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Wikileaks: Should Total Governmental Transparency Exist, The U.S. Citizenry Could Never Again Be Manipulated Into Going To War, Thereby Negating The Sole Justification For Secrecy….

Wikileaks: Should Total Governmental Transparency Exist, The U.S. Citizenry Could Never Again Be Manipulated Into Going To War, Thereby Negating The Sole Justification For Secrecy….

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For Those Who Choose To Misrepresent Thomas Jefferson!

In a letter from Thomas Jefferson to John Adams on April 11th, 1823.
“The day will come when the mystical generation of Jesus by the Supreme Being as his father, in the womb of a virgin, will be classed with the fable of the generation of Minerva in the brain of Jupiter.” Thomas Jefferson

Re: Wikileaks: The most frightening things revealed by WikiLeaks include: (1) The fact that the truths revealed are not only ugly and render the word “transparency” as one of total hypocrisy, but that the revelations surpass anything a conspiracy theorist motivated by a fundamental distrust or even those driven by the deepest Paranoid Psychosis could and have conjured up, and (2) they frame America as a “pariah on the world”, a vicious piranha-like blood thirsty crazed international menace hiding behind the blind fear-engendered/maintained support of our citizenry in the name of God, Country and Flag, in the name of pride and patriotism when our actions and intentions clearly define a nation bent on dominion and protection of the rich and powerful corporate interests who now own a government that was meant to serve, not control, enslave and  cage its citizens.  

The disclosures are of such a magnitude of manipulation, deception and deceit that even Machiavelli would have pause.  

It is clear that our will means nothing any longer and we have a government than no longer dose or perhaps cannot serve the interests, dreams, hopes, desires and the will of it people. Jefferson had a solution for this situation.

Were I still in a classroom there is no way that could strive to teach my students to have a reasoned faith in our Government with any degree of integrity.

We preach democracy and decency while we torture, lie, squander or national treasury, kill and maim with bullets, bombs and barbed wire while we strive to impose our will on countless other cultures that differ from our own in a program of domination, dictation and domination, and we are expected to accept this and to discount the truth and suck down the spin opiate cool aid of marginalization and normalization of death, destruction, war crimes and countless lawless/inhumane acts against our brothers and sisters in humanity. 

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... crudely upbraided – called “a pussy”, told he needed “to suck that s–t up” and “get the sand out of your vagina”, and threatened with “repercussions”, even criminal charges, if he were to persist in seeking mental health assistance. As later affirmed by McCord, in the US military, the standard practice for soldiers who are brave enough to approach their 'superiors' with issues of war crimes, crimes against humanity and their own struggles of conscience and trauma, ...
Bradley Manning Support Network -

US Army specialist Ethan McCord was amongst the first dismounted soldiers to arrive on the scene of fresh carnage after the July 2007 Apache helicopter attack in East Bhagdad, Iraq – now infamous as the Wikileaks “Collateral Murder” video.

Hearing cries coming from a van, Ethan and another soldier, a 20 year old private, approached and looked inside.  The private reeled back, began to vomit, and quickly ran away. Inside were two Iraqi children covered in blood and glass, partially protected by the now-dead, hunched over form of a man, presumably their father.  
Ethan is shown on the released film footage running with first the girl and then the boy, seeking to deliver them into medical care.  With his own children strongly in his mind’s eye, he kept repeating desperately, “Don’t die; don’t die”.  Despite Ethan’s platoon leader yelling at him, “Stop trying to save these f—ing kids”, the children did indeed survive.  
After the incident, covered with the children’s blood and distraught, Ethan went to a sergeant to apply for mental health support.  The response he received was standard: he was denied support and instead crudely upbraided – called “a pussy”, told he needed “to suck that s–t up” and “get the sand out of your vagina”, and threatened with “repercussions”, even criminal charges, if he were to persist in seeking mental health assistance.  As later affirmed by McCord, in the US military, the standard practice for soldiers who are brave enough to approach their ‘superiors’ with issues of war crimes, crimes against humanity and their own struggles of conscience and trauma, is that they are criticized and “smoked” – meaning they are harshly disciplined, typically by having to perform exhaustive pushups, sit-ups, crunches, flutter kicks, etc., in accord with the motto, “Strong, Army, Strong”…

