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The Fukushima Fiasco Is Unfolding Fast And The Facts Are Frightening!

The Fukushima Fiasco Is Unfolding Fast And The Facts Are Frightening!

The Question Is: “Will The Truth Spread As Fast As The Radiation?”

And Then There Is The Little Matter Of The Idiots Who Believe : “It Can’t Happen Here”.


TOKYO (Dow Jones)--High levels of radioactive materials have been detected from locally grown vegetables in the prefecture where the quake-striken Fukushima 

Japanese Plant Had Barebones Risk Plan
Wall Street Journal - Phred Dvorak - Peter Landers - 14 minutes ago
Disaster-response documents for Fukushima Daiichi, examined by The Wall Street ... The two main documents examined by the Journal are Fukushima Daiichi's ...


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They say the entire US spent-fuel policy should be overhauled in light of the nuclear crisis at Japan'sFukushima plant. An aerial view of the Fukushima ...

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Tests of milk samples taken last week in Spokane, Wash., indicate the presence of radioactive iodine from the troubled Fukushima Daiichi .

B.C. Radiation Risk Won't Be Known For A Week

Local Radiation Levels Linked To Japanese Reactor Minuscule: Scientists

CBC News

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It will be another week before scientists in British Columbia can assess if a dramatic increase in radiation detected in Japan will result in any radioactive risk in North America.
The radiation threat at the damaged Fukushima nuclear reactors were set to "maximum alert" Tuesday after highly toxic plutonium was found seeping into the soil outside the power plant.
"We clearly see from the data we have there is on the order of seven days between the releases in Fukushima and the radiation reaching us here," said Simon Fraser University scientist Kris Starosta.
"We can monitor the situation in Japan and know ahead of time of any releases, and we'll have our window to react and prepare for that."
Tests on rainwater and seaweed show radiation from the Fukushima plant made its way to B.C.'s shores about seven days after radioactive steam blew off from the reactors there.

Also monitoring for cesium

So far, B.C. scientists have said local radiation levels that can be linked to the Japanese reactor are minuscule andpose no health risk to the public.
Starosta said researchers will continue to keep an eye on radioactive iodine 131 — a key component of nuclear power plant radiation — but also on cesium 137.
"Cesium is harder to detect than iodine 131," Starosta said.
Iodine 131 also decays rapidly, he said, lessening the risk. Cesium can remain in the atmosphere for 30 years.
Starosta said whether the leaking plutonium at Fukushima will appear in B.C is also a question, because it's unclear if it travels the same way the other radioactive elements do. - Dave Kirk - 6 hours ago
Emergency officials say the threat is real, considering the Tri-State is near the New Madrid Fault. "We have the potential for a major earthquake in this ...

However, she says, "Along the lines of the New Madrid Fault actually forming through Arkansas, like shifting? Making a new line, like it could happen. ...

In fact, the New Madrid Fault Zone did produce four earthquakes that rank ... At a base level, theNew Madrid Fault Zone is about six times bigger than the ...

"But the shaking from a New Madrid quake would involve a much larger area. ... King, who used to live in the New Madrid region, agreed that infrastructure ...-

(New Madrid, MO) -- Recent earthquake activity in Arkansas has put the spotlight on the Greenbrier fault zone. But state geologists say the New Madrid fault ...

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An earthquake along the New Madrid fault line could affect more than 15 million Americans in eight states, according to an August 2009 report by the US ...

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Lexington Herald Leader - Andy Mead - Mar 16, 2011
In today's issue of Science, a team of researchers report they have looked closely at the New Madridearthquake fault and found that the potential for a ...

Little risk to nuclear plant from quake, MEMA says
Hattiesburg American - Karen Nelson - Mar 19, 2011
And it sits in the fringe area of a quake zone for the New Madrid fault, the most active fault in the central United States. ...

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By contrast, the New Madrid fault moves less than an inch a year, Dr. Miller said. It is difficult to know whether East Texas residents felt any effects ...

It has been 200 years since the massive quake centered in New Madrid, Mo., rattled much of the United States. Hermann says everyone living near the fault ...

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The Virtual Times: The New Madrid Earthquake


The Great New Madrid Earthquake ... The granddaddy of them all was the 1811-1812 series of three great quakes on the New Madrid Fault (halfway between St. ... - Cached - Block all results

1812 New Madrid earthquake - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

1812 New Madrid earthquake. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search. The Great Earthquake at New Madrid. ... - Cached - Similar

The Great New Madrid Earthquake

Nov 3, 2002 ... The Great New Madrid Earthquakes were one of the most extraordinary geologic events in recorded history and remains as one of the most ... - Cached - Similar

New Madrid Region - Historic Earthquakes

Oct 26, 2009 ... New Madrid Earthquakes 1811-1812. New Madrid 1811-1812Earthquakes .... surface was described as in great convulsion with sand and water ... - Cached - Similar

Earthquake Museum-1811 - 1812 New Madrid Earthquakes

Virtual Times - The Great New Madrid Earthquake This page has links to many other sites describing the quake and discussing the seismic theories concerning ... - Cached - Similar

New Madrid Fault Line Intro

New Madrid Fault system seismic earthquake zone fault line activity NMSZ quake map ...of an earthquake in the New Madrid area is great and still exists, ... - Cached

About The New Madrid Fault

THE GREAT NEW MADRID EARTHQUAKE OF 1811-1812 was actually a series of over 2000 shocks in five months, five of which were 8.0 or more in magnitude. ... - Cached - Similar

GeoFacts No. 22, The effects of the great New Madrid earthquakes ...

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
we can do is to prepare for the next Great New Madrid Earthquake, whenever it may occur. For a realistic assessment of the potential damage from a signifi- ... - Similar

An Abbreviated Numerical History of the Great New Madrid ...

Feb 6, 2011 ... 7 to 10: Percent chance, according to a 2003 USGS press release, that an earthquake of similar magnitude to the Great New Madrid quakes ... - Cached

New Madrid earthquake 1812

Even today, this region has more earthquakes than any other part of the United States east of the Rocky Mountains. The Great New Madrid Earthquake ... -Cached - Similar

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