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News From Behind The Eight Ball….

News From Behind The Eight Ball….


While being interviewed on Morning Joe on MSBNC, producer Martin Smith stressed that the important person in the leaking scandal was not Julian Assange, but Pfc. Bradley Manning.  The documentary focuses on Manning, trying to find out who this young man is and how he had access to such top level secret documents.

Check your local listings because Frontline airs at different times in different markets.  WETA, the PBS station that produces Frontline lists several air times on its own website.

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Apathy, Silence Are War Crimes
Edmonton Journal
A cry by a small child in the Middle East, holding a sign that read, "Silence is a war crime," flashed across an Al-Jazeera television screen some time ago. That cry was to awaken the need for justice in the Arab world. In the West, the cry is hardly ...

WASHINGTON-Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court issued its decision in the consolidated cases General Dynamics v. United States and Boeing v. United States - the first state secrets cases before the Court in over 50 years - in which defense contractors challenged the Government's assertion of the state secrets privilege to block their defense in a contracting dispute.  

In an opinion focusing narrowly on the government contracting context, the Court held that when state secrets prevent full litigation of a defense in a contract case, neither party to the contract can benefit.  

The Constitution Project (TCP) had filed an amicus brief in the case, urging the Court to make clear that the state secrets doctrine is an evidentiary privilege and should not permit the Government to completely block litigation of entire cases or defenses.    

State Department spokesman Mark Toner noted that the attack underscored the need for continuing cooperation between the US and Pakistan in the war against terror despite differences over the May 2 raid on Osama bin Laden`s compound.

“We strongly condemn this terrorist attack and we`re committed to working with Pakistan… in a joint effort to combat this kind of violent extremism,” Mr Toner told a briefing in Washington.

“It just illustrates that Pakistan is under enormous pressure and threat from these kinds of groups. And they suffer… considerably from this kind of violent extremism,” he said.

The attack also “speaks to the ongoing need for close counter-terrorism cooperation, even or in spite of some of the questions raised by the Bin Laden raid,” he added.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague also noted that the “attack once again demonstrates the seriousness of the threat that Pakistan faces from domestic militancy and extremism.”

Like the US, Britain also offered to help Pakistan combat violent extremists responsible for this and other attacks in the country.
While officials were cautious in their reaction, media outlets across the globe linked the Karachi attack to the question of security of Pakistan`s nuclear arsenal.

“And what does it imply for security at other key installations, not least those associated with Pakistan`s nuclear deterrent?” asked BBC`s defence and diplomatic correspondent Jonathan Marcus.

The Washington Examiner newspaper adopted an alarmist approach, claiming that “the attack points out to the increasing radicalisation of the armed forces of Pakistan, as such an attack could not be planned and executed without some inside help from someone inside the Pakistani Navy”.

The newspaper warned that “if the terrorists can get hold of any IRBM and nuclear materials, a few Indian and Israeli cities, and a few thousand Nato soldiers in Afghanistan might go up in smoke.”

The attack “underscored the insurgents` ability to penetrate fortified security installations,” The Washington Post noted. It quoted several analysts as saying that “it was likely they were helped by people inside the base.”
The incident “dealt another embarrassing blow to a powerful military that has faced harsh domestic criticism over the US operation that killed Bin Laden,” the Post added.

“The Bin Laden raid also raised questions about the safety of Pakistan`s nuclear arsenal, and defence analysts said the Karachi assault renewed those doubts,” the Post added.

Volume 6, Issue 4 – May 23, 2011



Agents from the U.S. under a false cloak had spotted the terrorists on Swedish soil. The Americans were caught in the act of SAPO.Sweden protested against secret CIA and the Americans quickly left the country. The event has been kept top secret.

When Osama bin Laden was tracked down and killed in Pakistan for the United States three weeks ago, we did so, but that Pakistan was informed. SvD can today reveal that the U.S. also had spotted the terrorists on Swedish soil. Sweden has thus become the stage for foreign power terrorist hunt, but the Swedish government's knowledge.

This should not be confused with the fixed monitoring device at the U.S. Embassy Stockholm, which became known last fall, or leaked diplomatic reports from Wikileaks.

What SvD today can present is rather far unknown information about illegal U.S. intelligence that has been conducted in Sweden. It was discovered by Swedish security police two years ago, first half of 2009.

But both the incident and after the game to have been kept strictly secret since then.

That was when the Security Service conducted its own reconnaissance operation against suspected terrorist circles in Sweden as it all happened. Suddenly discovered SAPO that in addition to Swedish security police and the suspects also was a third player on the spot. In the field of surgery, other, unknown, people who are also interested in the suspected terrorists.

SAPO could reveal that there were two Americans. When SAPO controlled what they were, it appeared that they were American agents. Thus the U.S. had violated several rules in relations between Sweden and the United States.
• The two Americans had not declared for the Swedish authorities.Common practice is that intelligence personnel from friendly partner, which counts the USA, declared for SAPO.

• The American had not been notified that this reconnaissance activity was going on.

• Neither the United States had said that there was American interest in the suspected terrorist circles. By then, a collaboration with SAPO to transmit. The SAPO looking for terrorists in cooperation with other countries, namely the past.
Related to competitiveness, instead of Americans who were working under false cover, under cover , in Sweden.

SAPO's U.Spartner is the secret Central Intelligence Agency, CIA. In Sweden, as in many other countries, the CIA station chief one. He is officially accredited to cover his position as a diplomat at the U.S. Embassy Stockholm. But station manager inform activity is known to Swedish authorities, who called him "Charlie".

Therefore, it was the then head of the CIA station, "Charlie", which received a strong Swedish reaction.

Those who made ​​the protest against the United States was General Anders Danielsson, head of the SAPO. According to SvD's sources was a clear signal: "We have this. We do not want to see you here again! ".

- The Security Service did emphatically end to the U.S. operation, says one of SvD's sources familiar with the work of the police.

For SAPO is the story of a sensitive business that authority does not confirm or deny:

- We never comments on ongoing, historical, planned or alleged operations, "said SAPO Director-General Anders Danielsson told SvD.

The Swedish Security Service cooperates with American police, FBI, CIA and the intelligence community, has long been known. But a friendly service that SAPO cooperate caught in illegal matters are very sensitive.

SvD's data is supported by several sources familiar with the SAPO's activities.

 They caught two American agents left quickly Sweden.

Neither the CIA station chief "Charlie" is left in Sweden. His service here was coming to an end at this time. When "Charlie" left his post, he was a successor as SvD's sources have a different and more sophisticated image. Thus, considered the deal on the Swedish side behavior.

Previously, illegal intelligence activities or refugee espionage in Sweden associated with authoritarian regimes that countries like Russia, Iraq under Saddam Hussein, Iran and Syria.

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