Posted in Daily lifeGovernmentLaw at 6:51 pm by LeisureGuy
Assuming I’m correct in my understanding that the highest law of the land—viz., the ratified signing of the treaty called the UN Convention Against Torture—makes torture a war crime and also requires the investigation of allegations of torture and other war crimes, with failure to do so being itself a war crime, then we face a developing tradition of US war-criminal presidents—and the precedent, once established, is hard to break: if you’re president n in the series, then either you go along, becoming a war criminal yourself, or you call for an investigation and public proceedings, with prosecutions as needed, thus putting all your surviving predecessors on trial: not very appealing, in either direction. And, of course, you inevitably get the president who thinks, "Hey, if I’m a war criminal anyway, I might as well milk it a bit…"
But suppose the circumstances were something like this: Suppose the first war-criminal president—the one responsible for the actual initial war crimes—belongs to political party A, and then his successor belongs to the other political party, B. Normally, of course, the two parties are often at odds, so one would expect swift, just, and legally mandated action on the part of the successor president. But suppose—and all this is hypothetical—that the successor fancied himself a great compromiser and bridger of differences and, to curry favor with political party B, put the kibosh on any investigations of publicly admitted war crimes. Thus the series could begin, EXCEPT: the next president has a unique opportunity to nip the whole thing in the bud. If the third president in the series decides that she or he does not wish to be a war criminal, s/he has the unique chance to do a BIPARTISAN investigation (and trials, should the investigation reveal that war crimes were indeed committed—and I think nothing less than the full Nuremberg will do): one president from each party will stand in the docket, and the pain will be shared—and, more important, neither party will gain undue advantage, except that the third president’s party is somewhat at risk in the short term.
But I think it has to be done.
Presstv UK To Become War Criminals Safe Haven
Iran's television network, broadcasting in English round-the-clock. Based in Tehran.

Amnesty: UK Allows Israeli War Criminals To Escape Justice
The Britain government is handing a 'free ticket' to suspected war criminals in legislation plans to make it more difficult to arrest Israeli officials and 

Wikileaks And Our Boorish, "In Your Face" Diplomacy
Huffington Post (blog)
Now, what has this to say about WikiLeaks? Take a close look at many of the State Department cables and tell me how you would feel to be on the receiving ...See all stories on this topic »

Wikileaks:  A  Tool  Of  Psy  Warfare

THE WikiLeaks revelations confirm the obvious, more than what it informs us about the darker corners of ‘US diplomacy, cloaked in securi-tocracy.’ In fact, it is Cyber War, in the new game of psy-warfare, targeting individuals and countries, to cover-up the shame of defeat of war on Afghanistan, war on Iraq and 2006 Israeli war on Lebanon. The cyber war has been launched, impacting public opinion globally, and focusing on three objectives mainly:

One: To cause defamation of the countries which have had a role, direct or indirect, in the defeat of the Americans and their allies, in Iraq, Lebanon and Afghanistan, and create mistrust amongst them, so that they are not able to challenge future American plans in the region. 

Two: To create conditions for a civil war in Afghanistan and out of the chaos and confusion, reduce Pakistan and Iran to subservience, something they have not been able to achieve during the last thirty years.

Three: To establish Indian hegemony over South Asia, including Afghanistan, and project American strategic interests in the region.

The technique used in making these revelations is typical of psy operations approach, of mixing truth with lies in a manner that truth tends to get submerged under the lies, as is the case here. The report has not said a word about Israel, nor it gives any disadvantage to US in the implementation of policies in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and other Muslim countries, which have been particularly targeted. The Wikileaks betrays the role of a country with resources to break the secret code of US diplomatic order, because it is not possible for an individual like Julian Assange, the fugitive, to accomplish such high profile task. The report, no doubt, has created ripples around the world, but will subside as it is looked into with a deeper perspective, regarding its source, intent and purpose.

Hillary Clinton expressed concern over the Wikileaks revelations and resolved to prevent such happenings in the future. In the first place, did she not know what the ‘Wikileaks’ were upto, and why could they not be stopped in time and their website blocked, under the law of the country? It could be checked, if the US government so wanted, but did not, because, they themselves are part of the game.

