Thursday, March 3, 2011

Made In America Is A Matter For Serious Thought.

Made In America Is A Matter For Serious 

Diane Sawyer and ABC News have been running a special segment on the theme “Made In America”. It caught my attention and I have been following it, and I commend them for the job they have done thus far. Air time is limited and the exploration of the idea is far from being a definitive statement and the coverage far from total; but that does not matter in this time of economic and unemployment turmoil.

 The thought it has provoked is worth the viewing and worth further exploration by everyone. Those who have been critical of the series as nationalistic or nostalgic are simply wrong minded wing nuts. There is not a single acceptable reason for American’s to support our American workers whenever they can.

There are resources for you to explore below.  Again none of them is complete, and maybe that is one of the reasons we have a bit of a problem.  Take a look; give the matter some thought and if you have comments send them to .

The Estwing Hammer featured graphic has real meaning in my family. We buried my Father’s last Estwing with him as we with my younger brother Art. My father is the only man I have ever known to lay waste to one by chiseling on New England rock he bent the shank, broke the chisel point, a piece of which had to removed from his leg as you would a bullet. When he returned that hammer the folks just smiled laughed and handed him a new one. We buried that one. All the brothers have or  had one and we were taught how to use them by a 
tough German Father!
If you follow through this post and explore further you will discover that there are things that simply are not made in America any longer, ie. a TV, a camera, a coffee maker and average consumer stereo component products, etc.  

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