlington, VA 22204

Vision Us and World                                                                                                                                   
Reform Financial Sys                                                                                                                                   
Put America to Work                                                                                                                                   
Injurious Statutes2                                                                                                                                   

Priority Actions for the 112th Congress
(Excerpted from the People's Vision and Agenda for a
Peaceful, Prosperous, Just World
which has additional information
about each action)
No one should be laid off as a result of these actions.
1.      Eliminate the Senate Filibuster Rule and the other injurious items outlined in Injurious Statutes, Rules, Regulations, Court Rulings and Orders That Should Be Set Aside.
2.    Refine and execute the Outline of What Must Be Done to End U.S. Wars and Occupations which includes:
a.     Initiate immediate unilateral cease fire in Afghanistan and Iraq. Halt U.S. drone attacks, covert operations and military actions worldwide.
b.    Provide massive relief efforts and implement "Marshall Plans" in countries harmed by the U.S. using in part goods and foodstuff produced in America as reparations.
c.     Eliminate all funding for the war on terror, torture, assassinations, secret arrests, renditions, abusive treatment and spying on citizens
d.     Close U.S. overseas bases and facilities and bring US troops home to provide support for a new Works Projects Administration (WPA), Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), Peace Corps, Americorps, go to college, return to their old jobs, serve in the State Guards, etc.
e.     Reduce annual Military-Industrial Complex spending by 90% and have the MIC support a peaceful, green economy with absolutely no involuntary layoffs.
f.       Convert military contracts and foreign military sales to green, peaceful purposes; for example, build firefighting aircraft instead of military aircraft
g.     Revitalize the State Guards which as the Constitution states are "necessary to the security of a free State".
h.    Affirm the Constitutional roles and functions of the State Guards (Militias).
i.       Drastically reduce the size and roles of the standing Army, Navy and Air Force.
3.    End the so called "war on terror" and treat terrorist acts as crimes.
4.    Put America and the world to work at living wages by Providing Employment Opportunities For All. This will provide customers for businesses and rapidly grow the economy.
a.     Establish a new Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and Works Projects Administration (WPA)
b.    Change unemployment offices to employment offices. Extend unemployment benefits until there are employment opportunities for all.
5.     Replace the recently past Restoring American Financial Stability Act of 2010 (RAFS) with Meaningful Legislation that basically includes what is outlined in What Must be Done to Reform Financial Systems. In particular:
a.     Integrate the Federal Reserve into Congress and the Department of the Treasury and Government provide low/no-interest loans directly to states, manufacturers and small businesses
b.    Freeze all foreclosures and evictions for 5 years
c.     Limit interest rates to 4% on all secured mortgages and loans and 6% on unsecured loans, retroactive to the origination of the mortgage or loan with legislation that replaces the Monetary Reform Act (P. L. No. 96-221; 94 Stat. 132) (1980).
d.     Re-implement the equivalent of Glass-Steagall with legislation that replaces the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
6.    Replace the so called Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) with meaningful legislation, e.g. National Health Act (H. R. 676) or substantially similar legislation that:
a.     Provides publicly supported nationwide medicare (single payer) for all (comprehensive, universal, physical, dental, mental health), long term care (LTC) and free prescription drugs under a streamlined medicare system.
b.    Repeals the Medicare Part D pharmaceutical legislation and have Medicare negotiate drug prices along with the Veterans Administration and Department of Defense
c.     Reduces health care and Social Security costs
7.     Build and operate a modern comprehensive, nationwide, rail based transportation/transit system.
8.    Provide meaningful, publicly supported pre-k through college education and vocational training for all for life.
9.    Reform and reorganize Congress. Congress and the administration must:
a.     End the control that corporate executives and special interest groups exercise over our public servants with campaign contributions, job offers and hoards of lobbyists. Banish lobbyist and former legislators and staff members from Capitol Hill and the White House.
b.    End the control that political party officials and congressional leadership exercise over our public servants with funds for elections and committee assignments.
c.     Get money, corporation executives and their lobbyists out of politics and insure that the people have control over their government.
d.     Reform and reorganize Congress. Eliminate duplicated authorization and appropriation committees/subcommittees and departments, organize by function and hold individual legislators and officials responsible.
10.                        Rapidly phase out all nuclear weapons, other weapons of mass destruction and ultimately all offensive weapons worldwide.
11.  Protect civil rights and enforce the rule of law.
13.Provide humane, fair and constitutional immigration policies, practices and legislation.
14.Reform Tax Codes. Provide progressive income and property taxes on individuals and businesses with high thresholds and generous deductions for worthwhile causes.
15. Enhance environmental protection.
16.Reform corporation legislation, policies and practices
17. Improve government spending practices.
18.Reform election systems.
19.Refine, reintroduce and pass the DREAM Act, Disclose Act, Employee Free Choice Act, Paycheck Fairness Act, Eliminating Disparities in Diabetes Prevention, Audit the BP Fund Act, Elder Abuse Victims Act, National Bombing Prevention Act and other meaningful legislation left over from the 111th Congress.
  • Reducing annual Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) spending by 90% (about $900 billion), End U.S. wars and occupations, Close U.S. overseas bases and facilities, Drastically reduce the size and roles of the standing Army, Navy and Air Force
  • Integrating the Federal Reserve into the Federal government and government providing zero percent interest loans directly to states, manufacturers and small businesses
  • Recoup at least $5 trillion of the over $23.7 trillion provided or committed to financial institutions.
  • Providing progressive income and property taxes with high thresholds on individuals and businesses. Provide generous deductions for worthwhile causes.
  • A "Tobin" (sales) tax on Wall Street
  • Eliminating all military and financial aid to Israel.
As employment increases, there will be more customers, businesses will increase employment, social security and other tax revenues will increase and so on. The national debt will be paid off, and social security and Medicare will be secure forever.

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