Over the period, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia have drawn closer to each other, Turkey is also looking East and a kind of Strategic Consensus is emerging. The multi-billion dollar gas pipe-line agreement has been signed with Iran, though Pakistan doesn’t have enough funds for the project but China is willing to support. Iranian generous support for the flood affected people, has been gratefully acknowledged by the people of Pakistan. Iranian President visited Riyadh, early this year and establish a new level of understanding with the Saudis and having had the bitter experience of the civil war in Afghanistan, induced by the Americans after the Soviet withdrawal in 1989, the Iranians are now opposed to any such design by the occupation forces. Wikileaks, thus is a crude attempt to create distrust, between Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia in particular at this critical juncture, when the occupation forces face the dilemma of exiting from Afghanistan, without any understanding reached with the Taliban. Thus a sinister plan is emerging to divide Afghanistan in three ethnic zones and deny overall control to the Taliban, because, Taliban rule is feared by the occupation forces. The plan to divide Afghanistan has been worked out at Brussels, by the Internationall Crisis Group. Its main features are:

One: A few months time has been given to Karzai to negotiate peace and evolve a plan with the Taliban and Northern Alliance. Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Iran are expected to fully support such negotiations.Two: If negotiations fail, the alternative is to divide Afghanistan. Thus, the constitutional framework is being prepared for the new government, envisaging the judicial system and the political structure, based on consensus of the federating units.

Three: Afghanistan is to be divided into three ethnic zones. The provinces of Badakhshan, Samangan and Saraipul will be handed over to the Tajik and Uzbek warlords, who are already in control of these areas. Provinces in the East and South East will be given under control of Taliban and other tribal leaders. Kabul, Parwan, Wardak and Lugar provinces will be retained by the Americans, supported by about 10,000 American troops, operating from four air bases in this region.

It is a vicious plan, to once again plunge Afghanistan into a civil war and the consequential fall-out on the neighbouring countries. Thus, USA its allies, India and Russia in particular, will have a field day, stoking the fire of death and destruction in Afghanistan. It was the fall-out effect of thirty years of blood-letting in Afghanistan, that countries like Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Palestine and Kashmir are so radicalized. Many more countries will now be affected, in the region and beyond. Sadly, the conscience of the global community, it seems is rusted and is not moved by the death of over six million innocent Muslims, killed in Chechnya, Palestine, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Somalia and Kashmir, during the last thirty years, as a result of state aggression against the Muslim countries. And now the global peace-brokers want to be the witness to more blood-letting, through state terrorism by the civilized world.

When President Obama took over the reigns of the government, some two years back, it was simple for him to demonstrate courage and launch himself in pursuit of the change he had dreamt for the American people and say: “President Bush, you have won the war in Afghanistan and it is my job now to withdraw forces and leave the people there to establish peace in the country.” That would have been a very kind gesture of deeper human sensibility, particularly for the Muslims, who, will now suffer, under the shadows of Wikileaks and the vicious plan of deceit and division of Afghanistan and the consequential chaos, confusion and disorder.

The road to peace in Afghanistan passes through Washington, where the decision makers have to follow the Rule of the Game, that is, ‘engage with the winner – the Taliban, to lay down the conditions for peace.’ History is a witness to the rule of the game, some 2336 years ago, when Porus, the ruler of the Pak-Afghan border region, was produced before Alexander, the conqueror, who asked Porus, “What treatment should be given to you”? Porus replied “You know the Rule of the Game – Treat the way a king treats another king, who is defeated.” Alexander was so impressed that he handed over the territory, he had won, to Porus, and from this territory the Maurias rose to establish an empire, under the ‘Trimurti Seal’, which now is the State emblem of India. 

Washington must follow, the Rule of the Game for the sake of enduring peace in Afghanistan. Truth must be faced, as Albert Schweitzer, the French philosopher said: “Truth has no special time of its own. It’s hour is now – always.” 

The judge said nothing is greater than the truth and what WikiLeaks reports published now, our media had been revealing to the masses far ago. ...See all stories on this topic »

The judge said nothing is greater than the truth and asked if this court or anyone sitting in the courtroom or even the petitioner has been affected by these reports? And the petitioner replied in negative, However, he said that the objective of the same seems an attempt to create instability in the country. He said almost the whole material in the reports is against the Islamic states wherein they have brought about a storm and commotion and are being termed as another 9/11. The judge said on it that the court cannot restrain 178 states in the world from publication of the reports then to what effect and use of placing restrictions on its publication in Pakistan? The judges asked the petitioner that did he believe that Pakistanis do not deserve to hear the truth and facts? The court remarked it was the 21st century when people could not be kept aloof of the truth and in the dark. 

