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There Is No Room For The Mistakes Of Ideology.

There Is No Room For The Mistakes Of Ideology.

“The 12 Puppets” of “The Exra-Constitutional  Deficit Reduction "Super Committee" created by the compromise debt ceiling legislation have been named.

Speaker John Boehner announced the House GOP members who will serve on the committee: Reps. Jeb Hensarling of Texas, plus Dave Camp and Fred Upton, both from Michigan.

In the Senate,  Democratic Leader Harry Reid has named Sens. Patty Murray (WA), John Kerry (MA), and Max Baucus (MT). 

Republican leader Mitch McConnell named Jon Kyl (AZ), Pat Toomey (PA), and Rob Portman (OH).  Rep. Hensarling and Sen. Murray will serve as co-chairs of the committee.

Pelosi's picks, who round out the 12-member bipartisan panel, include Assistant Democratic Leader James Clyburn of South Carolina, caucus Vice Chair Xavier Becerra of Los Angeles and Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, the ranking Democrat on the House Budget Committee. All three represent liberal districts and Clyburn and Van Hollen are loyal Pelosi lieutenants.

Every single member is a true American Political process party loyalist  “apparatchik “who will follow the marching orders of their appointer puppeteer Boehner/Pelosi or Reid/ McConnell

They are true representatives of Congressional mediocrity, and that is giving them the benefit of the doubt intellectually, not given to original or serious creative thought. There are no radical or confrontational members just good old grey bureaucrats who will slog their way through to something for everyone else to vote AYE on!  There is no Dennis Kucinich, no Bernie Sanders, no Tea Party member, and having precipitated the crisis, not the problem; they have been left on the outside to shoot down any work product of the group. And just where will all this lead?

The four “puppet masters will be dedicated to preventing failure of the group not only, at this point for the sake of our credit rating, but to insure that the auto-cuts do not kick in, the Democrats protecting the social programs safety net and the Republicans protecting the Pentagon War Machine.

You can be sure that the puppet masters will be dedicated to bipartisan cooperation to insure the adoption of the committee’s work product. But who won’t be that mode; The Tea Party Members who have been shut out and those Republicans who have vowed never to vote again for any tax for any reason so long as they shall draw breath?

Once that collection of crazed drooling wing nuts have calculated the fact that a reasonable bipartisan vote will bury them; they will screeching to/on Fox News, and you can bet  your last bar of gold bullion on them going to the courts to declare the entire process to unconstitutional!
OK, but what will this all mean for the 2012 Election and removal of “THAT MAN” from The White House?

The current and potentially growing list of Republican candidates for the Presidency is providing the media with a feast of sound bites and a plethora of fantasy scenarios for the time being, all of which have nothing to do with the eventual reality. When push comes to shove and we get down to the business of Republican Convention Delegate selection the list will dwindle rapidly.

In the end look for Mitt Romney and Rick Perry to locked in a to-the-death struggle.  This may be the first time in ages when there will be true Republican Party Convention fight as opposed to the usual ho-hum pre-ordained scripted TV show.

That would not be all the neat either. Romney has several things working against him despite his front runner status and huge financial war chest that continues to grow. He is a Mormon; he is thoughtful, more intelligent than most of the field, appears usually to be reasonable rational, believed to be too socially liberal, thin skinned…meaning when confronted he will fight back openly…combative on the pulpit saying such heretical things as corporations have been deemed to be people and can be taxed like people…wow!

Rick Perry on the other hand has avoided real scrutiny thus far, has a wealth of support and connections within the Republican Party “Old Guard” apparatus and financing structure. Getting up to funding speed will be no problem. But he too has some problems that may come as serious detractors once his campaign gets into full stride. He can legitimately lay claim to Texas having generated 37% on the new jobs created during our “Managed Depression”.

BRAVO, but currently the word J.O.B.S is a forbidden four letter word within the party and no matter how you try to spin the Republicans changing position in the campaign you leave a hanging fast ball on the outside of plate for Democrats to launch out of the ball park. Perry’s style, delivery and persona make him appear to be true Texas “Bush Retread”. Ouch!

Finally we really need to look at The Tea Party and where it is all going to come down for them. Before the media pundits attempt abuse that population of voters currently known as “Independent” voters and attempt to ascribe all of them to The Tea Party faction; forget it; those folks constitute only a small portion of that group as most Tea Party folks are merely are rebranded far right Christians and additional “I don’t want to pay for anything kooks”. 

There are a lot of  bigots, hate mongers, FOX Flockers and  single issue voters who want government out of our business except where they want social dictation to all of us.

Hypocrites and demagogues abound within their ranks and they are fed and fueled by their puppet masters into acting against even their own personal best interests in many instances.

So let’s see who the Republicans would have to look to for a Vice Presidential candidate to fit and fix the political dilemma at hand. I have to tell you the state of Virginia has three to fill the bill: Governor Bob McDonnell with all the correct conservative credentials, well spoken and good looking, Eric Cantor a dangerous climber type TEA Party architect who will be kicking Boehner’s ass all through the deficit committee deliberations and Ken Cuccinelli a true nut case who believes every Democrat piece of legislation is Unconstitutional.

This brings us to the final matter of this post. I hope the Republican field grows and that rip each other apart in the primaries and that a huge pool of Republican money goes down the drain with each fallen/failed  candidate…because I see no way that a serious third party campaign, a TEA Party Campaign can be prevented. 

At the level of standard bearer in the Presidential Election that cannot seize the party and wrestle control from the traditional forces and financer that dominate that party. The corporate/financial powers that be behind that party cannot trust, cannot depend upon the TEA Party folks to do their bidding; it is that simple.

The TEA Party faction, however, can have a substantial financial base and they have accepted their own propaganda and that of the media so that in their minds they are important players. In the Gold Fish Bowl of Congress that has proven true, but in the great electoral ocean of America they will, with small exception, flounder and drown.

OH; you can expect the media to story line the possibility of their Electoral College impact, and in fact they might win in as many as four states but they will not impact the final outcome.

Though there is great discontent with Obama on the left; there are no candidates who can financially or organizationally mount a serious primary challenge or a leftist third party movement. It is already too late and they would be on no interest to the media of this nation. They would be ignored; that is a fact.

Regardless of your opinion or position on this matter; I advise you take a few moments for clarity of thought free of ideological predispositions because a mistake at this juncture could well thrust the world into a Depression that will dwarf “The 1st Great Depression” and certainly sent the stage for a World War III. The tinder for that conflagration is already stacked up around the world. 

And just who would benefit from such a disaster…the corporate and financial world who build the weapons of destruction and finance the rebuilding of whatever is left.
Scarce domestic manufacturing leaves the United States highly vulnerable to accidents and problems abroad.

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