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Wiki, Healthcare In The Courts, Cheney’s Back And Charged With Alleged Bribery!

Wiki, Healthcare In The Courts, Cheney’s Back And Charged With Alleged Bribery!

JURIST - Paper Chase: Federal Judge Dismisses Health Care Lawsuit
By LaToya Sawyer
[JURIST] A judge for the US District Court for the Western District of Virginia [official website] on Tuesday dismissed [opinion, PDF] a lawsuit challenging a provision of the health care reform law [HR 3590 text; JURIST news archive] ...Paper Chase -

[JURIST] A judge for the US District Court for the Western District of Virginia [official website] on Tuesday dismissed [opinion, PDF] a lawsuit challenging a provision of thehealth care reform law [HR 3590 text; JURIST news archive] requiring all individuals to maintain health insurance. The lawsuit, filed by Liberty University [academic website], alleged that Congress had exceeded its constitutional powers by mandating that employers provide health insurance or face financial penalties, requiring individuals to purchase health insurance, and that the law violates the university's religious beliefs because the penalties could be used to fund abortions [JURIST news archive]. Judge Norman Moon, citing a similar ruling [JURIST report] in a Michigan federal court, found that the mandate provisions were constitutional under the Commerce Clause [Cornell LII backgrounder]. Concerning the second issue, Moon ruled that the plaintiffs had not raised a plausible claim that the law is a burden to religious practices.

[Plaintiffs] fail to allege how any payments required under the Act, whether fines, fees, taxes, or the cost of the policy, would be used to fund abortion. Indeed, the Act contains strict safeguards at multiple levels to prevent federal funds from being used to pay for abortion services beyond those in cases of rape or incest, or where the life of the woman would be endangered. Furthermore, at least one plan that does not cover non-excepted abortion services will be offered for enrollment through each of the state health benefit exchanges, as required by the Act. Moreover, the Act specifically allows plans in the exchanges to decline to cover all abortion services whatsoever, including excepted abortion services.

Liberty University will appeal the decision immediately to the US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit[official website].

The health care reform law is the subject of numerous legal challenges across the country. In October, a federal judge in Florida denied a motion to dismiss [JURIST report] a lawsuit alleging violations of Article I and the Tenth Amendment of the US Constitution [text], committed by levying a tax without regard to census data, property or profession, and for invading the sovereignty of the states. In August, a federal judge allowed a similar lawsuit filed in Virginia to proceed on narrow grounds [opinion, PDF; JURIST report], addressing only subject matter jurisdiction [Cornell LII backgrounder] and the legal sufficiency of the complaint.

Another Challenge to Health-Care Law Falls by the Wayside - Law ...
By Ashby Jones
President Obama's health-law may ultimately be found constitutional. Or it may be found unconstitutional. Law Blog -

Dick Cheney Picks A Candidate In RNC Chairman's Race
ABC News (blog)
Former Vice President Dick Cheney is lending his support to former Bush administration official Maria Cino, who is an all-but-declared candidate for chair ...See all stories on this topic »

Cheney Hoping for RNC Shakeup
New York Times (blog)
Mr. Cheney will headline a fund-raiser for Ms. Cino on Tuesday, along with three former Bush advisers, including Ed Gillespie, the co-founder of American ...
See all stories on this topic »

Dick Cheney Picks A Candidate In RNC Chairman's Race - The Note
ABC's Michael Falcone reports: Former Vice President Dick Cheney is lending his support to former Bush administration official Maria Cino, who is an all-but- declared candidate for chair of the Republican National Committee. The Note -

Dick Cheney Hosting Fundraiser For RNC Challenger Maria Cino | TPMDC
By Eric Kleefeld
Former Vice President Dick Cheney is putting his clout behind one of the challengers to Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele, CNN reports, and will co-host an upcoming fundraiser for former Bush administration official ...

Nigeria Will File Charges Against Cheney Over Alleged Bribery ...
By Bloomberg
Nigeria will file charges against former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney and officials from five foreign companies including Halliburton Co. over a $180 million bribery scandal, a prosecutor at the anti-graft agency said. ...More Energy News -

Cheney and Gillespie Back Cino in RNC Race | FrumForum
By Tim Mak
Former Vice President Dick Cheney and Republican strategists Ed Gillespie and Mary Matalin will host a fundraiser for Maria Cino in Washington, DC next. FrumForum -

Weasel Zippers » Blog Archive » Dick Cheney Raising Funds For ...
I admire the Cheney family, always will. Hope Liz runs for some office in the near future, she's one of my heroines. bill-tb says: December 1, 2010 at 1:26 PM . Unfortunately, Steele has proved himself to be useless. ...Weasel Zippers -

By Robert Scheer :
Hillary Gets Wiki-Served
Instead of disparaging the motives of the leakers, Hillary Clinton should offer a forthright explanation of why she continued the practice of Condoleezza Rice, her predecessor as secretary of state, of using American diplomats to spy on their colleagues working at the United Nations.

Arianna Huffington: The WikiLeaks Cables: Small Revelations That May Cause a Big Idea to Take Hold
he funny thing about tipping points is that you never know what fact, image, or story will bring things to a critical mass -- what small moment will cause a big idea to finally take hold.

Former Bush speechwriter-cum-leading torture advocate Marc Thiessen took this outrage to comic heights last night on Fox News host Sean Hannity's show. Proving that neoconservatives never miss an opportunity to call for war, Thiessen suggested that if diplomacy fails to capture Assange, the U.S. should "go and get him" -- with or without his host country's permission.

It's finally coming into focus, and it's not even a difficult equation to grasp. It goes like this: take a country in the grips of an expanding national security state and sooner or later your "safety" will mean your humiliation, your degradation. And by the way, it will mean the degradation of your country, too.

By admin
Gen. George Patton, head of the US military government of Bavaria, is quoted as saying that 'this Nazi thing is just like a Democratic and Republican.

Gullibility Quotient Revealed…Ed.

Voters are strongly concerned about the impact of the latest dump of sensitive and secret U.S. data on the Internet by the WikiLeaks organization and think the U.S. government needs to do a better job protecting that kind of information.

Just 29% of Likely U.S. Voters think, generally speaking, that the American government does a good job of protecting its secrets. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that 46% disagree while another 25% are not sure. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Seventy-nine percent (79%) are at least somewhat concerned that the WikiLeaks release of classified documents will harm national security, with 47% who are Very Concerned. Only 18% are not very or not at all concerned about the national security implications of the public airing of the U.S. secrets. 

Two-out-of-three voters (67%) said in late July following WikiLeaks’ release of secret U.S. information related to the war in Afghanistan that the disclosure hurt national security.  


The huge mistake of the Times (and almost every outlet of mainstream media reporting) is to assume that Berman is a public intellectual who can speak about Islam, that his is an authoritative voice to be heeded, his insights accepted and thus, perhaps most importantly, his warnings followed. In fact, the message in Flight of the Intellectuals, Berman’s latest polemic which hit the bookstores last month, is so insidious, his knowledge of Islam so shallow, that it must be addressed through the one major category of public discourse into which it fits: Islamophobia/Islamophilia.
Since 9/11, the American and European publics have been assaulted by Islamophobic writing from those who know little or nothing about their subject yet claim to speak with authority…


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