Leaked Cables Stir Resentment And Shrugs
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US Agencies Warn Unauthorized Employees Not To Look At Wikileaks
CNN International
The Department of Defense and Library of Congress have blocked access to WikiLeaks from their computers. Washington (CNN) -- Unauthorized federal workers ...See all stories on this topic »

WikiLeaks Can't Be Blocked - But it Can Be Attacked
But scandalous or exclusive information (like the material published by WikiLeaks), which certain media aren't willing to share with colleagues, ...See all stories on this topic

The U.S. State Department has imposed an order barring employees from reading the leaked WikiLeaks cables. State Department staffers have been told not to read cables because they were classified and subject to security clearances.

The State Department’s WikiLeaks censorship has even been extended to university students. An email to students at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs says: "The documents released during the past few months through Wikileaks are still considered classified documents. [The State Department] recommends that you DO NOT post links to these documents nor make comments on social media sites such as Facebook or through Twitter. Engaging in these activities would call into question your ability to deal with confidential information, which is part of most positions with the federal government."

Wikileaks: Obama Protected Bush Administration War Criminals ...
By Andrew
Wikileaks: Obama Protected Bush Administration War Criminals. December 4, 2010. The evidence continues to mount from the latest Wikileaks treasure trove: “In its first months in office, the Obama administration sought to protect Bush ...Failed Empire -

“In its first months in office, the Obama administration sought to protect Bush administration officials facing criminal investigation overseas for their involvement in establishing policies the that governed interrogations of detained terrorist suspects. A “confidential” April 17, 2009, cable sent from the US embassy in Madrid to the State Department—one of the 251,287 cables obtained by WikiLeaks—details how the Obama administration, working with Republicans, leaned on Spain to derail this potential prosecution. …

Back when it seemed that this case could become a major international issue, during an April 14, 2009, White House briefing, I asked press secretary Robert Gibbs if the Obama administration would cooperate with any request from the Spaniards for information and documents related to the Bush Six. He said, ‘I don’t want to get involved in hypotheticals.’ What he didn’t disclose was that the Obama administration, working with Republicans, was actively pressuring the Spaniards to drop the investigation. Those efforts apparently paid off, and, as this WikiLeaks-released cable shows, Gonzales, Haynes, Feith, Bybee, Addington, and Yoo owed Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton thank-you notes.”…

Our form of government – however flawed it might be – cannot function properly without complete transparency.  We cannot simply have faith in our elected officials to represent our interests, as some have foolishly asserted, because the harsh reality of our world is that those with power are the ones who can least be trusted.  Any official who is performing his/her duty in a manner that genuinely represents the interests of ordinary Americans should welcome citizen oversight.  Anyone who cites a need for confidentiality should immediately be held suspect, for such demands typically imply unethical behavior.

The only exception to this otherwise implacable law would be in times of war.  Clearly, under such circumstances, secrecy would serve an indispensable function.  Yet it would seem that it was a lack of transparency which lead to the two wars in which we are now engaged – a campaign of mass deception and manipulation was undertaken by elected officials at the highest level, with the mainstream media playing the role of obedient lapdog.  History suggests that such is the case with virtually all wars.  Should total governmental transparency exist, the U.S. citizenry could never again be manipulated into going to war, thereby negating the sole justification for secrecy….

This Is A Pivotal Event. We Are Witnessing One Of The Terrible Collisions Of Our Times Between Our Right To Know The Truth, And The People Who - For Their Own Base Political Purposes - Would Destroy Those Who Seek To Give The Truth To Us.

Hundreds of millions of dollars in American military aid to Pakistan earmarked for fighting Islamist militants was not used for that purpose, US diplomats discovered after conversations with Pakistan's military top brass.

Pakistan's army chief said the money, including $26m (£15m) for barbed wire and $70m (£43m) to defend against non-existent Taliban warplanes, had been diverted into the Islamabad government's coffers, according to leaked cables to Washington.

