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The Tea Party Is On A Mission And It's Not That Of Saving America.

The Tea Party Is On A Mission And Its Not That Of Saving America.

The Tea Party Is On A Mission And It's Not That Of Saving America.

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Like vicious rabid crazed gremlins with sharp teeth, these little teapoters have set out to risk America’s very life and every limb of the Obama presidency — even if it means that they  have to destroy the country before trying saving it. The full faith and credit of America apparently should not be an obstacle to the full religious faith and mayhem of the Tea Party.

America has to be saved — if for nothing else, for the idea that uppity politicians should know their place.

We all know, unless you stone stupid or a blind ideology, that the  battle waged by the Tea Party, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and fundamentalist Christians to "take back America" will inevitably further the corporate takeover of the U.S. as we know it.
 Behind the Tea party's revolution lies a nostalgic yearning for an imagined past that never existed. This conservative Tea Party has evolved from the Tax Equity for Americans (TEA) Party of the 1970s.
Beginning one month after the election of Barack Obama, the new Tea Party was embraced by the Republican Party because it allowed them to regain control of the House of Representatives and begin their sole purpose of defeating the president in the next election.
My advise to the Republican stalwarts is, "Beware of what you wish for, because it just might rise up to destroy you!" It’s already bit you on the Ass!
Living under an economic system that takes periodic nose dives has made the promise of recovery part of a familiar pattern to the American people.
When our capitalist economy readjusts itself by depleting accumulated surpluses, driving down wages, busting unions, lowering living standards and throwing millions out of work by instituting corporate rule, we the victims are told our sacrifices are necessary to set the stage for a "renewed boom."
Large corporations are enjoying enormous profits and large hiring operations, unfortunately the hiring and profits are the result of moving operations overseas. As of August 5, small business (500 or less employees) is showing a remarkable increase in hiring, while Big Business continues their layoffs in the U.S.
They are ignoring the pleas of our government to spend their huge profits by bringing the jobs and manufacturing back to our shores.
It is time to raise the taxes on these unpatriotic excessive-profit motivated corporations that refuse to help the U.S. economy.
This, or course, is counter to the corporate sponsored Tea Party. It's way past time for the American public and the Republican Party to wake up, and cut off all funding to the pseudo-patriots and acknowledge them for what they really are, not for what they proclaim to be.
The Washington Post published a remarkable piece on Thursday detailing how a debt deal showdown that engulfed Washington and fractured the Republican Party was the direct result of ascendant Republican lawmakers, the self-proclaimed "Young Guns," who recruited Tea Party freshmen and then targeted the debt ceiling as a key strategic opportunity.
However, the foundation was laid years before, when a trio of rising Republican stars -- Reps. Eric Cantor of Virginia, Kevin McCarthy of California and Paul Ryan of Wisconsin -- began a push to revitalize a beleaguered Republican Party by recruiting members who hewed to an unyielding ideology of curtailing the federal government, according to the Post's account.
A new wave of 87 Republican freshmen had ridden to power opposing the budgetary expansion that a debt ceiling raise represented, and they were not ready to capitulate -- not to Democrats or to their own party's leadership.

They were helped along the way by Cantor, who repeatedly invoked the leverage they would have with the debt ceiling. Cantor was also instrumental in undercutting the "grand bargain" outlined by President Barack Obama and Boehner, arguing that repealing tax breaks would be unacceptable for the emboldened freshmen.

As the nation veered closer to the brink of financial disaster, it became difficult for leadership -- even the Young Guns -- to convince the freshmen of the consequences of failing to raise the ceiling.
"Leaders like me would try to tell them: 'Look, no, really, we think it could be bad,'" Ryan told the Post. "They'd look at it with suspicion. ... If there was any semi-credible source saying default wouldn't be so bad, they clung to that."
In the end, Democrats acceded to a deal that includes deep spending cuts but no specific calls for new revenue (that revenue may be included by a 12-member special committee tasked with reducing the deficit by about $1.5 trillion). It was a victory for the Tea Party members, and a sign of how Democrats had miscalculated their clout.
"Would Democrats have ever agreed if they thought the new freshman class was going to roll over? No. The freshmen made our hand so much stronger," McCarthy told the Post. "You had a fear of how far they would go.
They are most disgusting, arrogant, demagogues, anti-intellectual,  bunch of politicians ever gathered together who have caused the credit of America to be downgraded and they are proud of it. 

They should be run out on a rail. They are punishing the people for having  the audacity to elect an African American to the presidency of the United States.

The real problem with these folks is not what they say they believe in, 
but what they don’t say and really do believe.

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