The row, which played out over several years, reflects the tense, transactional relationship between reluctant allies. Closed-door conversations revolve around money and military supplies. Mutual suspicion abounds.
"The relationship is one of co-dependency we grudgingly admit," the embassy noted in February 2009. "Pakistan knows the US cannot afford to walk away; the US knows Pakistan cannot survive without our support."

Dozens of cables from the Islamabad embassy portray US officials dangling billions in aid, offering sophisticated weapons and pushing to provide counterinsurgency training for Pakistan's "1940s" army.
In turn, General Ashfaq Kayani worries his army is seen as a force "for hire", chafes at demands for greater transparency and punishes American diplomats for allegedly siding with arch-rival India.

In October 2009 US officials celebrated after a small team of its special forces soldiers was allowed to deploy alongside Pakistani soldiers in the tribal belt. It was only the second time such permission had been granted, the cable noted.
Military spokesman General Athar Abbas declined to comment on the leaks saying that only when "we can see how it affects Pakistan, will we be able to make a comment".
One of the most contentious issues is coalition support funds (CSF) – US payments for the war against the Taliban and al-Qaida in the tribal belt that have exceeded $7.5bn since 2002.
In December 2007 US diplomats reported multiple instances where "funds have been diverted and reimbursed claims figures have been seriously inflated". Despite $55m for helicopter maintenance, sometimes only two Cobra helicopter gunships were ready to fly. Although $335m had been given for medical care and a fleet of 26 helicopters, the frontier corps still had no medical rescue service. The army claimed $70m for radar maintenance even though the Taliban have no air attack capability, and a "highly suspect" $26m for barbed wire.

When the CSF payments slowed in January 2009 Kayani spoke candidly about the matter with General David Petraeus, a cable reported. Most of the military funds had been diverted to the federal government, he said.

But Pakistan's generals are equally capable of dishing out punishment. Angry that the US was favouring India, and worried Washington wanted to increase the power of Pakistan's civilian leaders, the "military and intelligence establishment" was quietly punishing the Islamabad embassy, one frank dispatch in February 2010 noted. The military had delayed visas for diplomats, blocked import permits for armoured vehicles, "sabotaged" a security contract and was "stopping and detaining embassy vehicles".
The cable coincided with a period of intense criticism of America in the Pakistani press that US diplomats believed was orchestrated by the ISI.
"Engagement with the Pakistani military has been frustrating," one dispatch said. "Transparency is often nonexistent. Offers of assistance go unanswered or are overruled at headquarters, even as Pakistan's maintenance and training are inadequate." The US vice-president, Joe Biden, described relations with Pakistan as "transactional" and "based on mutual distrust".

The US seems to feel it has little choice but to play along. At the height of the Swat offensive against the Taliban in May 2009 Kayani told the US ambassador he was desperate for troop-carrying helicopters. Otherwise, he said pointedly, he would not be able to move against Taliban strongholds in South and North Waziristan – key objectives under American US policy. The US scrambled to help and numerous cables hail a programme to supply F-16 warplanes as "a symbol of renewed post 9/11 co-operation".

But Pakistan's generals want to play down their reliance on the US. Kayaniasks the Americans to "stop the constant stream of leaks from Washington" that "always made it appear as if he were taking steps in response to US demands".

Sometimes the Americans appreciate the value of tact. In a March 2009 cable diplomats told the visiting FBI director, Robert Mueller, they wanted to establish a national safety hotline – a telephone hotline offering cash rewards to terrorist informers. It would be fronted by the Pakistan government but "discreetly" funded with US money.

The diplomats recognize that few Pakistanis trust them – "we are viewed at best as a fickle friend and at worst as the reason why Pakistan is attacking its own" – and feel they have been made scapegoats for Pakistan's failures.

"While the army remains fixated on India as Pakistan's mortal enemy, the common man is just as likely to point to America."

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WikiLeaks received a boost tonight when Switzerland rejected growing international calls to force the site off the internet. The whistleblowers site, which ...
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Journalists Defend Wikileaks Effort
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Government Workers Ordered Not to Read Cables
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Some Columbia U. Students Warned About Wikileaks
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Latest WikiLeaks
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Wikileaks: Should Total Governmental Transparency Exist, The U.S. Citizenry Could Never Again Be Manipulated Into Going To War, Thereby Negating The Sole Justification For Secrecy….  

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